Lee Camp | How To Argue With A Republican (VIDEO)

Explicit Language So Viewer Discretion Advised

I’ve tried a lot of tactics while arguing with right-wingers over the years. Very rarely does something get through to them. However, I think I’ve finally found something. This might just work… [get more at www.LeeCamp.net]



3 Responses to “Lee Camp | How To Argue With A Republican (VIDEO)”
  1. Randye says:

    Dennis Miller called….he wants his act back.

  2. lvent says:

    Right on Lee..! Why do we call ourselves free ? DEBT IS SLAVERY…! AMERICA has a wealth of natural resources that the moneyed elite have stolen….! There is enough revenue flow from gas and electricity to back our own currency….and create millions of investment opportunities….to loan that revenue to start up small private business…and fund college for all to create new innovations…..and new businesses….By putting that natural resource revenue to good use we would in turn be reinvesting into the revenue stream..! There would be enough revenue from re investment to fund top notch healthcare and there would in turn be fabulous prosperity for all..! We allowed the greedy bastards to steal from all of us what they do not own and turn us into slaves of the debt they create by stealing from all of us…!

  3. Katheryn says:


    Love it. You remind me of a younger version of the late famous George (Carlin). You go guy!

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