Occupy Congress – U.S. Capitol – January 17 #OccupyCongress #Jan17



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  1. Henri Jordan says:

    Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 124:8 Ocwen was brought up on Foreclosure Fraud and might own me money but is asking me to relinquish all claims in my settelement payoff statement. So if it’s a class actions lawsuit I can’t claim any money. This sounds supicious to me.

  2. lvent says:

    The media is balls out lying about the jobs numbers…..! The economy is terrible! They are being very sneaky and deceptive about the bankrupting of America….we will one day soon wake up broke and homeless in the land our fathers conquered …..!

    • lvent says:

      Obama is a liar too…! Don’t believe the lies folks….this is sneaky class war….the new world order is determined to bankrupt America and steal everything from all of us under the guise of debt….it is unsustainable debt and it is the debt if theist financial perps.. their 700 trillion dollar debt can never be repaid no matter how much they steal……!!!!

  3. Stan Dillion says:

    Who knows? Maybe this will give the stormtroopers a chance to provide a high profile beatdown on “whining” Americans. Make no mistake about it, Banksters wan’t us to shut up, go away and give up.

  4. lvent says:

    This is what they never counted on……the day America woke up!

  5. Carlos Dehesa says:

    Laws are changing,
    Democracy is changing,
    Government is changing,
    Freedom is changing,
    But the 99% does not change.
    ?What is it Wrong?

  6. lies is all they tell says:

    i suppose they expected us to be good little doobies and leave our homes. although i can not be part of occupy the capitol because i work. i am doing my part to fight. i have retained counsel to fight a foreclosure that i did not intend to happen i am a hard working nurse an RN for 25 years. startiing at loan application to wells fargo and now ending in foreclosure is man made. approving people for homes they can not afford by lieing on the loan application is fraud, not including the real lender is fraud, not alerting us to the fact that the entity that is collecting our mortgage is the servicer and not the owner of my mortgage. but when askinf for help because of a job loss or medical contition we find this out. we lied to by having our paper work wether mail or faxed lost, have files mysteriously moved, have signitures forged, and assingments not recorded. wells fargo right now i acting as the owner of my mortgage. they have admotted puuting me in a stated income loan although i had 19 years in 2006 of verifiable income. they sold me a home i could not afford. to now the foreged signiture. just a question how many of you have the same signiture year to year? i am a nurse my signiture as an RN started out with my maiden name until now after over 20 years of marriage my signiture is differnet. well 6 years ago i signed differnet then i do today. what i found was that what wells fargo is showing me is a recent signature not the signature that is on the mortgage not signed more than a few minutes before or after the note. i feel everyone this is such a play on my intelligence. please help me out here. also the note has a rubber stamp endorse ment by joan m mills. please help how can this be happening to me. oh by the way wells fargo told me not to pay the mortgage. so this foreclosure is one manufactured by them. Insurance fraud when are the cds companies going to go after the bankls for manufacturing this foreclosure crisis? and stop paying them?

    • lvent says:

      Lies is all the tell…you will be o.k….I know this is stressful…..I thought you filed a quiet title suit?

    • The investors are now waking up and going after the banks blood. They are credible people like us but with incredible ammounts of money for big shot attorneys, not like us. None to soon for me. This can only help the truth come out. This has to be a good thing. Our stories are the same, we have been duped and the theives are stealing everything. Merky theives with their hands held out for money and more money but never any money lent from them, not one dime. Just lots of money sent their way from us, the investors, the tax payers and last of all a free house to a predator theif.

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