Rocket Docket Returns | Florida Foreclosure Courts to Get Money to Speed Cases

Florida foreclosure courts to get money to speed cases

Florida’s courts will get a $4 million boost to hire additional judges and case managers who can tackle the state’s foreclosure backlog.

The one-time stipend, which is in the 2012-2013 state appropriations bill released this afternoon, still faces legislative approval.

It isn’t yet decided how the money will be allocated among the state’s 20 circuit courts, but Palm Beach County Chief Judge Peter Blanc said the statewide amount is “meaningful.”

“It will give us an opportunity to bring down some of the backlog,” Blanc said. “A lot of the debate these days is why are the cases still there and we do have some difficulty getting timely hearings sometimes.”

Statewide there is a 368,000 case backlog, including about 34,800 pending cases in Palm Beach County.

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5 Responses to “Rocket Docket Returns | Florida Foreclosure Courts to Get Money to Speed Cases”
  1. 2 Pirates Over 40 says:

    Hell the court system could hire anyone of us for $ 20.00 per hour to do the same thing the judges are doing,
    foreclosing illegally, instead of following Blacks Law. We could save the state of Florida millions, but then we would just as guilty as the judges……….

  2. Little Miss Sunshine says:

    Tax Payers Money…

    We need to cut back on other service’s because our state is hurting, yet finding four million to hire retired Judges to handle these foreclosure’s for the banks is no sweat.

  3. woodknotgo says:

    Banks & Servicers STALL-Plaintiffs do no play by the rules-Rule of Law

    Wonder how many of these cases show a Motion To Compel -DIscovery (Sanctions, Fines, Fees)

    It is not the Homeowners causing the backlog-it is the Banksters that Foreclose-fail to Transfer Property for years-they leave them to mold & rot, all while collecting more Insurance (FEMA-Fire-Vandalism)and Default claims.

    • neidermeyer says:

      @woodknotgo ,, I’d say 100% of them … mine is stalled for that reason … I think they’re trying to decide how to make a retreat that isn’t a total loss… but they don’t have authorization from the real plaintiff (not the named one) to withdraw …

  4. Douglas Chertoff says:

    Need to speed up occupy, that means you Rednecks. Block the BANKSTERS with your BODIES!

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