More Bondi BS | IG Report on Bondi Firings of June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards – No Evidence of Wrongdoing

“I will only have the very best, most skilled people on the job; those who embody the highest standards of ethics, responsibility, professionalism, and performance,” Bondi wrote. “These two staff attorneys clearly and repeatedly failed to measure up to these standards. The report concludes the employees were terminated after ‘demonstrating poor judgment and lack of independent investigation on high profile foreclosure mill cases.”


IG report on Bondi firings: No evidence of wrongdoing

TALLAHASSEE — A long awaited report on the firings of two foreclosure fraud attorneys from Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office concluded that no one within the office acted improperly in dismissing Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson last spring.

“A review of the facts did not indicate that their forced resignation/termination was conducted in violation of any rule, policy or law,” the report states.

Edwards and Clarkson were making national headlines for exposing mortgage lenders and law firms for unsavory practices related to the foreclosure mess plaguing the state and country. But then Bondi’s office abruptly fired them at the end of May, leading to a public fight between the two lawyers and Bondi’s office.

The lawyers said the firings were political. Bondi’s office defended the action though, saying that the two attorneys kept inadequate case files and had essentially publicly vilified a company, Lender Processing Services, in a power point presentation to other lawyers about deceptive foreclosure practices.

Bondi’s office released a statement with the report, which was completed by Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater’s office, saying that the report confirmed that the firings were not political.

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3 Responses to “More Bondi BS | IG Report on Bondi Firings of June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards – No Evidence of Wrongdoing”
  1. Having reviewed personally more than 40 foreclosure cases, I can vouch for the facts developed and exposed by June and Theresa. This biased report is in sum an admission by the OAG in Florida that “they let the cat out of the bag”!!! When the reality is that we all knew about the cat which was running rampantly through neighborhoods and mercilessly driving families out of their homes- without the GOODS to do it!!

    It takes a huge amount of courage to do what was done by June and Theresa, and we all knew they would suffer a beating for it- whistleblowers know it- honest defense lawyers know it- the laid-off Stern employees, Ben Ezra and Katz ex-tricksters, and all of that ilk must know it by now.
    I am sure the latter wish they were on the clean side of the fence in this pasture- but let me tell you that not one exposed trick or alleged fraudulent document can be discounted as the report would have you see it. No, I for one am unconvinced of this miserable assessment of the works of June and Theresa.

    I see in this report another Bureaucratic genuflection to the likes of Barry Richard and the Thousand dollar suits he wears while representing the crowd that has stolen from all of us!! I am sure there will be a reckoning very soon- the IFR now under way is an admission that the agencies which are brave enough to encourage disclosure will be held to their promise to hold the real fraudsters accountable for their ongoing crimes and tricks perpetrated against the people who make up this great Nation.
    So, here’s a hat-tip to June and Theresa again, and let us not forget Lynn Szymoniak. It was not small feat for her to appear on 60 minutes and tell it like it is!!

    Keep up the good work all of you!!!

  2. Beth A. says:

    Riiiiight….as if it was a professional, entirely independent report.
    Let’s get a non-governmental independent third-party reviewer and see what happens.

    This is what everyone expected, of course – the gov can’t audit itself.

    They are fooling no one.

  3. 2 Pirates Over 40 says:

    What a bunch of CRAP, more BULLSHIT from our AG’s office, not that anyone would expect a different outcome…….

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