Chris Hayes | NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on President Obama’s Mortgage Crisis Unit (VIDEO)

New York Attorney General and co-chair of President Obama’s new mortgage crisis unit Eric Schneiderman talks with Chris about his expectations for the new mortgage crisis investigations.


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  1. most would ask what took you so long? why did you keep paying on a sinking ship? first you try to do the right thing, like you did borrow the money, then you hope to hang on until you can sell for at least a break even, since when things started falling, no bank was going to approve selling for less?? then you take a look at all of your inheritance from properties tried to transfer into 1031, some accomplished, Though you thought it was a good thing, apparently no one else did?? Wasn’t this the American Dream?? Guess I should have just paid my capitol gains and put the rest in the bank?? Treated worse than a criminal for owning more than one home, well now I am down to two homes and it hasn;t changed, I have watched with some relief for the families in the area that have already walked and moved on, purchasing a new home at 1/4 of what they originally paid for their original home, and even Hud accommadated them with down payment and decent loan with set interest rate, even a perk if they keep it for 5 yrs, not against that, however what happened to helping the rest of us, kids are grown, supose to be enjoying retirement??? good luck with that, the medical will take all of that away, Is there anyone out there that can please shed some light on this, trying to get any assistance, making nosie about the rock bottom prices, totally destroying everyones property values, no one islistening???? they just assume we are fine with it all!!! what are they nuts!!!! and this is California!!! The homeowners should be livid!! Governor Brown should be really really pppppppppppppp, as well as President Obama, and most likely they are, so many voices to please! Good luck with that! Our Ms. Kamilia Harris is paying attention, now if we can get everyone else on board?? or does it not matter anymore? Anyone out there with any ideas? and please no attorneys, foreclosure stoppers just looking for a cash fee, if I had the money too burn I wouldn;t be in this situation.

  2. lvent says:

    The real criminals are the moneyed elite and all of their minions and cohorts at the top of their pyramid fake out!..the real owners..The Plutocrats who own the Oligarchs…! THIS IS THE BIGGEST PYRAMID SCAM IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD

    • lvent says:

      The Oligarchs and all of their minions and cohorts in the 2% are just as guilty…We all reach the age of reason and know right from wrong by the age of SEVEN!

      • lvent says:

        They are no different then Charles Manson and his followers..there are just more of them and they are sneakier and more deceptive…they are killers of millions of good people in a much more evil and deceptive way!..They set up their own victims and then blame them for their own demise!

  3. indio007 says:

    Jail? Look at the rats scrambling. Take a closer look , jail was the minority view.
    I can answer the question of why did they wait 3 years….

    The IRS has 3 years to make an assessment then the statute of limitations kicks in.
    nuff said.

  4. kravitz says:

    Schneiderman’s team is protecting investors, not consumers.

    False documents, overly aggressive behaviour, and systemic property theft on the consumer end are evidently okay, per Schneiderman’s own comments. He’s willing to settle on robosigning – without an investigation into it. But defraud some investors, they’re all over it.

  5. Stan Homeless says:

    Cops are arresting people in DC. The press, including MSNBC is characterizing these protestors as violent or destructive, which is an incredible lie. As much as we hope Schneiderman will serve the interests of truth and justice, the scene on the ground is more foreclosures, more anger and a Government that is increasingly threatening.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      As I see it if they combat the crimminals with having to pay “restitution” to the foreclosed or soon-to-be foreclosed homeowners and part of that restitution includes a MODIFICATION with a principal reduction, then aren’t we putting the cart before the horse? I mean, if we modifty these loans the borrowers are now signing NEW paperwork to abolish the “OLD” and that’s where the fraud lies….I know that time is of the essence to move the housing market back into the economy but it’s been, what, 7 years in the making, and some of these homes have already been sold to new owners, etc…
      I think Chris Hayes hit the nail on the head when he said putting them in jail while at the same time making restitution is what should be on the forefront. I am a little saddened with Eric’s answer when asked that question….he does not seem to be so focused on the cause/effect of committing a crime like these banksters did…but more on this effort to “modify” which just puts an end to the trail that so many of us have been forging this last 7 years. This is going to take years and years before a conclusion and I, personally, want to see these monsters behind bars before they die while all the time living the good life!

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