Lee Camp | How Much Is That Election In The Window? (VIDEO)

Explicit Language So Viewer Discretion Advised

A small group of millionaires and billionaires got together last week and pledged $100 million to beat Obama. Thanks to the Citizens United decision they can do that now…. [Also get the Moment of Clarity BOOK at www.LeeCamp.net]



5 Responses to “Lee Camp | How Much Is That Election In The Window? (VIDEO)”
  1. j Alonzo says:

    The mere fact that Republicans are willing to elect a Candidate that has 50 million in an off shore account is NUTS! The Republican Neocons like Romney, Rubio, are all the same. Just like the Democrats Like Obama and
    Pelosi that promise things that just will & never happen. They are the same. We need change, we need Ron Paul!

    • lvent says:

      Not only are the politicians traitors and criminals but, they couldn’t be any more arrogant about it! You could almost get the impression these FINANCIAL CRIMINALS and POLITICAL.TRAITORS are calling us out….!

      • lvent says:

        These politicians are no more than a cabal of crooks and traitors who are becoming more and more dangerous by trying to cover up for their massive crimes and the crimes and evil plans of their moneyed elite owners. The politicians are now acting more and more like fascist Nazi dictators. Im not voting for a fascist tyrannical dictatorship…All of the crooks need to go to prison and all political traitors need to be held fully accountable by the American people! OUT WITH THE FED….IN WITH OUR OWN CURRENCY BACKED BY OUR OWN NATURAL RESOURCE REVENUES….OPEN STATE BANKS!

      • lvent says:

        They are all protecting the EVIL EMPIRE of their moneyed elite owners!!!

  2. lies is all they tell says:

    we already know that romney has money in cayan islands. does not pay taxes i paid mmore then he did (percentage wise) there was slip up in the computers that eelct presidents and romeny comes up as winner. so all of this elctions stuff is a farce

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