The Day The LOLcats Died – #SOPA #PIPA Protest Song

SOPA and PIPA are two examples of recent legislation that is lethal to the internet as we know it. The internet rose up and is on its way to successfully fighting them off, but we need to stay vigilant.

The only way to prevent legislation like this from being passed in the future is to call your Congressmen and tell them. Make it clear that you don’t support SOPA, you don’t support PIPA, and that you won’t support future legislation that damages the stability of the internet.

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  1. DONNA says:

    January 17, 2012 Submitted by: Cheezburger To take away our rights to communicate freely

    Call your Senators today and tell them NO on PIPA




    AK, Lisa Murkowski, 907-456-0233
    AL, Jefferson Sessions, 334-244-7017
    AL, Richard Shelby, 205-759-5047
    AR, Mark Pryor, 501-324-6336
    AZ, Jon Kyl, 602-840-1891
    AZ, John McCain, 602-952-2410
    CA, Barbara Boxer, 510-286-8537
    CA, Dianne Feinstein, 415-393-0707
    CO, Michael Bennet, 303-455-7600
    CT, Richard Blumenthal, 860-258-6940
    CT, Joseph Lieberman, 860-549-8463
    DE, Thomas Carper, 302-573-6291
    DE, Chris Coons, 302-573-6345
    FL, Bill Nelson, 407-872-7161
    GA, C. Saxby Chambliss, 770-763-9090
    GA, John Isakson, 770-661-0999
    HI, Daniel Akaka, 808-522-8970
    HI, Daniel Inouye, 808-541-2542
    IA, Charles Grassley, 515-288-1145
    IA, Thomas Harkin, 515-284-4574
    ID, Michael Crapo, 208-334-1776
    ID, James Risch, 208-342-7985
    IL, Richard Durbin, 312-353-4952
    IN, Daniel Coats, 317-554-0750
    IN, Richard Lugar, 317-226-5555
    KS, Pat Roberts, 913-451-9343
    KY, Mitch McConnell, 502-582-6304
    KY, Rob Portman, 361-576-1231
    LA, Mary Landrieu, 225-389-0395
    LA, David Vitter, 337-262-6898
    MA, John Kerry, 617-565-8519
    MD, Barbara Mikulski, 410-962-4510
    ME, Susan Collins, 207-945-0417
    ME, Olympia Snowe, 207-874-0883
    MI, Carl Levin, 313-226-6020
    MI, Debbie Stabenow, 517-203-1760
    MN, Al Franken, 651-221-1016
    MN, Amy Klobuchar, 612-727-5220
    MO, Claire McCaskill, 816-421-1639
    MS, Thad Cochran, 601-965-4459
    MS, Roger Wicker, 601-965-4644
    MT, Max Baucus, 406-657-6790
    MT, Jon Tester, 406-449-5401
    NC, Richard Burr, 910-251-1058
    NC, Kay Hagan, 336-333-5311
    ND, Kent Conrad, 701-258-4648
    ND, John Hoeven, 701-250-4618
    NE, E. Benjamin Nelson, 402-441-4600
    NH, Kelly Ayotte, 603-622-7979
    NH, Jeanne Shaheen, 603-647-7500
    NJ, Frank Lautenberg, 973-639-8700
    NJ, Robert Menendez, 973-645-3030
    NM, Jeff Bingaman, 505-346-6601
    NM, Tom Udall, 505-346-6791
    NV, Dean Heller, 775-686-5770
    NV, Harry Reid, 702-388-5020
    NY, Kirsten Gillibrand, 212-688-6262
    NY, Charles Schumer, 212-486-4430
    OH, Sherrod Brown, 216-522-7272
    OK, James Inhofe, 918-748-5111
    OK, Tom Coburn, 918-581-7651
    PA, Robert Casey, 570-941-0930
    PA, Pat Toomey, 610-434-1444
    RI, Sheldon Whitehouse, 401-453-5294
    SC, Lindsey Graham, 864-250-1417
    SD, Tim Johnson, 414-276-7282
    SD, John Thune, 605-334-9596
    TN, Lamar Alexander, 615-736-5129
    TN, Bob Corker, 423-756-2757
    TX, John Cornyn, 512-469-6034
    TX, Kay Hutchison, 214-361-3500
    UT, Mike Lee, 801-524-5933
    VA, James Webb, 804-771-2221
    VT, Patrick Leahy, 802-863-2525
    VT, Bernard Sanders, 802-862-0697
    WA, Patty Murray, 206-553-5545
    WI, Ron Johnson, 605-332-8896
    WI, Herbert Kohl, 414-297-4451
    WV, Joe Manchin, 304-342-5855
    WV, John Rockefeller, 304-347-5372
    WY, John Barrasso, 307-261-6413
    WY, Michael Enzi, 307-682-6268

    Senators who are not listed here are already opposed to PIPA.

  2. DONNA says:




    Those of you in Columbus Ohio Congress is holding a meeting on Feb 10 th You might all try

    and get together and see what Congress is trying to pass behind OUR BACKS , .AT

    The SUPREME COURT HO– USE Commission on the Rules of Superintendence THIS IS WHAT I HAD


    Commission on the Rules of Superintendence
    Supreme Court of Ohio
    65 South Front Street, 7th Floor
    Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431

    Phone: 614.387.9510
    Fax: 614.387.9509

    Staff Liaison:

    Public Access to Court Records

    Commission Roster

    Rule Establishing Commission

    Pursuant to Section 5(A), Article IV of the Ohio Constitution, the Supreme Court has general powers of superintendence over the courts of Ohio. In exercising this responsibility the Court has promulgated the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio. To assist in its review of these rules, the Court established the Commission on the Rules of Superintendence effective Jan. 1, 2006.

    The Commission makes recommendations to the Court for adoption of new rules and amendments. Upon adoption by the Court, the rules become effective, and do not need to be submitted to the Ohio General Assembly for review.

    The Commission consists of 19 members, including representatives of the various judges associations, attorneys, magistrates, clerks of court, and court administrators. The Administrative Director or his or her designee serves as the Secretary to the Commission.

    Upcoming Meetings

    All meetings are held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Moyer Judicial Center, 65 South Front Street, Columbus.

    Friday, Feb. 10, 2012, room 102
    Friday, June 8, 2012, room 108
    Friday, October 26, 2012, room 735

    I am in ORANGE COUNT Y CALIF. THESE IDIOTS MUST BE STOPPED ITS ONLY GOTTEN WORSE IN THE TWO YEARS I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING THIS FRAUDCLOSURE THAT THEY OWE ME MONEY from scums of the earth refinanced my mortgage that had no real balance my 1987 Merabank mortgage sum amount $134,000.00 pp $1,259.00 6% adj. that met its balance in 2001, however it was showing a balance of $92, at the time they refinanced it 2002 when i was talked into refinancing to a fixed rate by an employee at my bank while I was waiting in line to cash a check , its a really long story however there was no real balance left , I paid on that for 9 years to a loan i did not owe or own or sign for they switch documents. Nine years of payments later…..,

    i was handed my credit report with FIVE LOANS. they know they owe me the money 9 years of payments I gave to them. greedy bastards and don’t want to pay me …..PLUS the money they STOLE by putting these other loans on automatic withdrawal, I never knew existed and went unnoticed , OFF RECORD to all that was going on behind my back , and now are trying to steal my home of 25 years when THEY OWE ME MONEY THAT TAKES SOME BIG balls to do that, hopefully their Karma will catch up to them soon.

    In the notice of default I just received I did a double take, first time I read it I thought it stated Declaration of Compliance it was not ….. it was a new thing , that was not in the last one
    …… this was called a
    DECLARATION OF DEFAULT AND DEMAND FOR SAME ? I may of read this wrong as someone else told me I did but I still think something is up with these documents ? Could someone check it out and let me know …
    It sounded to me that theses documents they are claiming we/ the homeowners signed and are giving up all our property rights , I’m not the sharpest tool in the tool box and perhaps might be reading into it to much or it could be my paranoia they have caused me to have , however can someone look into that and make sure I am wrong and it’s not another new scam in stealing our homes.

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