Dylan Ratigan & Beau Biden | State AG and Federal Government Stand-Off Over Big Banks (VIDEO)

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden joins MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan to discuss his refusal to sign the government’s 25-billion dollar settlement against ‘fraudclosure’ at the banks.



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  1. joe poncakia says:

    Isn’t this entire process backwards Dylan? Why isn’t the criminal case proceeding BEFORE the civil cases or talk of a settlement.

    OJ Simpson…Criminal first
    Enron…Criminal first
    Madoff…Criminal first
    Worldcom…Criminal first
    Alan Stanford…Criminal first.

    This entire episode is a charade and Dylan is either too dumb to ask that question or he’s a great actor and part of the conspiracy.

    BTW…this is not a partisan issue. Both parties are protecting the banks. Don’t hold your breath
    waiting for any reporters to ask for the candidates stand on this crucial issue. It goes right to the heart of crony capitalism in America.

    • lvent says:

      Dylan has probably spoken more truth than any MSM reporter..We are all skeptical now of everyone which is great, awesome..that proves we are waking up!!! At least Dylan tries to have honest discussions..Like Dylan said, when you find out the truth..you get pissed.. Looks like many of us are really pissed right now…and that is a good thing..A healthy democracy should be noisy…! We have all been way to passive and quiet about our freedoms for way too long…Trusting and believing too much.. Its time to make a lot of noise…cause we all got swindled and robbed…really bad…by a lot of traitors whose loyalties are not with America…THE MONEYED ELITE GLOBALISTS…AND ALL OF THEIR MINIONS AND COHORTS… ARE THE BIGGEST THREAT TO OUR DEMOCRACY….OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION AND THEREFORE OUR FREEDOM AND NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY….FIRST AND FOREMOST THE FED HAS TO GO…THEN ALL TRAITORS WILL FLEE…WE NEED OUR OWN CURRENCY BACKED BY OUR OWN NATURAL RESOURCE REVENUES…U.S.BANK NOTES…STATE BANKS….THEN FREE MARKET CAPITALISM , PROSPERITY AND NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY WILL PREVAIL…!!! THE RIGGED GAME, THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND THEREFORE ILLEGAL TYRANNY IS ALL RAN VIA THE FED…THROW OUT THE FED!!! CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS A GOOD WAY TO MAKE A STATEMENT…STOP PAYING, CONFORMING AND COMPLYING TO THIS MONEYED ELITE HITLER PLAN…ALL TRAITORS TO AMERICA ARE BEING REVEALED…..THEY ARE CAUGHT IN THE MONEYED ELITE WEB OF LIES AND DECEPTION..THEY NEVER THOUGHT THEY WOULD GET CAUGHT..THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE!!

      • lvent says:

        Max Keiser says Germany holds all of the pieces to the Euro Zone power structure…they are the hidden power structure…..Damned Nazis are at it again…another moneyed elite Hitler Plan..Same players as last time…. http://maxkeiser.com/

  2. lvent says:


  3. Beth A. says:

    Well, guess they’re doing it.

    Isn’t it amazing how the banksters can settle away out and out FRAUD?
    You and I would be allowed no settlement to our fraud crimes – we would go to JAIL and likely have to make RESTITUTION.

    As far as our politicians go — if this goes through THEY ARE SELLING US OUT…as some of us suspected they would. I’m disgusted to the nth degree but I am not surpised.

  4. anon says:

    Time to bully back- when do we start personally going after the individual bankers ?

    • Charles Deihl says:

      When the Election Ends or when GOP no longer needs their money,Just my oppion on it all.

      • XXXX says:

        Good point Charles lets pray and work on making it all go well cause if not the people are tiring and dying very quickly and this could and will be pivotal if not already, people are smelling blood God forbid what will happen if this is not taken care of in the manner it should be***** FULL RESTITUTION with CEOs JAILED and so on*****!!!!

      • Time for them to FEAR US says:

        Really Charles ????? You still believe that the 2 party’s are different , just another game of smoke and mirrors for the “dumbed down” among us . Read the real history , follow the money – bankers are nothing more than a criminal in a nice suit. FOLLOW THE MONEY – to them we are just pawns in a game , well in my opinion a war of sorts – Rule #1 never underestimate your opponent . We need to peel back the layers of protection they have surrounded themselves with they set up entities to take the fall , but we are close they are just starting to feel the heat – see rule #1 – I see a lot of comments and raving going on , some are WAY out in left field . We all need to vent our frustrations and why not here , but at some point , enough bitching and moaning . When do we attack back , they are stealing from us and we let them ? WTF ???? The mild protests ( not my bag – it is demeaning to our cause ) just gives the police practice , for non violent protestors , but it’s obvious they would like to break the boredom by shooting people . So what’s next ? I feel that as we find a new way to attack them in court , they have thrown another “expendable” under the bus or buy there way out of it through new legislation . Do not be ashamed to have been dumbed down , as humans we want to believe another human wouldn’t do this to another , but greed is a powerful thing – it is a bankers heroin – So class , today we learned to: FOLLOW THE MONEY and NEVER UNDERESTIMATE -dismissed

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