At Bank of America, the Image Officer Has a Lot to Fix

The Image Officer With a Lot to Fix

Her co-star on this day, Bill Clinton, is waiting offstage. The audience shifts in its seats. The spotlight goes up and … action!

It’s a Thursday in early December, at a conference center near Orlando, and Ms. Finucane is busy shaping an image. Or, rather, trying to reshape one. This choreographed interview with the former president before a select group of businesspeople is, in fact, part of a much larger effort to rehabilitate one of the most demonized corporations in America.

That company is Ms. Finucane’s employer, Bank of America. Until recently, this colossus, assembled through a heady run of acquisitions, was the nation’s largest bank. But since the 2008-9 financial crisis, no big bank has lost more of its luster.

Today, Bank of America is often held up as a symbol of all that’s wrong with banking, from stick-it-to-’em fees to dubious home foreclosures. Investors have given it a black eye, too. Last year, its share price plummeted 55 percent, making it the biggest loser among the Dow industrials. The bank remains under unusually close scrutiny by regulators.

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  1. DLC says:

    My troubles emerged in late 2006 with Countrywide, they ran and hid when the Bankruptcy Court set for hearing the issues I raised countering its claim on my property. Then along comes Bank of America a year after it acquired Countrywide and they try and claim my property as their own. They have used false and misleading statements of material facts as well as fraudulent and altered documents in their attempts to steal my property through the legal system, both federal and state.

    I have proved in court that BAC does not and never has been a real party in interest to my property but their grip on the courts in this country is still very much a force to be dealt with-akin to a dying mans grip-let’s hope so.

    My point being that it is only in those situations that are viewed in the light of day by all to see does BAC act with any regard towards the harm that has and is still being done to the hundreds of thousands of homeowners affected by Countrywides criminal activities prior to its collapse and BAC’s subsequent buy-out.

    Ms. Finucane will not be able to save BAC from itself, it has already failed and all the spin doctors in the world can’t save it now because unless there really existed a change of policy within BAC to help instead of destroy the cries of thousands coming from the darkness will drown out anything that this women is trying to sell to the American public.

    I only hope now that I can get my just compensation for 6 years of living hell forced on me by BAC before it files for Bankruptcy protection and all the key players get to walk away with the blood money sucked out of the middle class.

    Ms. Finucane, you’re an insider and you know the Truth about BAC so i suspect you will be stepping down before the axe falls but you really should find it hard to look in a mirror after pushing these lies on the public on behalf of your benefactor.

    If hell does not exist then death itself, in the end will have to suffice as punishment for ones sins against his fellow man……

    The Grey in Colorado…

  2. Kathleen Burt says:

    Saw on Yahoo news a couple days ago that BoA’s NYC tower (their “flagship”) is in foreclosure. Poetic justice! Right up there with JP Morgan walking away from the mortgage on their Tokyo office.

    Now that they’re deadbeats themselves, maybe the banks will start negociating in earnest with homeowners? Not holding my breath, of course. Looks like they still think it’s enough to hire an expensive PR firm and put lipstick on the pig.

  3. readdocs says:

    B0A is shrinking. With at least 30,000 being let go, the bank leaving some fields of financing, and
    leaving some states, she will no longer be the largest bank in America. Hopefully this will be only the
    beginning of the end of B0A as a business of any kind. Then the criminal prosecutions should have
    already started, going after the criminals who believe they are walking away free and clear of their crimes.

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