Abigail Field | Understanding the Mortgage Settlement Part 1 – The Money

Understanding the Mortgage Settlement Part 1—The Money

Someday the mortgage settlement will be filed in court and thus we will get to see its terms. Which day? Who knows—the latest deadline, the end of February, passed in silence, and annual reports filed at the end of the month with the SEC by Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and Ally Bank, three putative deal signers, unequivocally stated there’s no final deal yet. As Wells put it, 19 days after the deal was announced:

“Furthermore, there can be no assurance as to when or whether a definitive agreement regarding the settlement will be reached and finalized or that it will be on terms consistent with the settlement in principle.”

Still, enough details of the agreement ‘in principle’ have been released, including by Wells in that annual report, for me to write this guide.

The settlement has four basic moving parts: money, lawsuit peace/liability release, mortgage servicing standards, and enforcement. I’m going to look at all four in three different posts. This one focuses on the money in the settlement.

Understanding the Money In the Mortgage Settlement

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  1. Fighting In Ohio says:

    The Judges are bought to!!!

  2. keepon says:

    Can we have any finer display of the ‘true fact’ here? All 49 States Attorneys General and ALL the President’s Men HAVE NO POWER on behalf of the People.

    • They are all bought $$$

      • lvent says:

        They are all bought because they are all invested in this massive fraud scheme..They are all getting fat as hogs off of our demise..That includes Obama and all of the filthy traitor politicians…and the cops pension funds are invested in this Ponzi Scheme continuing and the judges have annuities invested in it….that is how this whole scam has worked for decades.. and how it is still working to this day… and the reason why they are trying to ignore and cover up the massive unsustainable fraud that has been committed in all of our names..is to bankrupt the people and steal our National Sovereignnty…! The uber rich have had the American People and our weatlh hijacked for decades and have always stolen from all of us…that is why they are uber rich..The uber rich scum have all gotten uber rich off of the labor of the peasants that they create…They create the peasants by stealing just enough so that they can never really own anything of value…and they brainwash the people into believing that they lend them their money……THEY DONT…the American people have always funded and payed for everthing that these uber rich criminals do….And these criminals sit back and play mind games with all of us….just to see how much we will allow them to get away with …and so far it is just about everything that they want… The American people made them all rich..they could have never done it with out all of us participating by paying and complying and we always conform to their demands so they have gotten away with ALL OF IT….It was all hidden from the people for decades by sneaky criminal acts of brainwashing and secrets, lies and deception… But they have all gone way to far this time and they are just simply out of control hogs who need to be held to account and forced to return our hijacked and stolen wealth…. It is way past time for the American people to make a stand. The NWO GLOBALISTS are behind this but if not for the traitor Politicians from within, they could have never pulled this off and this fraud goes on, unabated…because WE THE PEOPLE KEEP ALLOWING IT…BY PAYING, COMPLYING AND CONFORMING…MOSTLY BECA– USE TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE STILL BRAINWASHED AND THEY ARE SCAAAARED…!! WELL ITS TIME FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO SHAKE IT OFF AND MAKE A STAND, THEY HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH EVERYTHING SO FAR…SO WTF NOW…?? ARE WE JUST GOING TO LET THEM FINISH US ALL OFF…AND ELIMINATE NINE TENTHS OF US…?? SO THEY CAN ACHEIVE ALL OF THEIR SICK EVIL PLANS FOR MANKIND AND A MICROCHIPPED GLOBAL POPULATION OF 500 MILLION INDENTURED SERVANTS…???? AFTER THEY ALL GOT RICH OFF OF OUR SET UP AND ROBBERY…??? WAKE UP AMERICA…!!

      • lvent says:

        The truth is people should be more afraid to keep on participating by paying, conforming and complying with this massive manufactured fraud scam……The only way they will succeed at their evil end game plans for humanity is if we keep on participating in it….My local news reporting tonight about the solar flares again…WOW…I COULD CARE LESS….!! Fox news Sean Hannity and his guests tonight finally talking some truth about the Obama deception and how he is a BRAINWASHED ALINSKI-ITE…AGAIN…A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT, BUT NONE THE LESS…IT IS THE TRUTH….! One of my favorite radio hosts really let me down tonight…NORMAN GOLDMAN talking about how he is an atheist…I dont care what he does or doesnt believe in… but, he was making fun of Gods true believers and saying if we believe in God or Jesus we believe in ghosts and goblins…!!! Alrighty then, tonight, he lost a pretty loyal listener… and not because he is an atheist…but because he made fun of what I believe in…He has a right to believe or not to believe in whatever he wants….as he always preaches..it is supposed to be a free country…but he crossed the line by very deceptively trying to brainwash people into thinking that a belief in God is childish or idiotic… then he is just another sneaky liar and deceiver…and their true colors always come our when we catch them lying and deceiving…and if NORMAN GOLDMAN believes everything just came out of thin air…including all of us…fine for him…but being that he is always bragging about his Jesuit education and how he is an educated lawyer …and is it obvious that he thinks he is so much smarter than all of us….. the statistical possibilites of all of us and every living thing and this planet and this planet and all of the planets and the entire universe just coming out of thin air one day… are to me, more mind boggling than a belief in a creator.. The truth about everything and everyone will be revealed to everyone who seeks the truth very soon. I believe that because that is what God promised all of his true believers would happen when he opened up the Book of Revelations……and I believe in God and I believe that we are all living in that time right now when all of these evil secrets will be revealed. I believe that God is showing all of the evil truth to all of his true believers who seek the truth because that is what I have witnessed first hand in my own life and the truth has been being revealed a little bit at a time.. every single day since 9/11 happened and started to wake up the people into realizing…something evil is going on……..and to me seeing is believing.

      • lvent says:

        It is easy to not want to seek, hear, or want to see the truth and keep believing their evil lies and be brainwashed into believing all of their manufactured lies and bullshit when you are very distracted from what is really important in life….which is our freedom and independence…. or if you have little or no morals….or both. These satanists prey on the weaknesses of people and they are evil and that is all they do spy on all of us and study all of us and that is how they gain their knowledge about all of us and that is how they have been slowly and strategically destroying us for decades….!

      • lvent says:

        The truth is that there are some incredibly evil, wicked, maniacal and diabolical people who have hijacked and robbed America and they need to be stopped…..there are way more of us..We can do this now because there are so many of us who know the truth about all of their evil plans for mankind and not only that but, we know who most of them are..thank God!

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