Fox Business Video | Robo-Signing Deal Nearing Conclusion


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  1. usedkarguy says:

    I like the redhead, but Charlie Gasparino is a piece of shit.

  2. Barbra Orr says:

    Obama needs to go back to school. I really believe he thinks that he will get re-elected. He must be as high at that idiot news guy. The news guy reminded me of a politician he speak but not a darn thing that comes out of his mouth makes any sense.
    I did email (could not call) my state attorney general, i am sending all my email contacts a request to email their attorney generals. I think we all have to go beyond the call of duty. We must gather the people and let our voice be heard. I suggest that we all email our face book, twitter, linked, regular friends and family so that we will be a force. We the people need to be heard .

  3. lvent says:

    Diana Olick of CNBC just said the fix for the recovery of the housing market is to rent all of the fraudclosed homes! Olick is a traitor…..she knows damned well those homes were stolen……!!!!!!! SHAME!!!!!

  4. To tell the Truth says:

    This video did not make any kind of sense…investers should really be scared of this bailout if they indeed bough toxic bonds/loans/whatever…and people still in houses and not paying loans are hopefully recapturing their investment in their downpayment, equity and sweat equity and other improvements they did to the property.

  5. Bloodsoaked says:

    This news guy is peace of shit. Some people where lueward into these loans and then where told to stop paying in order to get a loan mod that the banks never intended to give. There intent was to ponzi up as much profit as possible cause a default situation for the bower and come back and still the home with faulty paper work. This was a Hitler plan from the start of sub-prime and secondary markets. Banks would have never done something like this without knowing in advance that they would not suffer because of ill-eagle risk they would face when everything comes crashing down. I hope this propagandist pomp-ass anker looses his job and then looses everything he owns. I have literal throne out my TV two months ago just so I don’t have to watch such garbage that is all they pump out. This is not a deal that will help any of the people that have been victimizide by there plan. California AG Miss Harris you are doing a stand up job for the people to whome you took an oath to protect my hat is off to her and all AG’s that are fighting the good fight. This is not a deal for the people it is a deal for the crooks that have made unimaginable profits in the trillions off of this big scam then billions more in TARP and BAILOUTS after causing this whole mess. 25 billion is not even a slap on the hand for these shyster’s. their just giving back some of the RANSOM PAYMENT/TARP BAILOUT that our crony so called politions that have hijacked the world monitory system for there own self interest and wealth. Go along with this kind of mentality and soon you will loose your house and everything including your wrights and freedom. They attack in waves and those of you who don’t fill the heat yet, YOU WILL! YOUR NEXT. WE THE PEOPLE MUST DEMAND PROSECUTION OF THOSE AT THE TOP. THIS IS TREASON ON THE WHOLE WORLD THEY NEED TO BE NUTRILIZED FOR LIFE SO THIS COULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

    • lvent says:

      All true Bloodsoaked! You would have to be nuts to invest in these insolvent banks….! They are all drowning in fraud…! The media are liars and traitors….!

  6. lvent says:

    Thanks for posting this video guys..! this guy is a jerk….!

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