Fraudclosure | Foreclosure Fraud Teach In w/ Lynn Szymoniak (VIDEO)

Teach-In on Foreclosure Fraud Part I

Thousands of homeowners throughout Palm Beach County, and many more throughout the country, are being foreclosed on, even evicted, often through the greed and fraud of the big banks, law firms and mortgage companies that crashed our nation’s economy in 2008…but the 99% are fighting back. In the second of our series of teach-ins on foreclosure fraud, attorney and foreclosure fraud activist Lynn Szymoniak explains how, and shows us ways to get involved in direct actions to oppose the destructive 1%.


Foreclosure Fraud Part II

Lynn Szymoniak talks about the role of mortgage-backed securities in the inflation and collapse of the housing bubble.


Foreclosure Fraud Part III

Lynn discusses the massive transfer of property to the banks using fraudulent documents.


Foreclosure Fraud Part IV

Lynn Szymoniak talks about the massive transfer of property to banks in Palm Beach County through fraudulent documents.


Foreclosure Fraud Part V

More information about how banks harm society through fraudulent practices and what we can do to fight back.


13 Responses to “Fraudclosure | Foreclosure Fraud Teach In w/ Lynn Szymoniak (VIDEO)”
  1. Ali says:

    Yes, the best way is to pit everyone against one another. The outrage should be from more people, all over the country, like Lyn said this crisis affects every one! Where are our elected officials, FBI,Secret Service, ect. Could it be that all are involved? How was this allowed to happen and why has it not stopped. I just recieced another Fed Ex package to modify our morgage! Unbelievable.

  2. lies is all they tell says:

    thank you lyn you are my here lisa too! if it was not for both of you (michael too) i would not be in the know and saving my house. stopa (stayinmyhome) is defending me. i have a robosigned note!!! from our friends at wells fargo

  3. see says:

    Thanks for showing this!!!! Very informative.

  4. Fury says:

    did you notice that they kept saying that the MF Global money would never be found?
    Corazine claimed he didn’t know where it went.

    as recently as a few days ago, the news reports were still saying the investor’s stolen money would never be located.

    of course 2 days, aha! they found ALL of the money— $1.2 BILLION dollars.

    they can find our swindled money and the ill-gotten gains that were made on our bloody backs.

    FULL RESTITUTION — the banking culprits need to pay us and then the country can get back on track.

    there is no other way.

    • Fury says:

      2 days later, the MF Global money showed up.

      the shady players know where they stashed the money.

      we want ours back!

  5. gregory says:

    I am wondering why Lynn is not aske to work with the new investigating team that has been formed???? May they really don’t want to find the real truth!!!!

    • Fury says:

      i think they are afraid of lynn s. because she speaks directly to the people who have been defrauded.
      she is one of us! she’s been swindled, too.

      they cannot question her credentials because she has taught FBI agents.

      she has helped many people even before her segment aired on 60 Minutes. but, it was only after
      it aired, that all of the world finally realized the magnitude of the Fraud.

      never under estimate the power of displaying the evidence enlarged on foam core boards like lynn has done.

      show the fraud!

      help put these bastards in jail.
      help get all of our homes and money back.

  6. David Robert says:

    Deutsche Bank is one of the most evil organizations on the planet. Their roots are dark and filled with pain, suffering and destruction. They serve NO positive good for our planet, they are NOT capable of serving a greater good, hence they must be destroyed.

    The following (2) links are just a taste of the wrong doing. Every property in America that Deutsche alleges that they own they fukkin stole it. These evil bastards will NOT listen to reason nor will they stop what their doing unless they are rounded up and put in jail. (Deutsche purchases personal belongings from the holocaust). (Deutsche financed the holocaust, funded the building of Auschwitz).

    This Bank needs to be sent back to Germany in a body bag. Sometimes you fight fire with fire, people that move about our planet with this type of consciousness will only respond to pain……LOTS OF FUKKIN PAIN, put enough pain on them and they will stop or cease to exist.

    • lies is all they tell says:

      thanks david its horrible to be going through this. this pain is similar with what my ancestors went through in the concentration camps. we are losing our home, my husband cant find a job. its very painful. the took away the emergency unemployment even though they know there is no jobs. they manufactured this mess instead of repealing the mortgage interest deduction.They devised the whole irs on itemized deduction making mortgage interest deduction and real estate taxes the forefront knowing this was in the works. think of the millions of people who can not itemize this year because we can not deduct our mortgage interest. imagine how much more taxes i am going to have to pay. my sales tax, donations, volunteer miles, searching for work all gone!!!! i am going to pay more taxes then some milliomares and corporations. why dont they just put us through the showers and be done with us why continue the pain. what is it all for anyway???????????why have a country full of peopel just to do the worst crime to them, steal our homes?????????just like nazi germany taking my families homes and possessions in poland and austria. my great parents bore the tatoos of auchvitiz. Israel was formed to prevent another holocaust from happening yet no one notices it is happening right now in our own backyard. how many more people are go ing to willingly leave their homes.this is a horror. please someone help please pray for all of us

      • scarednearlystiff says:

        Yours is a courageous post, do not feel alone in this, and take some small comfort that there are others with similar dread.

        I don’t have knowledge about particular banks involvements as such, but emotionally am in a fearful situation similar to yours.

        Those of us who just missed the pounding on the door and ouster back then are very much in fear of it now. We had hoped that was over.

        Do you recall the faith of Anne Frank that people are basically good?

        How can we “implement this?” … all comments are sought … we do know what happened to the Franks.


      • lvent says:

        So true…all the same moneyed elite players are hiding behind the scenes of this manufactured financial crisis and 9/11..lies and deception are the devils handiwork! They set this up so the victims would be blamed…unconstitutional and illegal conflicts of interest throughout would cause the rule of law to be ignored. This is a truly evil plan at every turn . The traitor politicians from within are to blame. None of this should have ever happened.

    • Wayne Lewis says:

      Deutsche Bank has some interesting stockholders that include George Bush, the former Chancellor of Germany and the former Prime Minister of Japan and other former world leaders exclusively…there is an agenda and there is no coincidence…That is the stuff of how the world is truly run and it won’t be taught in public school..

      • lvent says:

        Mass deception…when we look just below the surface, there are unconstitutional and illegal conflicts of interest throughout this entire evil plan. Like the fact that the GSE’S were half privately owned and half Government Sponsored Enterprise. The so called private side was in reality the Federal Government..the entire evil entity, both sides of it, was funded by all of us…WE, the American people. The Federal Govt..the so called private side, is not private at all but owned and controlled by the banks which are also funded by the American people..was allowed to invest in the loans that the people funded. Bottom line, because of that fact alone, and beyond the massive $700 trillion in collateral mortgage fraud, all of the foreclosures are unconstitutional and illegal because there are conflict of interest issues throughout. Not only the politicians but the judges, the cops, the attorneys are also invested in these banks and Wall Street firms mbs’s and many other investments!

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