Citizens United Anniversary | Citizens United v. FEC – What it Means for Democracy

The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v FEC allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money directly from their treasuries buying ads supporting (or attacking) candidates for office. A quick summary of what that means and what it will take to overturn that decision.


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  1. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    Understanding CITIZENS supra’s: accurate Interpretaion
    The MIs-Interpretation, of a specifically Limited: “Answer,” to a precisely Posited “Question,” can Only be “addressed,” in an “expressly Limited SPHERE of Consideration,” by the SCOTUS! As The Most Honorable c.j. Alito: Illuded to;[ by notorious Shaking of His HEAD in in OBJECTION!] to the egregiously Offensive; Pretend POTUS’S purported: “State of the Corp U.S. Address,” preposterous assertion, this mere student in True LAW suggests: A Contra interpretation to Their Answer’s limited defined perspective; IS that as: Corporations as Incorporeal fictitous Persons MAY have the SAME Rights, to Contribute to Political Causes or Campaigns: They MUST ALSO by the “Doctrine of Infra,” [Things Inferred: by Illusions, Concluded by Competent Understandings, to The Limitaitons of the Questions; Narrow Scope of Limitations, likely Implying MORE Complete knowing understandings to He Full Contexts?] Perhapsthe Inferrance of the Negative Gesture, was suggesting to the Illuminated in LAW: that the THINGS inferred, were: That the Corpus; Must Also BEAR the Same Burdens of Limitation, as Live, Living, Spirit Persons of NON-Fictitious existance, ThereBY some may CONCLUDE that the SAME Limitations to Individual Contributions to Politic Interests must then EQUALLY apply to BOTH Legal Capacities and Incapcitance, is that NOT equality under the LAW, why would a mere Non Livining Coporate Body Politic enjoy More Advantages than an Individual entity? The COTUS may NOT answer the Question left UN-ASKED! Ask THe Right Question to GET the RIGHT ANSWER!!!!!!!!!Please ASK the QUESTION Properly?

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