Jackie Ramos | Bank of America Stole My House! (VIDEO)

Jackie Ramos vs Bank of America, part 2

Remember Jackie Ramos? She caused a huge stir by going public, on YouTube, with her story of working for Bank of America, which fired her for allowing customers to pay off their debts with installment loans.

Now Ramos is back, and her latest story of Bank of America is even worse. The short version: BofA started charging her extra money, on her mortgage bill, for mortgage insurance she’d never asked for. Eventually, when she found out what the charges were for, she agreed to keep on making those insurance premiums, since they would allow her to stay in her home if anything ever happened to the other person on the mortgage, her son’s father Tim.

Then, in April 2011, Tim died — and the mortgage insurance didn’t pay out. Instead, BofA foreclosed on Ramos, and she lost her house. When she tried to ask why the insurance didn’t pay out, they wouldn’t answer her questions, on the grounds that she and Tim weren’t married.

Over email, Ramos told me that the insurance in question was absolutely mortgage life insurance, over and above the standard mortgage insurance which they already were paying for from another provider.

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  1. foreclosureweary says:

    Anybody know how to get in touch with Jackie?

  2. lvent says:

    Ali…I am so sad to hear that you are so ill…I will pray for your speedy recovery…!

  3. lvent says:

    These people are evil incarnate! So sorry Jackie, to hear of your loss.. Please, I know it is not easy but, please …lets all try to keep the faith! God needs alot of strong angels right now! We are all in a decisive battle with some very evil and dark forces! Keep the faith..God has a plan..but he needs help! If there is anything we can do to help Jackie..please do not hesitate to let us know!

  4. Ali says:

    Jackie, I forgot to tell you, you have my deepest condolences on the loss of your loved one. I lost a family menber to suide. It is not easy. Just don’t blame yourself, that will only impair your ability to be a good Mom. Bank of America can put abnormal stain on the beat of relationships, even mine goiing on 20 yrs next month. But I insisted my nane be on everything in case something happens to my husband.
    Cathic Charities has a wonderful program for sirvivers of suide, call them. You are not alone.

  5. Ali says:

    It doesn’t matter, married or not, I am married and very ill. My husband is fortunate enough to still have a job. I had to send a release to them signed by my husband (they said and still do that I wasn’t on the loan) over and over again to BOA and hud and the couciling agencies, must have taken at least 2 months to get it straitened out. Those precious two months ment that we wouldn’t be eligible for their so call HAMP program. Doesn’t matter who you are or your martial status, they always find a way to not help you. But Jackie, they fired you, force placed insurance on you, and you still trusted them???? Notice how the sheeple who keep thier mouths shut and do as the banks want them to do ahve no problems and are considered RESPONSIBLE homeowners and the ones who speak out about it get the shaft? Come on Jackie? Really?

  6. David Robert says:

    Banks place life insurance on Mortgagees all the time without permission or advising the homeowner, they don’t need permission, read your Mortgage paperwork, they can pretty much do whatever they please, if one of the spouses or parties dies the Bank keeps the money never telling the other spouse or party.

    Hello – Mortgage (latin translation) = “death pledge”

    And here is a little more info that should get your blood boiling, the military takes out “private” insurance policies on soldiers and never tells the family and collects if that solider is killed instead of giving the $$ to the spouse or the family.

    Welcome to America where they sell you an American dream, remember to dream you have to be asleep.

  7. readdocs says:

    The guy committed suicide. How offensive and hateful, because the insurance that was being paid
    will not cover suicide. She’s screwed by her boyfriend.

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