Fox Business | Dimon Talks Politics, Regulation and His Legacy at JPMorgan (VIDEO)

Part 1 Jamie Dimon: We Need to End ‘Too Big to…

JP Morgan Chase Continues PR Blitz

I was watching the FOX Business channel, and who did I see again–Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase. Charlie Gasparino had what he called a “no holds barred” interview with Dimon. I watched two long segments of the interview, and once again, it appeared like a PR story for the bank. In one of the segments, Gasparino said that Dimon, “. . . took every question I threw at him . . . I think he sees himself as a spokesman for the industry.” It was too bad Gasparino was throwing softballs.

Part 2 and 3 below…


Part 2 Dimon: Some Regulations are…

Part 3 Dimon on Obama, OWS, and the Election


7 Responses to “Fox Business | Dimon Talks Politics, Regulation and His Legacy at JPMorgan (VIDEO)”
  1. Pamela Edwards says:

    So thats considered an interview.Only by the barest stretch of the imagination.Investigating reporting hmmmm,I think not what a farce and the reporter I don’t even have words for it.WOW!!

  2. Bobbi Swann says:

    OMG! Excuse me while I puke in my mouth!!!! This reporter does not know how to conduct an interview and definitely does not know what the word “investigative” means…..

    he just followed Dimons’ lead…..never took the reins in the interview….SUCKS! SUCKS!!!!

  3. Katheryn says:

    Gag me

  4. lvent says:

    The regulators hang out in Davos with the banker scum..? How scummy! If the banks don’t like rules and regulations then get your insolvent ZOMBIE asses the hell out of America! Did you hear Gasparino call Dimon out that he is a FED board member and a buddy of Geithner? The U.S. Government is scummy..!

    • lvent says:

      Just saw Brian Moynihan on CNBC saying they have taken a lot of “risk” Off of the books at BOFA., . Interesting..considering Obama just announced last night that Holder has the green light to investigate the mortgage (fraud) pools…..So…..where did that “risk” go??? Into the cyberspace trash bin called hit the delete button…? These bankers and their minions are diabolical!

  5. TheHutMaster says:

    We MUST deprot this asshole for TREASON!

    “Fight The Good Fight”

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