Lee Camp | How To Stop Ourselves From Being Destroyed From The Inside

Explicit Language so Viewer Discretion Advised

There is a virus destroying us from the inside. Why would let it grow? Why would we foster and nurture it? [More at www.LeeCamp.net]



One Response to “Lee Camp | How To Stop Ourselves From Being Destroyed From The Inside”
  1. lvent says:

    I agree with Lee..Stop participating in this corporate Monopoly game of fraud…These crooks have used all of our wealth to create their Monopoly game and now are using our wealth to destroy US and steal OUR country…It looks like many are waking up. My local news reported the lowest voter turnout in Illinois in 60 years…In one County only 20% of people showed up to participate in the 2 party scam job. The MSM media did not report this.. I, for one will write in my choice in November, whoever that may be but, it certainly will not be either of the 2 “choices” they want to give me..Also check you local voting laws because some States like Fla have banned write in voting and that is unconstitutional and illegal my friends..!

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