David Dayen | Consequential Monday Foreclosure Fraud Meeting Less than Consequential

Consequential Monday Foreclosure Fraud Meeting Less than Consequential

One thing missing from all the stories about this alleged key foreclosure fraud meeting in Chicago on Monday were confirmations from the state AGs, particularly the ones who have been resistant to a settlement, that they would attend. So I did some calling around. And I could not find one state Attorney General committed to attending this meeting. Not only that, some weren’t even sure they would send staff. This has the feel of a snow job, with HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan and Iowa AG Tom Miller and his counterparts trying to sell a narrative in public about an imminent solution, around the time of the State of the Union address, when the reality is much different.

The office of Eric Schneiderman would not commit to attending the Monday meeting, for example, though they didn’t rule it out either. They simply didn’t really have a plan for moving forward yet. And other AG offices were similarly skeptical. “I don’t think we’re going,” said one office. “Why spend the money on staff to fly out there when the terms of the deal are at best speculative?” Others believed that mostly staff would be involved in the meeting, not the AGs themselves. The sources were able to speak more freely off the record.

That’s a far cry from how this was hyped in the media. It was carefully circumscribed, with the idea that the AGs “are being invited” to meet with Donovan and a Justice Department official. No attendance was ever confirmed, and now we know why.

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  1. woodknotgo says:

    PLEASE Fax and email Prez Obama- FAX 202-4456-2461 Phone 202-456-1111
    Call Eric Holder’s Office 202-514-2001

    or visit http://www.moveon.org SIGN THE PETITION

  2. Fury says:

    the AGs can skype on camera for God’s sake!!!

    when are they going to aggressively go after the f/c thugs and get our money and homes back???

    Eleanor Rossevelt and FDR were great people and helped the common man.
    let’s see some action from our modern day leaders! what on earth will it take???!

  3. gregory says:

    More Propaganda bullshit being spread…. When will all involved understand you can only polish a turd so much before the cheep plateing rubs off. That is ll their doing here.

  4. William says:

    Behind EVERY criminal racket, which is being protected by the system which they commited the crime against (remember, the crimes are committed against both the individual, but in criminal law it is perpetrated against the collective people (The State of Georgia vs____, the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATED VERSUS____, etc. SO, these PUSS, VERMIN, SCUM, in reality committed crimes against the SYSTEM from which they are NOW PROTECTED. WHY? Look and you will find CRIMINALS OPERATING AS LAWYERS WITHIN THE STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICES, who typically operate CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAW FIRMS, and CONTROL THE COURTS. The CRIMINAL RACKET IS OF LAWYERS WHO INFECTED THE SYSTEM AT ALL LEVELS. This is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE THAT MUST BE PURGED, ISOLATED AND PROSECUTED. LIKE THE NUREMBERG TRIALS, AND THE OJ TRIAL. EXPOSE, HUMILIATE, SEIZE ALL ASSETS, PROSECUTE, INCARCERATE,

  5. Steve Parker says:

    Eric Holder and the Justice Department are connected to Banksters, according to reuters. The law firm of Covington Burling also employs bank lobbyist and predatory lending champion, John Dugan. (formerly of the OCC) The signifigance of this is that you have the law breakers intimately connected to law enforcement.

  6. Frannie says:

    It’s the foreclosure law firms in Chicago that are the real scumbags. Codilis & Assoc, Fischer & Shapiro, Pierce & Assoc. – they should ALL be called before the Bar Association and questioned as to their sloppy paperwork, illegible signatures and unscrupulous defenses!

  7. Senka says:

    The man behind MA AG’s suit vs banks! Register of Deeds who said NO to the “too big to fail” and “our’ silent government!

    O’Brien refuses to record any documents signed by a robo-signer on his list unless those documents are accompanied by an affidavit attesting to the signature. So far, he has not received one affidavit. “That clearly shows me that those documents were in fact fraudulent.” O’Brien said that if he or anyone else went into one of these major banks and forged a signature on a loan document they would be arrested and sent into jail. So it begs the question, why haven’t these CEO’S been held accountable? O’Brien cited the case of the individual who walked into a Walmart and tried to make a purchase using a fraudulent One Million Dollar bill. He was arrested and charged with attempting to obtain property by false pretence and uttering a forged instrument.


    • lvent says:

      Mr. O’Brien is a true American patriot..! I am starting to believe that the rest of the county recorders are under a gag order…Where are they? I know that Cook County Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore is in foreclosure…I think they are holding his house hostage so he doesn’t talk…Funny story…I went to the CCRD website one nite…..the website had a Tony Rezco mortgage up there for all to see…..! The mortgage fraud was right there for all to see… ! Then one day I went to the CC recorders office to view some docs and they had a REAL ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE up on the computer screen…..for all to see…! None of these really exist…..of course…at least I have yet to see one recorded!!!!! It is like they are working under a tyrannical dictatorship….and are talking in secret code…gotta know the truth before you can unravel the secret code…since Rahm Emanuel became mayor…mums the word….they are stifled like a Commissar is in town..uh oh….!

      • Fury says:

        i wish that all registrar of deeds banded together to stop the recording of false documents.
        that would end this enormous con job!

  8. Eugene Villarreal says:

    It my be hype but, it also increases momentum for the public to respond to the anger of the 50 state(?) settlement whitewash. Yves Smith, David Dayen and Abigail Field should be praised for sounding the alarm. It’s like a fire drill preparing us for the real fire.Don’t complain. Improve the drill. Drill Baby Drill.

  9. scarednearlystiff says:

    No matter what agreement could be reached, what effect on homeowners already sued for the home?

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