Abigail Field | Our Morally Bankrupt Government, Justice Part II: Defending the Rule of Law

Our Morally Bankrupt Government, Justice Part II: Defending the Rule of Law

My last post detailed how the Justice Department abandoned the principle of equality before the law in its Financial Meltdown enforcement efforts. This post focuses on Justice’s efforts–and lack thereof–to defend our legal system and the rule of law it relies on.

The Buck Stops with Holder and Obama

A couple of housekeeping notes, repeated from part 1: Many at Justice and in the FBI are ethical and moral people who try very hard to do right by the American people. So even though I use the word “Justice” as in Justice Department throughout, my critique does not apply to the people below the very top. Fundamentally only Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama are responsible our Department of Justice’s enforcement priorities.

Attorney General Holder runs the show, but President Obama gave him the job, and can fire him at any time. Holder’s enforcement priorities and strategies therefore must reflect Obama’s priorities. I realize that’s a very formal take, but it’s the only defensible one. I don’t care how much who knew about what, how decisions are or were in fact made, or any other framing or excusing of AG Holder & President Obama’s responsibility for our criminal justice priorities. In our democracy the only political control We, the People have on our national criminal enforcement priorities is our vote for President. And an incumbent President’s strongest advertisement of his enforcement priorities is his Attorney General and his record. The buck stops with them, period.

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  1. lvent says:

    Unless every American citizen wakes up and realizes America has been hijacked by a tyranny….WE ARE SCREWED……..people like my sixty eight year old mother are listening to PROGRESSIVE RADIO and believing everything they are being told because it is do called progressive radio…I call it ingeniously deceptive radio…!..! was listening to Norman Goldman tonite scaring the hell out of older people telling them Ron Paul wants to take away their social security and Medicare……and they better vote for obama because the REPUBLICONS are going to make everything worse….! What a crock of shit..! It has nothing to do with the party name….it has to do with the AMERICAN PEOPLE DOING THEIR HOMEWORK……! What do the candidates political record looks like.?..what have they done in the private sector to make the world a better place.?….I don’t know if Ron Paul wants to do away with Medicare or social security but he does want to abolish the FED…AND INCOME TAX…PEOPLE WANT CHANGE BUT DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE…!…..Ron Paul wants to put our money back in our hands….people say they hate big government but want to keep handing their money to the government to steal and misappropriate…People are still believing too many lies the media is feeding them….and not doing their own homework…the media is counting on those over 60 who do not have Internet access or RT NEWS to vote in another tyrant…! We have to be the change we want to see by not believing everything we are told..! Do our own homework and make up our own minds….! My God, I know Norm is working for the NWO…why? He was telling the same old lies about 9/11..the Muslim terrorists nd osama bin laden story..the same story my mother believes..Our parents need Internet intervention and RT NEWS…ABC NEWS BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON ROMNEYS CAYMAN ISLANDS ACCOUNTS…..TOMMORROW NITE NEWTS EX WIFE BLOWS THE WHISTLE. ON NEWT…WE NEED TO BREAK FREE OF THE 2 Party paradigm America….please wake up!!!! WE ARE BRTTER THAN THESE ASSHOLES….and OBAMA IS A LOUSY LAST RESORT!……..God help us…!

  2. Ali says:

    Makes me wonder who was on that criuse ship that crashed. Just saying……..

  3. lvent says:

    Obama told the banksters right after he was elected…I am the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks…..the glibalists are using the office of the president of the United States to overthrow us… JFK tried to warn us in his eloquent speech about secret societies….many of these politicians are members of the NEW WORLD ORDER by groups they are members of such as Obama is a member of the U.N…..many are CFR members, trilateral commission members and so on…throw them out America!….The new world order…the globalists have infiltrated the U.S. GOVERNMENT and have hijacked it….their evil plot ramped up right after they assassinated JFK..one year after vatican council II was formed in 1962…all roads lead to Rome and the traitors are hiding in plain sight….it is up to all of us to rout them out and expose them…!

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