George Mantor | The Awful Truth About American Justice and The AG Settlement

The Awful Truth About American Justice and The AG Settlement

This is not your Grandfather’s America. Setting aside all of the technological “gee whiz” advancement of the last 100 years, there has been a sea change gone unnoticed.

A very black cloud has settled in overhead as one by one the very things that made America great have been hollowed out until they are nothing but empty facades that are frequently pointed to but never entered.

I fear that America has been harmed irreparably by parasites that ate away the Constitution and looted our prosperity. Now, cometh the storm.


Many of those who dare to speak out live in fear of retaliation. In my own community, the case of average citizen, John Monti, is a chilling reminder of the power and ruthlessness of a corrupt government.

John Monti is a school teacher in one of Southern California’s Latino communities. He is all too aware of the human trafficking of children into the US for prostitution and has determined to bring the problem to light.

One of his actions was to ask for a Grand Jury investigation into the migrant camps operating with full police protection despite their illegal urban camping and the numerous wild fires caused by them.

A few days later, Monti was on a public roadway videotaping suspected illegal alien human traffickers when seven of them attacked him, assaulted him, and tried to take his camera.

A witness phoned 911 to report that a man was being attacked by a gang of Latinos. When police arrived at the scene, Monti was arrested and charged with assaulting the seven illegals.

Makes him sound like Bruce Lee, doesn’t it? You can just imagine his arms and legs all in motion throwing round-house kicks, elbows and knees to put a whoopin’ on seven dudes.

Monti was charged and brought to trial where a jury immediately acquitted him on all charges. But, police misconduct occurred throughout the prosecution. Only when one of the 911 callers contacted Monti’s attorney did we learn of the three 911 calls that described the actual assault.

The why is simple. Drugs and human trafficking are among the more lucrative ventures that take place through San Diego’s border crossings, and as is to be expected, it has had a major corrupting influence on area law enforcement.

Wrongful Prosecutions

Take the case of Marine wife, Cynthia Sommer, convicted of her husband’s murder by arsenic poisoning. Years later, lab tests proved that there was no arsenic in the victim’s system and that the DA ignored its own expert who said that the death was nothing like death from poisoning. Oops. Naturally, the DA hurriedly called a press release to announce…wait for it…that this case proved that the system worked.

From The District Attorney on down, there is an unmistakable stench emanating from their decisions of which innocent parties to pursue and which guilty parties to assist. No help against the massive RICO activity known as mortgage securitization leading to fraudclosure or the piles of forged documents being recorded daily in the county recorder’s office.

Bought and Paid For

The system has been hi-jacked and taken over by big money. It is no longer a peaceable means of seeking redress; it is a tool that is wielded by the rich and powerful against any target they choose.

It isn’t an arbiter of right and wrong; it has become a vortex that sucks in and renders all opposition impotent.

They used to say, “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”

Today, if you build a better mousetrap, the only thing beating a path to your door will be the process servers who deliver the “cease and desist” order obtained by the manufacturer of the older inferior mousetrap.

Ain’t that America, baby?

Unless you are a lawyer or are involved in legal things, you tend to take the legal system for granted. I once naively believed that if you had the facts on your side and the law on your side, the truth would be seen by the trier of fact.

But, as anyone who has ever been hunted down by the system or sought it out for relief knows, very few people ever actually get the chance to lay out their cases in front of a jury of their peers. The only chance most of us have is to pry these decisions away from corrupt judges and put them in the hands of our neighbors.

The last thing that the system wants is for us to tell our stories to juries.

A couple of years ago I was fulfilling my duty to the system and, while waiting in the jurors’ lounge, was presented a brief introduction to jury duty by one of the Judges, David Ryan.

Coincidentally, I had taken a real estate law class from him many years before, and so I paid careful attention as he spoke. In particular, I noted that every year over 500,000 criminal and civil cases are filed annually in the jurisdiction, but that only about 500 wind their way to trial.

This was reinforced for me after being impaneled. We were adjourned for lunch, and by the time we returned, the case had been settled. “Thank you for your service, have a nice day.”

Is that judicial efficiency or is the system so oppressive that only those with nothing to lose would take a chance on it?

Lawyers. What can they be thinking?

Then, there is the lawyer problem. This isn’t meant to disparage lawyers. They draw enough negative attention to themselves. Many of them mean well enough, but their practices are controlled by the one percent. Who else has enough money to be of interest to a lawyer?

This topic is particularly difficult for me because both my grandfather and my father had law degrees. And, if it were not for some unusual circumstances during my childhood, I would probably have followed the same path.

My father used to joke that if a lawyer graduated from law school and moved to a small town and set up practice as the only lawyer in town, he would starve to death. But, if he could get one of his law school buddies to move there with him, they would both get rich.

When it comes to foreclosure defense law, the number one question people ask me is: do I know any good lawyers? You would think after all I have written that lawyers would be reaching out to me seeking clients, but alas, it is not so.

The perception is that homeowners cannot afford legal representation and while that is often true, it isn’t always the case. If more lawyers really knew this area of the law, they would discover that there is an enormous potential to wage war on behalf of clients who are upside down, but don’t want to default.

Who writes the laws?

Did you ever write a law? Did you ever contact one of your elected officials and tell them you wanted them to pass a law? Most of us just never think of it, and yet, in 2011, forty thousand new laws were enacted nationwide, with seven hundred here in California.

Who is behind all of that? Political Action Committees and lobbyists. Do you have a lobbyist?

This passing of laws has become so intrusive that it is becoming difficult to take the concept of law abiding seriously.

Within two days of it going into effect, I had already broken one of the laws enacted in California when I attempted to take a bottle of Merlot thru the self-check at the market, as I had done numerous times before.

Rather than being the protector of the rights of average people, it has become a bewildering maze intended to favor the powerful.

Whose side are they really on?

In America, the people are represented by the United States Department of Justice led by the Attorney General—at the moment, one Eric Holder.

You may have seen recent news reports where Eric Holder is playing the race card whining that the only reason people have taken a dim view of him is because he is black. I don’t know if that is more desperate or pathetic.

I take a dim view of him because I think he should be arrested, prosecuted, and put in prison. With law enforcement like Eric Holder, who needs criminals?

I take a dim view of him because he provided guns to Mexican cartels. He laundered money for the Mexican cartels. He cracked down on California’s lawfully operating compassionate care cooperatives so that Mexican cartels could regain control of the lucrative California weed market.

I take a dim view of Eric Holder because he was part of the original legal team that designed the system, MERS, which allows banks to seize homes to which they do not now, and never did, have a legal claim.

I take a dim view of him because there have been no prosecutions of obvious organized financial crimes. It is apparent to me that Eric Holder serves the bankstas as willingly as he serves the ruthless Mexican cartels.

He is supposed to be running the Justice Department, but he operates more as a concierge for organized crime.

I take a dim view of him because I would actually enjoy bringing these people to justice if I had his job.

Not him; he’s like the security chief of the one percent.

His department should arrest him and prosecute him and put him in prison where he belongs. Unlike many African American men, this guy actually should be behind bars.

Your taxpayer dollars pay a bunch of cowboys to sell guns directly to murderous criminals. They are trying to explain that, but I don’t see how you can make that look okay.

We are very tolerant and accommodating people. Generous too. That attitude is demonstrated by the Justice Department’s willingness to further accommodate our cartel buddies by laundering the money made by use of the guns we sold them. And, you were losing faith in the system. See, it’s working just fine.

Suspension of the Constitution

Well, for decades we let them tinker with it; now, it’s gone.

SB 1867, signed into law by the President on New Year’s Eve. That way, the New Year could begin by setting the constitution aside and really getting down to business.

I wrote about this in a couple of my blasts late last year, and was roundly criticized for suggesting that the bill would allow for the indefinite detention, without right to trial or council, of American Citizens thought to be terrorists.

Under this farce of terrorism for the illusion of security, we have been robbed of not only our wealth, but also our freedom. We traded our freedoms so we could feel safer. I’ve never felt more insecure in my entire life.

Osama bin Laden? Hey, if you’re gonna have a boogie man, he should look like a boogie man. Google images of Rasputin and you’ll see what I mean.

One day he’s in a training film climbing out of the sunroof of a burned out Volvo, and ten years later he’s an elderly goat herder wiling a way his twilight years watching porn.

I don’t think I could have killed him. Would it have made a difference if he were a woman? Do you gun down a grannie? Fuckin’ eh! They’ll be doing it in a city near you come summer.

The problem is that some of us are still willing to fight. Still willing to Occupy. To disobey civilly and to disobey not so civilly if the former proves ineffective. Where do we stop? Where do we draw the line? Do we swap our freedoms for their New World Order? When they say we cannot occupy, do we go home? Oh, okay, sorry about that. I’ll replace the Geranium I stepped on.

But, I’m still gonna write a strongly worded email to my corrupt, calloused, congressman. That will restore freedom and democracy pretty darned quick, I betcha.

I was awed by 9/11, but I wasn’t terrified. Turns out that if we were doing what we are supposed to be doing with all of the tax payer’s money, this would have been prevented.

Here’s a clue. Anytime you have students in flight school who aren’t interested in learning how to land, you may have terrorists on your hands. If I were going to flight school, I’d want to learn that part first.

If they buy a one way ticket, have no luggage, and buy ten million dollars in flight insurance, you may have a terrorist on your hands.

If they speak endlessly of the 72 virgins awaiting them, you may have a terrorist on your hands.

In the new government view of terrorism, anyone who is deemed to be critical of government can be considered a terrorist and whisked away forever. They have a new phrase to justify this, “domestic terrorist”. Martha Stewart run amok.

Finally, our legal beagles just sold us out. Forty states have agreed to legitimize all manner of organized crime in the ongoing fraudclosure crime wave.

The bankstas were bad. They started out as criminals, but you mother fuckers were supposed to be working for the people. You call this justice? You just put the final nail in the legal system by legitimizing prior crimes. Why should any of us obey laws if they don’t have to? Can one godammned scum bag sellout Attorney General give me a straight up answer?

I used to think that it was wrong to “take matters in to one’s own hands” as they say, but I am starting to wonder what other choice we have. Voting? For whom? In my little city, the council races are big money deals.

The upshot of the horrendous Supreme Court decision in Citizens United assures that only candidates backed by big money can win at any level.

I’d be interested in any informed law enforcement official responding.

George W. Mantor
The Real Estate Professor
Founder, American Foreclosure Resistance Movement

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” — Mahatma Gandhi


13 Responses to “George Mantor | The Awful Truth About American Justice and The AG Settlement”
  1. Ilona Sky says:

    “Everything is CORRUPT.”
    ~Special Agent Frank Aeillo,
    HUD/OIG (Quote is response given to a mortgage fraud victim who pleaded for Justice and Restitution-and begged for the prosecution of corrupt GMAC mortgage…)

    We have lost.
    You don’t know the power of the dark side.

    Marx predicted this centuries ago…
    the proletariats(we) have been enslaved by the elite 1%…(them).

    Read to find out exactly how THEY pulled it off…

    Knowledge is power.

  2. John Anderson says:

    We have what I feel may be the most corrupted government in the history, bar none.
    Our elected officials are worse than whores, our judges bend and break the law itself in the name of expediency.
    We have a judicial system, that is refusing to follow the rules of civil procedure in foreclosure cases, apply the law evenly, to prosecute major white collar felony fraud committed by Wall St & TBTF Banks who are politically connected to state governments who control the funding of the courts, and wields control over both major parties.
    In the land of the free, we have more people in jail. per population than any other country in the world, most of them on drug charges.
    So what to do?
    Revolt in your own way. E-Mail these bastards and let them know that they are on the wrong side of history, and in the future they may find themselves in court defending their actions, or lack of them. Or in a worst case scenario the type of street justice, that Mussolini faced in Italy. Yes it can happen. I think there may be in the future a Museum of Retribution where the heads of the people that were behind mass criminal acts like 9/11, the wars based on lies, the sham economic crisis, the rape of Americas wealth, will be displayed on pikes behind a display case full of the mummified hands of notaries who falsified assignments of mortgage, and other documents used to illegally force people from their homes. Along with the tongues of lawyers who knowingly used those documents.
    I know it sounds extreme, but in order to assure that it won’t happen again, something substantial needs to happen.

  3. Catherine says:

    From: C.A.R.E. Non-profit

    12 YEAR OLD SEVERN SUZUKI GET’S IT! (open this link)

    GEORGE CARLIN GETS IT! (open this link)

    Trader Tells Truth: “The Collapse Is Coming…And Goldman Rules The World”

    Attorney George Bye gets it!

    I agree with you Catherine. I have been fighting through the state, federal and bankruptcy courts for almost four years and I am tired, worn out from the failures I have been handed and the pressures I have had to endure to fight judges who are on the side of the banks. Such corruption in the banking industry. And the government supports it with our tax money.
    I have personally lost one property in foreclosure, I have had to rent two investment properties because of the loss of equity, created by the banksters and their fraud, and I am always on the edge of not being able to pay my mortgages on homes I owe more on than they are worth. I am 75 years old and I seem to have no hope of seeing any retirement from my investments. But, I cannot get any help from the courts or through refinancing.
    When will it turn around.
    By the way, did you read the article where the Sheriff refused to evict a woman in almost exactly the same circumstances as your mother? God bless them.
    George Bye, Esq.

    EVEN Proctor and Gamble heir Foster Gamble gets it.
    GETS IT!

    ANYONE WITH CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN THEY LOVE AND CONCERN FOR THEIR FUTURE – MUST TAKE ACTION NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! When our country was founded the framers of the Constitution – were familiar with both the irresponsible power of the King and the failure of the weak Articles of Confederation – For this reason they carefully set up a system of government with a balance of power to provide for the economic development and security of the nation with a safety-valve to protect the people from future irresponsible abuses of power by enactment of a supreme constitutional law making our government and courts responsible to answer to all the people of our country.

    Whenever power of an abusive limited area or interest group is not answerable to all citizens and only answerable to the supporters of its particular area or interest group. Then the basic principle of FEDERALISM – or constitutional decentralization of power is compromised.
    Constitutionally balanced power must be national in effect to be constitutionally responsible to all our citizens.
    When as citizens we delegate our power to our political representatives in the senate and house of congress by means of our vote, we do not actually lose that constitutional power. At each new election we are provided a means to take our vote back and re-delegate it. The framers of the constitution made certain that we could exercise our power between elections, by use of recall and impeachment provisions.
    The test of constitutional responsibility of our current government must be whether it is really controlled by those over whom it is exercised; the people and whether the people can still take back their constitutional power through normal, legal, institutionalized procedures.
    If our government and court systems do not allow the people to take back their constitutional power to prevent abuses of power as intended by the framers of the U.S. constitution, then our government’s concentrated power has become politically corrupt and constitutionally irresponsible.- And destructive to the needs of the people.
    It is our obligation as participants in Democracy to use our unified constitutional power to demand that the government reconstruct itself to eliminate all corrupt abusive control by certain interest groups and restore our national constitutional responsibility along truly democratic lines.
    As participants in democracy “we the people” are obligated to demand government compliance to restore a responsible constitution exercised by the people for a financially balanced society meeting the needs of the people as was intended by the framers of the constitution.
    Only active and popular support of restoration of the constitutional power of “we the people” as a political majority can we hope to use our constitutional power by retraction of the active support of the majority as a means to demand restoration of our government to constitutional responsibility.
    By working together in creating massive popular opposition to abusive constitutional irresponsibility we can inevitably overthrow any abusive special interest group no matter how powerful and corrupt- but we all must work together to take back our constitutional power.
    If our national financial and social balance is to be restored, “we the people” must spread the word as activists, e.g. by narrowly focus our work together to demand restoration of a constitutionally responsible government.
    Each of us must be prepared to reach out- perhaps going out of our individual comfort zones- to ensure our survival as a people and as a democracy.

    Participate in
    Why Support Care…..
    Public support of refusal to submit to oppression can be induced through active dissemination of PLAYS, FILMS AND EDUCATIONAL ART. For example Miguel de Cervantes authored the still world famous; Don Quixote del la Mancha- while held in prison at Argamasilla de Alba in La Mancha – during the Spanish Inquisition. Resistance of Oppression and the Aesthetics of Resistance (German: Die Ästhetik des Widerstands) is explored in a three-volume novel by the German-born playwright, novelist, filmmaker, and painter Peter Weiss. Weiss suggests that the only way to overcome oppression lies in the refusal to renounce resistance, no matter how intense the oppression.
    Weiss makes a valid point! Our best and only hope to resist fascist corporate oppression is to participate and share all related information including the above videos with as many of our friends and associates as possible. By taking this action you increase massive support of resistance to oppression.
    A quiet revolution of public awareness can be disseminated through free videos like the U-Tube links included above . Your participation with C.A.R.E. in dissemination of these type of films will help activate new models of political action and a renewed social understanding and transformation may be facilitated .
    On a personal note – I would like to share what inspired my five year involvement in our local battle against CORPORATE TERRORISM.
    My 87- year old mother lost her city of Carlsbad home of 60 when she became the victim of a commercial predatory lending swindle in which she in fact- never actually received any loan money.
    Goldman Sachs Bank aka MTGLQ Investors L.P. was fully informed of that my mother was a victim of an elder financial predatory lending swindle but chose to ruthlessly pursued foreclosure followed by a quick lawsuit for summary eviction to attempt to push her out of her home. At the time of her eviction trial, 87-year-old Betty Bryan was still in bed and just of the Hospital after undergoing major surgery for stage IV cancer.
    In full knowledge of her medical condition and having been advised of all the facts of the swindle; Goldman Sachs Bank AKA MTGLQ Investors L.P. went for a judicial default judgment for possession of her home on the basis of her non-appearance at the hearing and moved the Court to have the sheriff’s department evict forcibly evict her from her sickbed and her home of 60 years.
    I was shocked and sickened to learn that one of the wealthiest banks in the world would so callously seek to quickly profit through an 87-year-old lending fraud victims tragic circumstances .
    A year previous to the eviction itself my mother filed a criminal complaint with the San Diego Department of Real Estate Fraud ; and filed a (still pending court action) attaching hard evidence of loan fraud. Goldman Sachs responded by passing ownership of our home to their investor partner ; MTGLQ Investors L.P. ( who we have proved is just a division of Goldman like the Servicer Litton Loans Service.)
    Goldman Sachs aka MTGLQ Investors L.P said they sympathized and believed this was a terrible tragedy and very unfortunate situation but moved to forcibly evict anyway stating it was “NOT THEIR PROBLEM!”
    In 2007 , I founded Kokopelli Community Workshop Corporation; an organization active in assistance of all victims of predatory lending; particularly focusing on assisting elderly , handicapped and non-English speaking victims of predatory lending providing attorney referrals and educational information. My families’ tragedy along with my professional skills as a scientific researcher led to my ongoing career as a volunteer loan fraud investigator where our organization has compiled and substantial research into multiple cases of mortgage lending fraud.
    Our five year ongoing screening of loan fraud cases and resultant compilation of evidence clearly demonstrates that local San Diego authorities are just not inclined to investigate or prosecute Real Estate Fraud especially predatory lending cases.
    Amazingly local research of close to a hundred outright bunko and elder financial fraud cases in Southern California reveal a shocking story of close to 100% loss of homes and property subsequent to lending fraud as both our Federal and State Courts in Southern California are notoriously unsupportive of Real Estate Fraud victims no matter how flagrant and abusive the crime. This type of abuse is ongoing as more and more folks become financial stressed and these predators know they have a clear playing field.
    After working full-time for more than six years as a full-time homeowners foreclosure advocate; I can assure you that once foreclosure is initiated by the creditor in Southern California – loss of property is inevitable regardless of any issues of fraud as the mortgage servicing and foreclosure industry in very powerfully involved in motivating judges to stay on their side the creditors have developed highly trained teams of ruthless attorneys who promise to summarily foreclose and evict regardless of the facts of the individual case.
    I can also inform you that no matter how overt and predatory the swindle- the very professional and ruthless bank attorneys will inevitably take possession of the victims’ home and property on behalf of their employers- I have seen handicapped victims in wheelchairs sobbing as they are thrown out of their homes by the sheriffs, as a result of summary victims instituted by a very ruthless and proficient mortgage foreclosure machine.
    Do you know that over 20 million Americans including terminally ill and severely handicapped victims of predatory lending have been cast out of their homes into the streets with no chance or hope of and consideration or compromise since the “mortgage crash” of 2008?
    I have personally assisted literally hundreds of victims who cannot afford attorneys to file lawsuits providing the court with hard facts and evidence that the victims were unfairly swindled. Our courts are routinely unsympathetic with the victim’s plight -even when the predatory lending victim manages to retain a highly competent homeowner’s advocate attorney. I am personally acquainted with attorneys who have become so frustrated fighting homeowners cases in our Southern California Courts that they suddenly quit practicing law or even have nervous break downs.
    Kokopelli Community Workshop Corporation recently raised funds to send free copies of the Thrive Documentary to every federal district judge currently sitting on the bench in San Diego County, Orange and Riverside Counties.
    I have persisted in my work in spite of the fact that on more than one occasion my life has been overtly threatened, my home has been set on fire on two occasions in the last two years- and most recently my Pala Office was broken into and my files and computers hi-jacked by an unknown party.
    I recently authored an expose book entitled ( The Loan Vampires) scheduled for publication late this coming summer. My TELL ALL BOOK exposes flagrant corruption in our local real estate fraud investigative agencies ( FBI and DA) and I specifically POINT OUT which corrupt local politicians and judges have sided with mortgage industry and mafia lender interests in exchange for overt financial help with maintaining their power and control of political regime that ruthlessly enforces corporate power to foreclose on local homes and property.
    If you care about these issues and would like to receive more of these type of emails in the future; please respond to this email – if you provide us with your address- you will automatically receive a free copy of my book; The Loan Vampires- when it goes into print.

    Thank You for contributing your personal story and supporting show you C.A.R.E.
    Catherine Bryan Ibarra

  4. readdocs says:

    We should have been awake and active way back when, like the 1950s. Now it will take blood and
    treasure to ever pick up the damaged pieces and try to glue them back together. The America we
    grew up with as current as the 1990s no longer exists.

    • lvent says:


  5. Ali says:

    Heads up all. I just got off the phone with Att. Gen. Lisa Madigan’s (IL) office and was told “she couldn’t talk about it but we will soon hear about it on the news”. Sounds to me like they struct a deal.

    • lvent says:

      The Ag’s know they are not going to get away with anything less than the proper corrections because the truth finally got out to the American people. Because of that, we caught the crooks red handed!

  6. Ali says:

    I think the the time for reasoning and complaining to “the powers that be” are nearing an end. Folks are are at the end of thier ropes. Mr. Mantor is right. They need some “shock and awe” from WE THE PEOPLE”!!!!!! The only thing these son’s of bitches know is MONEY. Everyone needs to join, after all these fraudclosures, servicing fraud, the lack of news coverage on this situation is stunning. Its all layed out in front of everyone. What do they think the AG’s are doing right now, the answer is gettting money!!!! Will the lowly homeowner see any of it, I doubt it. Someone better do something or another bubble will burst and they won’t like it. The stupid fucks got too greedy and got caught. Now the news media says its all about robo-signing. Everyone should not give up, stay in your homes, mortgage? What mortgage? Why all of a sudden are our soliers comimg home. Soundsd like Obama might need them to protect him when the shit really hits the fan at high speed!!! I say bring it Mother Fucker!!!!!!!!!

    • lvent says:


  7. Katheryn says:

    Everyone needs to do something. We are allowing a new world order mafia to rule us. Their oppression to quiet the masses will continue to increasel; just watch and see. Our rights are being stolen from us just like our homes and retirements and anything else they can get their stinking hands on. We better prepare for one giant teaparty that will make the one in boston look like a “garden club event”, if we want to survive.

  8. lvent says:

    The real awful truth is, the traitor politicians, with their minions and cohorts at the FEDERAL RESERVE are all CRIMINAL IMPOSTERS…! They, with the help of the media, that they own, have used many secrets, lies and deceptions to hijack our wealth and our country…and therefore our freedom.. THEY HAVE NEARLY ROBBED US BLIND, DEAF AND DUMB…BUT THEY GOT CAUGHT…so now, WE THE PEOPLE, are going to throw the criminal traitors out America…. WE THE PEOPLE, OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, KNOW THE TRUTH IS, WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS COUNTRY, and it is time for ALL OF THE TRAITORS TO LEAVE OR, FACE THE CONSEQUENCES OF A REALLY PISSED OFF NATION, ARMED TO THE TEETH WHO KNOW WHO OUR ENEMIES ARE!

  9. Elyse says:

    Well, that certainly tells it like it is!!!

    I believe we are all in shock that the AG’s actually have the balls to accept this “deal with the devil” in front of everyone in the USA. There are millions of us still fighting, still occupying, still calling the OCC, the DA, the CFPB (what a joke they are!) still filing official complaints to whomever we can…with no results whatsoever?

    My District Attorney actually sent me a letter after filing my complaint stating “we know all about the robo signing situation”….and that was it? Yep, that was it…they know and they are doing nothing!!

    Can we create a document that returns our homes and file them in the recorders offices? Is someone out here able to direct some sort of Return Document that puts the home back in our names so we can fight this battle on solid ground?

    Something BIG must be done and must be done right away…
    Like not Voting?
    Like pulling all monies out of the banks?
    Like impeaching Eric Holder?
    Like impeaching the Judges that are ruling in favor of the bankstas and putting the screw to the American homeowner?

    Something? Anyone???

    Let’s use this social media and make a plan to unite in force, in numbers, in unity?? We’re all fighting alone and we need to join hands!


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