PB Post | Florida Attorney General’s Attempt to Subpoena Foreclosure Mills Stalls

Despite the apparent legal defeat, Edwards and Clarkson said they are proud they helped bring national attention to the foreclosure processing issues.

“We still feel we accomplished a lot, and different people have picked up that torch,” Edwards said. “We woke up the entire country.”


Florida Attorney General’s Attempt to Subpoena Foreclosure Mills Stalls

Florida’s once-heralded foreclosure mill investigations have fizzled as the attorney general’s office has failed to find the right strategy to continue its pursuit and three law firms call for the cases to be dismissed.

This week, an attempt to have the Florida Supreme Court weigh in on whether the state has the authority to subpoena the Law Offices of David J. Stern was denied by the 4th District Court of Appeal.

The decision effectively ends the investigations into complaints that the firms doctored court paperwork in an attempt to speed foreclosures.

“It means the buck has stopped” with the appeals court, said Royal Palm Beach-based foreclosure defense attorney Tom Ice. “No appeal to the Florida Supreme Court.”

Even before Wednesday’s ruling – from the very beginning of the investigations – there has been uncertainty about how to prosecute a civil case against the firms.

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    al these cases put into court were purposely dropped/ dismissed against the crooks due to the “kick-backs”

    fraud is fraud the sheriff’s dept claim “no” fraud when mortgage co.’s don’t exist the sheriff’s dept is a waste of the taxpayers $$$$$$ they aare pathetic there is “no” justice in fla. this is the “screw u state” a nicer waay of saying .
    —- u state.it’s very saad even w/ aal the evidence no one wants to help u.

  2. Katheryn says:


    LOL LOL LOL I would assume she is verying well versed in “copying”

  3. To Tell The Truth says:

    She should hire Ice attorneys to get the job done right…

  4. Fury says:

    pam bondi,
    pack up your hairspray and hit the road!

    floridians need the same lawsuit filed on their behalf like schneiderman just did in NY.

    you are not up to the job!

  5. Ron Moss says:

    Mike; Do you know Attorney in Florida Herbert Whingfield Biggs Esq?

  6. Katheryn says:

    Blondie Bondi must go and I don’t even live in FL !!!

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