F* The Banks | March 15th 2012 – Occupiers Set Up Living Room in Bank of America Lobby (VIDEO)

A crew of occupiers makes a home of a Bank of America lobby with a couch, a coffee table, a rug and a potted plant. “Bank of America took our homes so we though we’d move in here!” Join them March 15 as America turns the tables on the nation’s largest bank!

For more info: http://www.facebook.com/fightbankofamerica/



5 Responses to “F* The Banks | March 15th 2012 – Occupiers Set Up Living Room in Bank of America Lobby (VIDEO)”
  1. David L. Peranich says:

    I have chase as my mortgage holder and they led me down the road of deception also for seven Months until I told them I couldn’t wait any longer to find out if I was going to get my home modification I was pree-aproved for,then they said they would put me at the top of the list.they maid me wait two more days to tell me I don’t make enoph money for me to qualify for the home modification,then I was told that I needed to pay 15000. in thirty days and I needed to also send there aturneys 1800.so that I could stay in my home. I had to default on two other loans and barrow money from friends and family can’t help but feel I’ve been robbed! I was to believe I was going to get some kind of help.but insted I got a shake down. i didn’t loose my home by the grace of God but I would still like to sew the pants of chase for the stress and bad credit I have now because of what they have made me do to save my home from forclosure.for the first time in my life I have colection agencies calling me and my credit is ruined .ill never be able to pay them now unless I sew chase.

  2. lvent says:

    The media reporting today that the people of the State of Texas will have to present a MICROCHIPPED ID CARD in order to participate in what is their legal and Constitutional right as U.S. CITIZENS, their right to vote. If people are smart, they will not comform or comply or participate in that…If that tyranny comes to my home state I will not be participating…I for one, am sick and tired of being treated like a liar and a terrorist everytime I walk into an airport or a courthouse or a sports stadium…and I am sick of the Govt and their multinational corporate fraud ring tracking my every move…Time for the American people to stop participating…until the Govt. starts treating WE THE PEOPLE with the respect that we deserve as we are the real owners of this country…The truth be told..all of this tyranny and oppression is being manufactured in order to protect the 1% who are the real terrorists.

  3. lvent says:

    That bank employee looks a bit taken aback. That is what happens to people who dont get it…they get ambushed.

  4. Sam says:

    Nice-but I would edit your intro and correct the spelling of received from recieved.

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