Help Wanted | Wells Fargo “Robo-signing” Specialist 3 (Final Docs Dept. /Default Assignment Team) NO JOKE!

In the world of you just can’t make this stuff up…


Loan Servicing Specialist 3 (Final Docs Dept. /Default Assignment Team)

From the job description…

SHIFT AVAILABLE: The hours will tentatively be 7am-3:30pm.
Shifts are subject to change based on business needs.

The Default Assignment team is responsible for the creation, execution, and recordation of assignments in preparation of loans moving into foreclosure. This position being filled is primarily responsible for the review and execution of default assignment that are being prepared proactively.

Review includes: confirmation that the proper chain of title has been documented, the assignment created by the Document Preparer has been created accurately, and the assignment is in the proper name to proceed with foreclosure.

The document execution responsibility includes signing default assignments after theyve successfully passed the review steps. This position works very closely with the Document Preparation team and provides them with feedback on assignment document preparation.

This position requires the applicant to qualify to be a Wells Fargo officer to execute documents and the ability to pass an online MERS signing authority assessment. Assignments being executed will be for both Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo as POA, and/or MERS.

Think you are not qualified for such a prestigious job?

Think again!

From the Qualifications section…

Basic Qualifications: 6+ months experience in customer service, loan administration, collections, or sales environment.

Minimum Qualifications: – High School diploma.

You can check out the entire “job” listing with responsibilities here…

Only downside… You have to move to Minnesota…

Good luck potential applicants!


16 Responses to “Help Wanted | Wells Fargo “Robo-signing” Specialist 3 (Final Docs Dept. /Default Assignment Team) NO JOKE!”
  1. Fury says:

    Clifford Irving might be available for the gig. He has experience in forged documents.

  2. Fury says:

    all they need is for jon lovitz to play his character “Tommy Flanagan, Pathological Liar”
    for the recruitment commercials.

    it’s unbelievable that they aren’t even trying to hide that they are asking potential employees to commit a crimes in the job description.

  3. lvent says:

    Here’s the proof that desperation leads to criminal behavior! Ten bucks an hour to throw your fellow man out in to the street, illegally! Anyone with a brain need not apply!

  4. Beth A. says:

    “…creation of documents….”

    Yep, right out of thin air.

  5. leapfrog says:

    being prepared “proactively”. Haha. Don’t they mean “retroactively”?

  6. see says:

    Just think they could hire those of us who went through the foreclosure process without even training us. WE already know the procedure. Oh, wait, I may be over qualified because I have a college degree and I ran our now closed company business for 15 years. Oh well.

  7. Wake Up America! says:

    Even if you have “stage” fright about signing someone else’s name you can be “coached” how to do it.

  8. Wake Up America! says:

    I wonder if they are paying a “signing” bonus? As we can see, all is “Wells” in the wonderful world of robo-signing!

  9. Katheryn says:

    As I keep saying; it’s business as usual. The president announces a special investigative panel while in a down economy the bank is seeking additional robo signers. Ain’t life grand!

  10. Pamela Edwards says:

    I’m gonna go apply right now.

  11. MARIO KENNY says:

    I have a satisfaction of mortgage business and Linda Green is on my team.

    • Liz says:

      Wouldn’t you want me on your team? I have a high school diploma and some other experience in the mortgage business. Linda Green, me and other “signers” will sure move your business. I only don’t know where.

    • neidermeyer says:

      That would be a hoot ,, just randomly file satisfactions with “Linda Greenes” … start with big name celebrities in the news business…

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