Banksters – William Black tells the real truth


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  1. Bobbi Swann says:

    @ Charlie Rice – the site where you directed to sign your petition says “time for signing this petition has expired”……….so what now?????? Would love to sign as I am sure others would want as well so how?????

  2. lvent says:

    Anyone see the ring around the moon tonite? It is the talk of facebook my daughter told me….things get weirder and weirder….it was 60 degrees here in Chicago yesterday….a lot of strange stuff!

  3. lvent says:

    These criminals owe 700 trillion in collateral mortgage fraud debt……that debt was not created from liars loans!!!!

  4. lvent says:

    Only 20% of the loans were liars loans….liars loans were made intentionally I believe to distract from the real plan for world domination… say it was a game of 3 card monty is true….that is how they set all of us up….they created n many distractions to divert attention from who was hiding behind the scenes of this Hitler plan. There is no separating one entity from another they are all one giant ongoing criminal racketeering enterprise…..Jamie Romona’s is now blaming the mortgage brokers……the shadow mortgage industry for the crisis….that is a big lie….the orders to carry this out came from the top….and they could have never carried this out without the help of the politicians……this crisis was n manufactured and it was intended to do permanant harm so the new world order could extract all of our wealth and property……first goes your job or small business and then everything else goes with it….

    • lvent says:

      Folks…I dont know why in my above post it came out Jamie Ramona when I typed in JAMIE DIMON but I meant to say JAMIE DIMON. Things just get weirder and weirder!!!!!

  5. I don;’t understand why it is so important to re-emburse the investors for crappy portions of loans when the homeowners aren’t considered worthy of any support. Take a look at the current interest rates? At the very minimum they could reduce all mortgages to lowest rate of 3% or whatever is needed to make the payment affordasble for 30 yrs? and most homeowners would payup and not move! Now they are going to rent the REO back to the homeowner at top rate??? JUST KEEP SCREWING WITH THE AMERICAN DREAM THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN AWAY FROM MOST ALL OF US!

    • charlie rice says:

      Hello everyone out there let’s all think logical. It’s time to take the PROTEST to another level now! The pen and paper is more mighty, and now that Occupy has the voice we now need to push every Occupy person to Sign a PETITION that I’m working on

      Called “AHOL 2005-2009” aka (American Homeowner 2005-2009 Law!) Because the Banks did FRAUD to you and your loan after you signed your contract which makes it ALL INVALID.

      In 2005 thur 2009 All the home loans became SECURITIZED and the BANKS committed the FRAUD. It dosen’t matter if you’re a homeowner and made ALL your payments on time or you didn’t.


      The bank will NEVER reveal to you where the REAL CHAIN of TITLE lies because they fraudulently tried to cover the trail, and steal your home in hopes that us homeowners will not understand, nor investigate the TRUTH of their DECEIT to the American PEOPLE.

      That’s also FRAUD AS WELL…


      KEEP in mind that these BANKS have been bailed out buy the American people, Tax payers, and etc.

      Yet they don’t want you to know the truth is that by their GREED, and by the destruction of our NOTE and DEED they have created our homes to be FREE and CLEAR to US.

      This is why they trying to use FRAUD, SCARE TATICS, MEARS, and FORECLOSE on your home because they want all homeowners to be ignorant of how they conduct business behind the scenes…

      I’m working on to restoring humanity and punish these banks…

      We already have over millions of Occupy movers and shakers, but it won’t do ANY GOOD unless EVERYONE ALL sign the petition to make the change, and to move more swiftly.

      This petition will make the banks bring Quite Title to every home that they foreclosed on.

      1. If the BANKS can’t find the ORIGINAL TITLE to your home, THEN it’s FREE and CLEAR! In addition they have to pay restitution to all the families that they damaged.

      2. If you continued to make your payments and there was FRAUD in your TITLE then your house is FREE and CLEAR without no restitution.

      3. If you were wrongfully evicted b/c of this FRAUD and the BANKS don’t have the TITLE, and the Bank sold your home then the banks have to give you another HOME FREE AND CLEAR with restitution & a FINE!

      FORGET about ALL the the court fees & lawyer cost and back logging the COURTS.



  6. talktotennessee says:

    Liar loans became the norm, REGARDLESS, of the credit worthiness of the individual borrowing. WHY? Because it was the simplest and fastest way to sell the highest dollar and risky product. These were fast track loans, pushed through as fast as they could be handled. It was a method, pure and simple. So yes, most loans were liar loans by 2005-2006. Congress knows this and has turned their backs on the fraud because it would mean calling out their buddies in the banking industry. The only justice that I see coming now is from investors and lawsuits filed against the banks, who are trying to hold on to their assets to cover the suits that will follow. Homeowners have no voice in any of the transactions or remedies, not really, unless you file individual lawsuits.
    Frankly my dear, they just don’t give a – – – -!

    • William says:

      We need to sue the individuals not the corporations. Sue the loan officers, and the loan originators and the insiders, not the ‘banks’. Start from the bottom up. Turn this upside down and inside out. This was an inside job. The insiders must be sued, individually. The ‘banks’ will defend themselves against corrupt racketeers inside and outside their institutions. I speak of the ‘self dealers’ who took illegally gained funds and concealed those funds, not those who were payed above board by their corperate employers.
      What exactly is a liar loan? Fast tracked loans, etc. If a loan was made to a person who was able to pay it back, based on income and credit, why was it a liars loan?

      • lies is all they tell says:

        Approved with the use of false info. each loan claiming to be a liar loan verify the income mine will show she blatantly lied to ap

        prove my loan on

        liar loans because they.used false info for approval. what lawyer’s will start sueing the brokers?

      • lvent says:

        Only 20% of those loans were liars loans…they use that as an excuse to blame the victims…everyone. bought a house they could not afford if they lost their livelihood…..these financial institutions owe $700 trillion in mortgage fraud debt…..they have no collateral backing that debt…..that debt was not created because of liars loans!

  7. lvent says:

    I got on the radio tonite…Norman Goldman you guys have that radio show down there?…I really like Norm…anyways tonite Norm was talking about ways to fix the economy…I suggested…the big banks are holding America hostage…Norm said yes, there are 11 of them..I said they owe $700 trillion in debt, they can never pay that money back, and they are insolvent…Norm said yes, that is true..and maybeI should run for Congress..

  8. Tee says:

    When ya watch this film clip again you notice different things…first off committee members are leaving, and others engaged in their own conversation and then the “chair” has to arrogantly strike back at Black because he went over the five minute mark……probably the most important business of the day and seems nobody cares to hear it. Maybe its just me…..people look they are all hung over on that panel, including the female behind them.

    • Maureen McGrath says:

      Just to clarify: When you “testify” before a Committee of Congress, you are required to submit a written testimony, which can be as long as you like. The written testimony is then distributed to the members of the Committee and filed in the Library of Congress. You are then invited to personally appear and render an oral testimony, which is limited to 5 minutes. There are two lights in front of the speaker, one green and one red. When the red light is on, you have exceeded your time limit and must wrap it up ASAP. So, you see, the Members of the Committee already know what you are testifying to, and the oral part is a mere formality. I also must say that Congressman Kanjorski expended significant efforts in dealing with the financial crises years before it was even a glow on the horizon, having become involved in mortgage servicing fraud in 2003. However, his hands were tied at every turn by bigger and better connected “Members of Congress”.

      Please understand I’m posting this to explain why the members of the committee appear disinterested – they were, and already knew the contents of the testimony, which was very damning, and HAD to be ignored.

      • Carlos Dehesa says:

        I do not understand how we can separate the Bank from the originator of the loan or the loan officer;
        to my understanding they are a sole entity.
        Would you please explain?


      • Bobbi Swann says:

        A written testimony in front of them??? Well, that also assumes that any of those horse mouths will even read it and for the most part Congress and Senate don’t even read proposed bills of law put in front of them. What makes you think they would actually read the written testimony?

      • lvent says:

        Carlos…..they are one giant ongoing criminal enterprise…they are racketeering..the fed and the treasury are involved… news reported a few months ago the fed collects trillions in mortgage payments ever month….bernanke said they use those payments to buy treasuries with….so the treasury and the fed are engaged in a ponzi scheme with treasuries….there is zero collateral backing that debt… is a house of cards…

      • William says:

        Carlos, the loan originators/brokers are no more the bank then is the the real estate agent/broker who sells the house for a seller. The loan officers involved in the racket are the same as teller who is the insider in a bank robbery. They are criminals of the highest level with out protection of the corporate shield. and with personal liability, criminally and civilly. IMHO (I am not a lawyer)
        This racket requires ‘lawyers’, who aside from being in on the racketeering enterprise itself, and having ‘connected’ themselves to the highest levels of govt,/judicial system, operating an illegal criminal ‘protection racket’ under cover of law licenses, These are not ‘lawyers’ but pretenders posing as lawyers using their law licenses as cover.
        This would appear to require some serious silencing apparatus, such as possibly bribery, blackmail and extortion, as well as self incrimination, as a means to silence.
        Whistle blowing is a career killer for sure.

  9. William says:

    This is what its about! The Wanta Chronicles, the Covert Economic War: I do not think Mr. Black is telling us much. To suggest that liars loans caused hundreds of billions let alone trillions of dollars of debt is contrary to what was said earlier on. It was said in Congress that there were 40 billion dollars in sub-prime mortgages. To suggest that nearly every mortgage was a ‘liars loan’ is ridiculous and suspect at best. It was caused by multi-pledging, shadow counterfeit loans. Call these counterfeit loans ‘liars loans’, and that makes sense. But to suggest that most loans were given to unworthy borrowers is nonsense.

  10. angry&NOT TAKING IT! says:

    “This guy is telling the truth in front of both Congress and the World”
    absolutely correct w Black brought the entire matter before our Gov. who did nothing but assist & allow it to happen .This is why they did nothing. What?? were going to arrest ourselves or fall on our own sword that we created & promoted?? NA ..The citizens must be alert & to protect our country & liberty from the Gov. or fall victim to the tyranny they promote as GOV for the sake of control of the citizenry .
    THIS IS WHY THERE IS A 2nd Amendment “THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS as James Madison stated-
    “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; a well armed and well regulated militia being the best security of a free country but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person.”

    Abolitionist Lysander Spooner, commenting on bills of rights, stated that the object of all bills of rights is to assert the rights of individuals against the government and that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms was in support of the right to resist government oppression, as the only security against the tyranny of government lies in forcible resistance to injustice, for injustice will certainly be executed, unless forcibly resisted.

    vote for your right to defend your liberty against this domestic oppression

  11. Financial Crime victim says:

    In the winter of 2008 a senior investigator from the DBPR told me there was written communications circulating Tallahassee warning senior officials red alert — mortgage fraud etc… but… everyone from the Governors office on down just sat on their hands and did nothing!!!!!!! To this day Tallahassee still does nothing!!!!
    The facilitators of the mega financial disaster is our illustrious do nothing leaders from the federal and state levels. They are criminals too!!!!!!!

  12. Tee says:

    IVENT……….I beleive your absolutely correct………..and yet thats not enough for those greedy SOBs

    • lvent says:

      Tee…I point the finger of blame firmly at the politicians. They allowed this to happen and still to this day there is no political will to unwind these institutions..Too much corruption….that’s the bottom line!! After reading Professor Levitin’s CONGRESSIONAL WRITTEN REPORT REGARDING SECURITIZATION AND FRAUDCLOSURE FROM NOVEMBER 18, 2010 (you can google it) and nothing was done..that proves to me the politicians reek of corruption…To blame the banks and Wall Street is a distraction…Occupy Congress-Occupy the Capital on January 17th has the right idea…We should all be Occupying the State Houses and Capitals in our home States on that date as well…

  13. Tee says:

    Mr Black is right on it man………that was a very nicely done Fed spanking ! The question is why? why didn’t the fed help regulate this mess that’s my question? Who are they afraid of? or are they looking out for their own interests while American home owners take a beating. Just about every American knows of these injustices, lawyers, judges and tons of people like Mr Black have seen this for a long time …yet….Nobody up top wants to do anything about it. Im very proud of people like William Black,Martha Coakley, John Obrien and others who are not going to stand for it !!

  14. lvent says:

    Shut the insolvent bastards down…!! They are the reason the economy sucks…they are bankrupting America!

    • lvent says:

      These banksters owe $700 trillion dollars in collateral mortgage fraud debt…they can never repay it…this is all about bankrupting the people under the guise of debt…it is the banksters debt, not ours… and it is unsustainable!!!! Our homes are paid for..they got paid exponentionally and never lent out a dime of their own money!!! either did the investors…they bought an interest in a money stream…the mortgage payments…not the property….!!!

  15. A video everyone must listen too.

    This guy is telling the truth in front of both Congress and the World.

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