Mitt Romney Talks With Florida Foreclosure Victims, Encourages Strategic Defaults and Principle Reductions

Mitt Romney Talks With Florida Foreclosure Victims

“Yeah. It’s just tragic, isn’t it? Just tragic, just tragic,” Romney said. “We’re just so overleveraged, so much debt in our society, and some of the institutions that hold it aren’t willing to write it off and say they made a mistake, they loaned too much, we’re overextended, write those down and start over. They keep on trying to harangue and pretend what they have on their books is still what it’s worth.”

“Also, Gov. Romney, we got hit with a double whammy,” Wood continued. “My wife, she’s a Realtor — she is in the process of filing for bankruptcy on some debts that she needed to take out in order to try and stay in business the past five years. I’m probably right behind her.”

“That’s tragic,” Romney said. “In some cases, if the debt is not in something you can service, it’s like you have to move on and start over away from those debts. It’s helpful if you get an institution that’s willing to work with you, but if you don’t you have no other option.”

“The banks are scared to death, of course, because they think they’re going to go out of business,” Romney said. “They’re afraid that if they write all these loans off, they’re going to go broke. And so they’re feeling the same thing you’re feeling. They just want to pretend all of this is going to get paid someday so they don’t have to write it off and potentially go out of business themselves.”

“This is cascading throughout our system and in some respects government is trying to just hold things in place, hoping things get better,” Romney continued. “My own view is you recognize the distress, you take the loss and let people reset. Let people start over again, let the banks start over again. Those that are prudent will be able to restart, those that aren’t will go out of business. This effort to try and exact the burden of their mistakes on homeowners and commercial property owners, I think, is a mistake.”

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  1. lies is all they tell says:

    rom paul for president lets suprise ron paul, we need to all write him put it in a facebook, twitter post to write him in . we can do this egyptian style. american people are so dumbed down. they dont even know we can write in a candidate. we need to educate the masses.

  2. lies is all they tell says:

    hey i merely applied for my mortgage i was happy i was approved. didnt know i was approved on a loan that was going to fail. in 1991 when i was approved for my home my mortgage was only 25% of my salary. why would even think 33-50% of a salary is ok? of ocurse these loans are going to fail. an illness an job loss. i gave birth to 3 children and endured a broken ankle while my husband was on unemployment. and not once did i ever think i was going to lose my house then. How can they have done this. when i bought my present home my husband was unemployed. they shouls never have approved over 25% OF MY GROSS INCOME INCLUDING TAX AND INSURANCE. their favorite thing to do was leave out taxes and insurance in the approval process. this is sucha nightmare. this is my home. i should not be losing it. i have worked all my life for what i have only to be losing it because mortgage brokers were aloud to lie about income to aprovr loans that were going to fail.

    • lvent says:

      Lies…the only reason our loans failed was because the crooks oversold interests in the notes……..EXPONENTIALLY….hundreds of times…! We took out one mortgage and one note… and out of that one mortgage and note… we each took… the debt cartel took those NOTES and oversold them….and created ……………$700 TRILLION IN COLLATERAL MORTGAGE FRAUD DEBT…! One attorney found interests in his clients note were sold…..607 TIMES….UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT FRAUD…!…Their debt can never be repaid no matter how many homes they steal…..! Their debt can never be repaid by all of us..They made hundreds of trillions of dollars from that fraud though…it is all hidden in overseas banks accounts…CNBC REPORTED in the fall of 2010…WALL STREET MADE 60 TRILLION DOLLARS IN 1999 FROM DERIVATIVES…!

  3. lvent says:


    • lvent says:

      Mitt Romney and Bain Capital are the prime example of Vulture Capitalism…and Newt Gingrich is no better…his company was paid millions from Freddie Mac for consulting…!

      • lvent says:

        “WE NEED TO LET FORECLOSURE DO ITS MAGIC”…..Is what Mitt Romney describes as the fix for the foreclosure crisis!….The CNN REPORTER said….THAT MEANS YOU LOSE YOUR HO– USE!!!….

      • Katheryn says:

        takeaway jobs takeaway houses. Poof. Gone. Just like magic. Isn’t this fun boys and girls! Look how easy and quickly I solved the problems. YEPERS, I’m You’re Man. Vote for Me. I’m the Problem Solver. Where did I put my advil and Pepto.

  4. lvent says:


  5. abs says:

    He is just the same statues quo, Remember pass it on, His biggest champaign supporter is Goldmansach. Flip flopper.

  6. frankie says:

    well I really don’t care if the big banks go out of business, who are they going to help when everyone is foreclosed on and unemployed? I say let them pay for the crimes they committed in there get rich scheme and that is that. I we committed this sort of fraud we would be sitting in club Fed right now , no questions asked. no passing go and collecting another 200(million) off the backs of American Taxpayers ………….

    • lvent says:

      The politicians, the Banks, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve are the reason we are all broke..!….We were robbed of everything by these crooks and they are still robbing us….they are bankrupting us with strategic class warfare tactics ….right out of the Nazi playbook….ROMNEY IS ANOTHER RICH ASSHOLE WHO DOESNT GIVE A F–K about us! WAKE UP AMERICA…! They are trying to fool us again…! They are giving us 2 choices…and they picked both….Will we ever stop being sheeple?

      • Katheryn says:


        More people are followers instead of leaders. Too many gobble up whatever they are told and want to believe rather than make sure that what they are told are the real facts. How do children learn; by asking questions and questioning everything. This should not change once we are adults.

      • lvent says:

        People should be rallying around the patriots. It is appalling the way people are so willing to give these traitor politicians another chance…The politicians couldn’t be more arrogant….they are telling people right to their faces that they don’t give a shit about them….! Thomas Jefferson said..Dissension is the greatest form of Patriotism…


      RIGHT ON !!

  7. Tee says:

    Well, Its so hard to believe him because I feel he will say anything to gain votes….I dunno, I like what he said of course but……I think I’m hanging with Ron Paul. He doesnt waver…he says it straight and he isnt like these other guys who are out licking voter be-hinds ….Paul stays true and straight and hits the issues as he has done for 30 years….he wont play the suk-up game. If Romney and his wife are about to go bankrupt then why wouldnt he accept money and fall into the same as the rest of bought officials…?????



    • lvent says:

      He is about to go bankrupt…? Is that what he said?..I wont watch the video because I have already heard all I need to hear when Nightline reported he has millions hidden down in the Caymens…for the love of God…are we this weak? I dont know what it is going to take for people to get it but people keep believing these lying scumbag politicians and all of their bullshit no matter what common sense tells them.. People are so dumbed down they are more frightening than any bank..! Why would anyone even show up to listen to this scumbag?

  8. lvent says:

    Ah…he wants homeowners out in the street…I heard him say it in one of the debates…He said what do you want the Federal Government to do…? They cant forgive all of this debt! ….To that I say IT IS NOT OUR DEBT…! The 700 TRILLION IN FRAUD IS THE BANKS DEBT….THEIR DEBT IS UNSUSTAINABLE….THERE ARENT ENOUGH HOMES TO STEAL OUR TAXPAYERS TO STEAL FROM TO PAY FOR ALL OF THEIR FRAUD…! This is precisely what the same group did to Germany…bankrupted the people with BANK DEBT….AND STOLE EVERYTHING FROM THE PEOPLE UNDER THE GUISE OF DEBT…!

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