Matt Weidner | EMERGENCY INJUNCTION – Banks, Kicking Down Doors And Taking Property – IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!

EMERGENCY INJUNCTION- Banks, Kicking Down Doors And Taking Property- IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!

It really is quite crazy and disturbing to know that in this country banks are kicking down doors, taking property, violating the most basic (formerly) American rights.

It just drives me insane that I keep fighting these issues, and I keep hearing the banks argue that they have the right to break down your door…..

But will judges step in and control this behavior before it gets even more wild and out of control or will someone have to get hurt first?


Defendant (hereinafter “Defendant”), by and through undersigned counsel, respectfully files this Emergency Motion for Temporary Injunction, pursuant to Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.610, and precedent case law, and as grounds thereof states:


  1. This is an action for foreclosure of residential real property owned by Defendant.
  2. Despite this, Plaintiff, or its agent, entered Defendant’s property without Defendant’s express permission. See Defendant’s Notice of Filing Police Report, Motion for Declaratory Judgment and memorandum in Opposition to Lender Break-Ins.
  3. After filing the previously mentioned motion, Defendant’s counsel was given assurances by Plaintiff’s counsel that if this activity was occurring, that it be ceased. See the attached email.
  4. Despite this, Plaintiff, and or its agents, have again, on or around February 24, 2012, entered Defendant’s property and placed a note on her door that her property that they are going to change the locks on her property and winterize the home.
  5. It is important to make one thing clear, Plaintiff is merely alleging that it is a lienholder in this action and more importantly, this honorable Court has taken absolutely no action to allow Plaintiff to enter Defendant’s Property.

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  1. Liberty & Justice for All says:

    I am fed up with all this shit. Pissed off does not even begin to cover it. First the bank forecloses with fraudulent docs, now the IRS is up my ass for $80,000 Chase sent me a $206,000 1099 on behalf of Fannie Mae, for the “Gift” of my home. FUCK EM! Give me back the property if you are going to say you gave it to me. I am thinking about putting a claim on the Title. The new owner now has it up for sale. What would you do?

    Someone comes into my home, breaks down my door.


    Nobody from the bank had better Fuck with Me!

  2. owen says:

    Under Florida State Statutes, “burglary” occurs when a person “enter[s] a dwelling, a structure, or a conveyance with the intent to commit an offense therein, unless the premises are at the time open to the public or the defendant is licensed or invited to enter. Depending on the circumstances of the crime, burglary can be classified as third-, second-, or first-degree felonies, with maximum sentences of five years, fifteen years, and life, respectively.
    Not one of these cases sent to criminal court. WHY?

  3. CAS says:

    buy your guns now while you still can, post a notice on your property –

    Here’s your sign lol and if they violate it shoot’em then call police and have them arrested

  4. j. Alonzo says:


  5. marilyn lane says:

    We need more than Court Orders to protect our property rights.

    Here in New York with a Judge like Alice Schlesinger of
    New York Supreme Court , – an attorney like Frank Malone of
    Fidelity National Title and his partner in crime, David K Fiveson
    of a sham company he calls Coronet Title, paid a BRIBE to
    Judge Schlesinger for her to sign an order to allow thieves
    (the title company’s clients)
    to remain in possession of stolen condos.

    This way the title companies don’t have to Indemnify the
    Forged and fake deeds they knowingly insured.

  6. flex says:

    As we had been seen, it is coming at a town near you. The thugs boots representing the banks are kicking down doors and winterizing homes violating a basic right in this country. I hear many times from clients and homeowners that somebody is kicking their door, changing the locks, and even breaking in the homes when nobody is home and taking everything they want and destroy their personal property. All these actions are against the common law. Then why is Matt asking the court for a TRO, temporary restraining order? This should be a permanent restraining order.
    These actions by the banks are just one sign of what they can get away with. If you read this article and understand the statues that Matt is pointing out, it is obvious that the mortgage is just a naked lien on the property. Even just the alleged lien has to be verified by the proper and legal documentation. Just because any lender, bank, or servicer alleged having the right of possession without any original and legal documents, does not give them the right to do these activities. If these activities does not remind you the Gestapos in Germany, I don’t know what else will.
    Please read this valuable information that Matt shares with us today and do your best to share this info with anyone you know. Who knows, maybe tomorrow will be you, me or anyone you know.
    Thanks for being a good patriot and for sharing the knowledge.
    God Bless you and your family.

  7. Tee says:

    Let them come here and kick the door down………make my day. Ill help them get to where theyre going faster…..

  8. Charles Cox says:

    It is only a matter of time before someone gets shot breaking and entering someone’s property like this. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.

  9. Before someone gets hurt?

    Over 6000 “Occupiers” have been arrested. I am contacted weekly about homeowners being arrested. The latest contact I got was a 62 year old man who paid the banks every dime on an illegal foreclosure. After eviction his wife left him. He was living in the office of a friend and working on a computer to try and help evicted homeowners through a grass roots organization. He was arrested in Northern Cal last Friday and last I heard still being held in jail but no one seems to know what the charges will be.


    • Wake Up America! says:


      Care to share the details on the arrest of this man? Maybe there is something we can do to help.


  10. lvent says:

    It all makes you go hmmm..??? and really makes all of us wonder what it is that all of these traitors are really hiding that they are committing these heinous and unforgiveable acts of treason against the American people…??? The vile truth will be revealed to mankind about all of them and all of it and then they will all have hell to pay for all of this..!

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