Matt Weidner | Understanding Why The AG Settlement is a Sellout and an Insult to Americans (VIDEO)



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  1. Steve says:

    There are two set(s) of books one for the rich and one for the poor. Just as the same w/ the laws. again laws for the rich and laws for us poor bastards. If I would dare to submitt a fraud document I would be jailed the same with other crimes. Yet we people let this happen again again and again. They sold us out and are moving out while they lock us all down. To all those people in office who are sworn in on the good book. God knows and remember you can not take it with you. keep on voting for the same change and you will keep on getting the same B.S. all those people in office needs to GO. They need to start to pay for the fraud on all the people. People need to rise up and just DO IT. Enough is enough. The courts are broken the other offices are stolen and we are being cheated every day all day. THIS MUST END. but not in my life time. sorry to say it. This once great nation was sold out. The plan is to make the U.S. a 3world country. We did it to ourselves so keep on sleeping/sheeping people.

  2. Lynne says:

    you are a true hero and a patriot, Matt.

  3. tonycat says:

    The excuse of “too big to fail or jail” is analagous to the following situation: A male serial killer, having killed many women for example. We cannot jail or execute him, because the size of his crime is too big. NOT!!!

  4. Lynn says:

    Told ya, NJ 2000 dollars that’s it!! I can’t even have it because I wasn’t kicked to the curb! So if you want your 2 grand, make sure you don’t short sale.

  5. Ali says:

    I am stunned that the AG’s even went into talks with criminals. When did they get to pick and choose whitch laws they are obligated to uphold? Didn’t they have to take an oath to uphold the laws that are on the books? Shouldn’t it be criminal not to do so? I did not have a say in any of this and am sure no one else who was fleeced of everything had a say in it. I think Eric Holder should be fired or resign and these AG’s should be made to uphold the law. If not tell us why? We deserve to know. We will never be safe from fraud in any other areas of our lives for sure now. The morgage broker who scammed us on our VA loan committed a federal crime and I am sure that we are not alone in the VA loan department. (see unsealed complaint in Atlanta) I am so disheartened to see this happen. Do we have any recourse. I have found that there hasn’t been a clear title on our house for the last three owners, who still get mail at my address (from investments, no doubt) Why shouldn’t we recieve any money from investments made from our house? How come there wasn’t a proper investigation and audits to find out how deep the rabbit hole really is? Morequestions then answers! It appears we will never have a clear title and no incentive to improve the property, no incentive to landscape or paint. Just stuck in a house that was sopposed to be our dream house(even if it’s almost 100 yrs old) Our first house, so many plans for it and now right down the drain. Where’s The Constition, and our Property rights on the state level and the Federal level? How could our President of the United States allow this travesty of justice.Does he even know that he has lost millions and millions of votes? Does he not want to be re-elected? Was it his goal to do as much damage as he could in four years as possible? Where’s the outrage from our fellow citizens? Everyone must know someone or be related to someone who this has happened to! Where’s their outrage? Where my local law enforcers on this subject?

    • Igor says:

      Ali, A blogger described how he inherited a house from his parents, They built the house in the 1960’s, and payed it off in early 1990’s His wife’s ex husband began to receive mail at this guys house as the owner of it! The wife’s’ ex husband had apparently taken out a loan on this house, and erased the owner, and created the appearance of being married to his ex wife. He stole her ID as evidenced on her credit reports, and created many false ID’s from it. Her credit report showed many false addresses, and alternate social security numbers and date of birth. He apparently used some very advanced methods to reverse some of the information, as reflected on databases to cover conceal his fraud(s) Because of this guys lawyer and his ‘job’, and who he works for, no one would touch it. No lawyer, no one. Apparently, there is a connection in this case and yours. from what I was able to put together of his postings going back a while.

      • Igor says:

        This ‘loan’ was not reflected at the court house, which drove the owner to learn how this thug pulled it off. The owner stumbled into a rabbit hole, that apparently brought him to the issue of double books at the court house, or MERS before he knew it existed. Things apparently got real difficult for him in his personal life when he began to further dig. This mortgage fraud racketeering has many levels of horror for many people who are ‘silenced’ in some form.

  6. readdocs says:

    No no! The folks in congress own (pwn’d) us all!

  7. lvent says:


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