Random Sign | Lisa Epstein for Clerk of Court

Someone just sent in this photo. It’s starting already…

Talk about supporters…

More to come…



7 Responses to “Random Sign | Lisa Epstein for Clerk of Court”
  1. incognito123 says:

    WE THE PEOPLE will take back some of the Clerk’s Offices, State Representatives, and State Senators, starting with Lisa in Palm Beach!!! IT CAN BE DONE!!!

  2. Kathleen Burt says:

    You go girl! You’ve helped so many people understand heir documents, improving their chances at saving their homes. I hope you win, then go after MERS! More clerks need to do that.

  3. mj says:

    Lisa…You are my (S)hero too. I would have been lost, and home stolen w/o you. You would make a GREAT Clerk of Courts. The best in the world. I am in Oregon but I look forward to contributing to your campaign. PLEASE post where I can do that. To para-phrase Shakespeare’s Othello….”You will find great love in Oregon…you have many friends here. ”
    Thank You

  4. Giglio says:

    Hello the HERO’s are the people who have own and up kept there homes, there lawns, there sidewalks, remember possession is 9/10 of the law of ownership. So stay put! Know as far as the so called President he is trying desperately to get you into the cow corral (dependent on government help) if you agree to the MASTER then you are the SLAVE! We are the human being with souls we are not the Dictators to the people. Call your Congressman and ask him/her for one lawful dollar, for your assistance per week, and in exchange do something to help one another, and help them understand what ONE NATION UNDER GOD means. You are the Hero’s of this land. Then ask your local government what are they doing for you the people, as you are they payer what are you getting in return for these tax dollars, income tax, sales tax, gasoline tax, cigarette tax, alcohol tax, parking fees(yes that’s a tax), property tax, real estate tax, just to mention a few, there are more and more taxes that if you read your bills you will start to understand, that the governing is actually on your money, the dictators are asking you very politely for more and more tax dollars until you break. So standup and be heard you are the Hero’s risking your life to save the WORLD. So your the only ones that can stop this foolish game of getting more tax money for the Dictators. A Dictators enacts against the people for there good not the good of the people. So call your Congressman and tell them to take back our Country, to start a WAR it takes an ACT OF CONGRESS to approve the war not a President without the CONGRESS we are know in our third war without the CONGRESS APPROVING!!! WHY??? DO NOT BELIEVE ME LOOK IT UP FOR YOUR SELF AT THE LIBRARY! Is there a reason, or an agenda behind what is going on? That is why your loosing your homes to fake FIAT backed Banks. Your money has on the first line FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE (that’s a debt instrument ) so your Mortgage is also made with fake money, backed by WHAT??? Good Luck

  5. Ali says:

    I was so lost about all of this until I found you!!!! You would make a great clerk of the court. If I lived in FLA. you would certainly have my vote. Alas I am stuck in Illinois were everything is fraudulent Best of luck to you guys, God Speed!!!!!!!

  6. scarednearlystiff says:


  7. Carlos Dehesa says:

    The people of Florida should recognize this hero.
    God bless you and so your team.

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