Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) | Private Prison Company to Demand 90% Occupancy

Private Prison Company to Demand 90% Occupancy

The nation’s largest private prison company is offering cash-strapped state governments to buy up their penitentiaries and manage convicted criminals at a cost-savings. But there’s a catch…the states must guarantee that are there are enough prisoners to ensure that the venture is profitable to the company.

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) has reached out to 48 states as part of a $250 million plan to own existing prisons and manage their operations. But in return CCA wants a 20-year contract and assurances that the state will keep the prisons at least 90% full.

In the past CCA has operated its own prisons and contracted with states to house inmates. But until now the company never offered to essentially take over public corrections systems.

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  1. Alabama John says:

    Many in prison work making clothes and other things for our military or many other items that that are sold at a regular price for a profit. The prisoners make 12-13 cents an hour and can work their way up to a top manager making 25 cents an hour. They also get three sparse meals a day and a metal bunk to sleep in while stacked 2-3 the number in a cell that the law allows.
    Pretty cheap labor and those jobs are taken from the unemployed in America who would get at least the minimum wage which is 26-35 times higher, a grocery allowance, food stamps, and a housing allowance plus many other financial helps.
    Wonder why so many are in prison?

  2. Gene says:

    The prison industry has “forced” itself to grow for decades. Some unions (best example is California) have influenced the growth of prisons. Once they are built, we have to find occupants.

    Approximately 70% of all persons incarcerated are there on drug and/or drug conspiracy charges. We have known about the benefits of decriminalization of drug use for years, using resources that would have otherwise been spent on prisons and instead supporting addiction treatment and research. Once drugs become legal, the profit motive is gone and many criminal enterprises will disappear in an instant including some violent crime. However, mom and dad are so afraid of junior getting a hold of a joint because of the pseudo-theory of “entry” drugs (including mom and dad’s martinis) that legalization will most certainly lead to their children becoming substance dependent.

    We have grown our way into imprisoning too many citizens. Until politicians get the chutzpah to make the deal to decriminalize drugs, the growth of the prison industry will continue; CCA is there to ensure we keep our prisons full. It’s not like social and economic policy is dictated by business interests. Very sad indeed.

  3. Peter Everts says:

    Okay, start with the corporate pirates from Wall Street, Insurance, OIl, etc. Should fill a bunch of prisons with the likes of Lewis, Blankfein, etc.

  4. David Robert says:


    I don’t think so, the state and federal prison systems create a Bond off every court case (penal sum certain) and that Bond is deposited on Wall Street hence the reason American leads the world in incarcerations.

    America has 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the worlds prisoners. Allowing a private Corporation that is driven by Wall Street to run the prison systems is fukkin insane. 90% of the inmates in America have been charged with non-violent crimes (IRS, Marijuana, etc).

    Did you know that every court in America is a Corporation? Did you know every court in America has a D&B rating? Did you know that every court in America has an EIN number? When you can create monitized instruments and deposit them on Wall Street whereby the system is designed to create fiat $$ off putting people in jail you have a system driven to convict people regardless if their innocent or not. THAT IS ONE VERY FUKKED UP SYSTEM.

    Just ask Wal-Mart as they buy more prison Bonds than any other Company on the planet.

    The truth is you are guilty until proven innocent.

  5. Beth A. says:

    “Debtor prison” might become a thing of the near future and they want “in”. Geez, and we were all distracted by the FEMA camps for the non-compliant.

    As a result of a few stories I’ve read, I started paying attention to some county court records and it is amazing the number of bench warrants issued for show cause debt hearings where the debtor didn’t show out of fear or other reasons. One I’m watching is in MI.

  6. John says:

    Its really a positive sign.

    Prisons are almost doubled in occupancy now or worse and if they want assurance there will be 80-90 percent in the future that means the move toward letting non violent offenders out might just happen.

    We have way too many in prison.

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