Fannie Announces an Initiative to Make Loan-level Data for Single-family MBS Accessible as a Move Towards Transparency

A Legal Take on Fannie-BofA

Fannie announced an initiative to make loan-level data for single-family MBS accessible as a move towards transparency. The agency will start releasing loan-level data beginning the first quarter of 2012 and will provide data updates regularly. Obviously investors in agency MBS, and all MBS, want to know what they’re buying, and this is another step in the direction of restoring investor confidence. The first release of loan-level data files for single-family MBS will be downloadable and published under the “New Issues Statistics” tab in PoolTalk, which is a tool that retrieves pool-level information and data on Fannie Mae securities. Concurring with the release of the loan-level data will be new features on PoolTalk, including the ability to view data on a specific pool and monitor data for specific securities at a glance. Daily issuance files, month statistics, and MBS-related documents will be accessible through PoolTalk.


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  1. lvent says:

    The Fed owns all of them..including all of the banks and all of the title co.’s by proxy..It is not hard to find that out..just do a little google searching..If you really want to know the truth, it is not being well hidden. The Weather Channel had Illinois Senator Dick Durbin on this morning to talk about the fact that FEMA rejected help to the victims of that tornado outbreak down in Southern Illinois a couple of weeks ago..We havent had many big Natural Disasters in Illinois in the last few decades that I can remember so this really stinks and proves to me that the FED is corrupt beyond belief..I am going to take this as a warning and I will be purchasing some extra insurance for when and if such a disaster strikes my home.

  2. pro se way says:

    I am confused. Just hung up with Fannie Mae/HUD Counselor who told me my servicer does not have to answer QWR questions regarding who the investors are on our loan, if it is a private, one party-investor who wishes to remain nameless. Does anyone know if this is a legitimate response?

    • Igor says:

      Pro, I wonder if these ‘private’ lenders somehow are directly connected to the money laundering this ponzi scheme seems to obviate. There can be no legitimate reason to conceal the lender, unless such a disclosure would expose some aspect of the fraudulent mechanisms of the multi-pledging racket.

      • proseway says:

        Thanks Igor, I appreciate your response. I have been getting some pretty decent discovery through various motions to compel, but this Fannie Mae/Investor issue is a complete dead end. They are refusing to answer any of our questions. You are most likely correct that it’s probably related to the multi-pledging racket. Did anyone else notice that the post from yesterday with proof of this was taken down yesterday? I wonder why?

  3. Ali says:

    I just got an email from “Credit Slips”:
    “United States Sues 17 Mortgage Servicers for Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices” He says he’s confused, Iam too!

  4. readdocs says:

    What irony! Considering FANNIE MAE was complicit in the makings of this mess!

  5. P Nach says:

    Does that mean that Fannie will be releasing details on the MBS pools dating from 2012 onward? What about all the pools for past MBSs? Will they still remain hidden from the public?

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