Rally in Tally | National Foreclosure Awareness Day Febuary 16, 2012

The Rally will be held at the capital in Tallahassee
February 16, 2012!


FEBRUARY 16, 2012

It’s time for the 3rd annual RALLY IN TALLY.


This year will be a blow-out event as we make our voices heard nationally.

Mortgage Justice Group, ForeclosureHamlet and 4closureFraud are joining with Awake the State, the Occupy movement, the Foreclosure Coalition and other groups from around Florida and nationally to bring awareness about illegal foreclosures and to stop the legislature from making Florida a non-judicial state.


The Rally will be held at the capital in Tallahassee on February 16, 2012!

Nationally known speakers will be presenting vital, new information about the foreclosure situation and participants will be meeting with members of the legislature to assert their objections to making Florida a non-judicial state.


NOW is the time to take a stand and let your voice be heard!

FREE buses will be traveling up both coasts of Florida picking up participants along the way. For information about the RALLY IN TALLY FORECLOSURE AWARENESS DAY and to make a reservation for the free bus to Tallahassee
Contact mortgagejustice1@yahoo.com or call Betsy at (941) 351-0452 for more info.

More to come, so save the date!

All of America is welcome!

Check out our video from our first rally in tally below.




One Response to “Rally in Tally | National Foreclosure Awareness Day Febuary 16, 2012”
  1. Can I make a suggestion please?…………..having been to the other 2 Rallies, it is crucially important that we, AS A GROUP, remain together. As in …..together in visiting all offices. Strength in numbers is the key to our fight. The last 2 years have been wonderful, however, I have noticed that when we converge on the steps or in the basement we are a group!!! Prior to that ‘meeting of all’ and after that – we are walking around individually. A single person or 2 is viewed as a ‘scorned ex-wife’, but numbers in unity are louder and have much more impact.

    We must have an itinerary for ALL to follow AT THE SAME TIME.

    Additionally (in my opinion), visiting the House of Rep’s and/or Senator’s office has little to no impact – they only ‘pass the buck’ to another agency/office. We need to pressure the AG, the Inspector General, the Governor, and possibly even ‘apply’ to sit in on a Session that may be happening that day. Our individual stories need to get out there in their ears.

    And, possibly we could be researching our government official’s own mortgage files through public records – and bring that info to the Capital Building with us (of course we will be kind enough to give copies to them for their viewing!!)

    Again, just my thoughts from past experiences at the Rallies.

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