Dylan Ratigan | Fraudclosure – California’s Housing Horrors



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  1. Nick says:

    Forget ROCKY for president
    How about
    since he’s about THE ONLY person worthy of BOTTOMLINE UnderStanding the EQUATION at hand here.
    Tell us where to send our First Dollar for Contribution

    • lvent says:

      Dylan, Max Keiser and Elliot Spitzer..they all really get it. I cant stomach any of the other liars except Ron Paul. Ron Paul makes alot of sense but the media is spinning him badly and lying about his popularity…the media is now reporting that Obama is saying the American people have to work harder tor change..that is easy to say from the bully pulpit where he and all of the political traitors sit..All of the traitors need to be thrown out…including ex-Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago.. That dirty bastard has Cook County, Illinois under fascist conmie seige…..and Governor Pat Quinn has the entire State of Illinois being held as debt hostages…they are taxing us to death…the cost of living here is astronomical…If there isn’t a correction soon I expect a mass exodus by the people…and all that will remain will be the politicians, the banks, the CME and the multinational corps…and they can pay for all of the debt and destruction they have caused…the people are sick and tired of paying more while the crooks keep stealing and getting huge tax breaks and handing.g us the bill. The local news reported last nits there are hundreds of rotting corpses laying in the Cook County Morgue..! All Emanuel talks about is taking away more of our rights under the guise of the G8 SUMMIT that is coming this Spring and putting up more spy cameras all over 47% of the city..the people need to throw them all out! They are globalist commies….all of them..!

  2. lvent says:

    We need to open state banks that issue U.S. BANK NOTES…ABOLISH THE FED…!

  3. Phred says:

    A lot of words and not much content. See Catherine Fitts and ‘implosion’ on YouTube. Much more informative and less commercials

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