Matt Weidner | The $25 Billion Attorney General Sellout Already Cost Taxpayers Billions (VIDEO)

He is mad as hell and ain’t gonna take it anymore!


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  1. Bloodsoaked says:

    Remember when comedians would poke fun at the polatians and we took it as the joke it was intended to be. Even thoe it maybe true we laughed at it. No one was threaten for poking fun. For Christ sake lighten up let us at least vent our frustrations with in reason and without fear. Just saying. You BIG BULLY. LOL

  2. David James says:

    It seems that Matt’s shock over what has happened in the mortgage fraud industry is only due to his failure to understand that we are now living in a “facsist state” wherein the banks, larg industry, and government are all ONE in the same.

    This is the reason, in a nutshell, why all this fraud goes unpunished and those who are involved only get rewarded.

    Poor Matt is “shocked”, but all he really needs to do is the best he can for his clients. Justice shall never be served. This is something we all need to realize. Government is not there to help the people, and Matt even said so in different words. So, he needs to wake up and quit living in a dream world where justice prevails and government serves.

    Proceed with caution Matt, and know that whistleblowers today wind up in prison eventually, or at very least they wind up being discredited and ruined.

  3. Imanda Waldon says:

    Mr. Wiender,
    I forwared this video to Senator Greg Evers. I used to work with Mr. Evers when he was the Chairman, YellowRiver Soil and Conservation District. I have been sending info waiting for a response. However, I did notice on one of your article comments that is calling out whistle blowers for one bank only. That is NOT FAIR! They indicate that they will get the info to a US Congressman. I took that as a possible personal venditta? There is so much room for error and fraud within the system. I hope it is never exposed that one of our Congressmen or Congresswomen (elected officials) get a free house nor their kids. However, they will probably be the first to get a principal reduction. There needs to be a close eye on this one.

  4. Bloodsoaked says:

    We do not need an election. The entire GOVERNMENT AND THE BAKING CARTEL NEED TO BE PERMANENTLY EXPELLED from office. This cannot be fixed. The military leader’s need to be ready to stand against the traitor’s within and be ready to defend it’s people and country. Only a revolution will stop this craziness. The Military have an obligation to it’s people to defend against any FOE. THE PEOPLE IS WHY THE MILITARY EVEN EXIST! The Government doesn’t want to prosecute anyone because they would have to prosecute them self’s They are behind the mask’s. We need Ron Paul and Jessie Ventura in the front seat. And the African American 5 star GENERAL that be leaves in our Constitution with good old American Value. ( Sorry I can’t remember his name for God sake I will have to do some Googling to find out unless one of you know of whom I am speaking? Please Post his name so I will not forget it again). IVENT WHARE ARE YOU CAN YOU HELP ME ON THIS ONE?

    • jaclyn says:


    • lvent says:

      Bloodsoaked..I am here..You know that I agree with you on all of that… I am limited to what I am being allowed to say right now…so you will have to take over for me for now…!! I hope this comment reaches you ……Please keep it up…you are doing a great job..!

      • Bloodsoaked says:

        Who has put the muzzle on you Ivent? You said you would never stand for that. I miss all the capital letter’s shouting it out from the roof tops. You get it! I get it! And they need to get it! Is this site censoring you now? WELL THAT’S OK MY DEAR IF THEY DON”T START YELLING IT OUT LOUD NOW. THEY”LL BE YELLING IT OUT THROUGH THE FENCE OF THE FEMA CAMPS MWAH HA HA HA HA! YOUR ARE A TRUE PATRIOT

      • To Tell The Truth says:

        I VENT…are you serious? WOW..perhaps the owner of the site4 also got censored by the powers that be? Sometimes I wonder if it is a set up to see what we are all saying? I hope not but I do believe there are others reading this site and not liking what we are saying or how much info we are imparting to each other.

        When I listen to the issues the campaign on both sides are arguing, I just know that social issues should top the list as it affects the economy on every side…it is the systematic breakdown of our society and social issues and religious rights and disrespect of our founding fathers that this nation is on the downward slide…if we would keep our constitution and our social and spiritual issues at the forefront then we would not be having this problem with unethical banksters, politicians, etc…go figure…the state of the economy is a result of all this….

      • Bloodsoaked says:

        Well you never no theses day’s Ivent. Anything is possible. Nothing I say is intended to be a threat to anyone just an observation and an opinion to what I see is going on. They don’t take accountability. And when we speak out to just vent to show our disapproval they want to label us as a combatant. I hope that I am wrong and they will do the right things and restore faith in the Government and I support the Government when they start correcting the mistakes that the corporate controller’s have made. I hope it doesn’t have to come to a full blown revolution. That will not be good for anybody. I pray and hope they come to their senses and stop the Madness. I don’t care about money. They can have it all. I just want to be allowed to think and have my own free will and freedom live with modest means and have my rights protected as a human being. What the hell’s wrong with that? Doe’s anyone disagree with me here?

      • lvent says:

        @Bloodsoaked…Kudos Patriot..! There may have been some who knew they were blowing up a bubble with the real estate like those houseflippers but, the majority of us did not buy a house with the intention of any such a thing..and in the case of our refi we only took out some of the equity we paid into it..and the fraud that they committed our of that alone…is case ending for them….We have been in our house for 19 years and never missed a house payment in 27 years…10 in our first home and 17 in our current home…The problem here is the real players in all of this just have too many secrets to keep..and alot of those secrets were never meant to be revealed…..This is basically all about Greed on a lot of levels..National Sovereignty under the U.S. CONSTITUTION and the U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS and the RULE OF LAW will prevail..!

  5. DB says:

    Thank you Matt. Need tough, mean attorney, from Occupy Dallas area, that can help me go after them, the question is can homeowners still sue for fraud & predatory lending with setllement. Already, filed lawsuit.
    Corruption & abuse of power will never stop, but we all need to fight, so some of us can survive. We have got to do all we can.

  6. lvent says:

    Right on Matt…! I just saw another awesome interview on RT News with Wall Street broker/dealer Peter Schiff…Mr. Schiff put the reason why there have been none of the proper corrections made to date by the U.S. GOVERNMENT in regards to the finacial crisis in a nutshell…Mr Schiff said the reason why is..’GOVERNMENT POWER IS UP FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER.”

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