Rachel Maddow | Jeff Thigpen – Standing up to banks, putting who-owns-what back in order (VIDEO)

In a TRMS exclusive, Rachel Maddow reports on one North Carolina town standing up to the big banks that destroyed the housing market and the lives of many local families with foreclosures that may turn out to be fraudulent.



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  1. Bill says:

    God Bless you Rachel. What ever you need to do PLEASE stay on top of this. I, like MANY, MANY others have been literally losing their minds over this “Activity”. Stay tuned, much more to come.

  2. foreclosureweary says:

    Lisa and Michael–you were the forerunners of the movement that is now on a snowball roll–the banks can’t stop it–WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!

  3. The audit your loan docks was thrown out some time ago by some courts, the deceitful manner if which they lead the homeowners on, losing all cash, properties in the quest to save ones homes! HA! Lies all of them! If you can be thrown out in the street in the Golden State of California, God help those of you living somewhere else you don;t stand a chance, and have you looked lately? most of your neighbors have already moved on and purchased the same home at 25% cost of original, first time buyers need not have SKIN In The GameA(ha!cash down) if you were a prior homeowner and worked all of your life, well boohoo! haven;t paid anymore on your mortgage have you? Good luck with that defense! Get your families together, make a plan, you need to move on, they are not going to help you, nothing fixed will be in your favor and when you, have another mishap you will be the first one they dump on!!! Sue the lender very funny! I have a whole book! good luck! maybe a law student with nothing else too do, still takes monies to file??

  4. At one time 3 banks/Countrywide/Bank of America/Wells Fargo all loans sold to Federal Housing, then foreclosed on??? After trying all programs, qualified for their programs didn’t matter!!! waiting on third foreclosure, will be in the street! they are all llars and the attorneys that offer to sue the bank? just who are they kidding, no one has enough money/time to sue the banks, beside they are above the law!! God Bless those of you going through this, it is incredibly stressful and there is no where to turn!

  5. Could you advise us on the type of audit the Independent Foreclosure Review will do and what we should point out? should I point out transfer of taxes? I live in the state of California. Thanks for your help.

  6. fraudfinder says:

    I agree, Tee….the title of this post section is so appropriate because the real character and name of the criminal “Player” at the table at the heart of the fraudclosure and the state of the economy is unfortunately, our federal government via Fannie/Fannie, etc…..as well, the state of our economy is the result largely due to the creation of the bogus mortgage-backed securities by players inside the federal government, the rush to securitization of the securities and the puposefully complete and utter failure of the proxies of Freddie/Fannie (whether Big Banks or otherwise) to properly document the securitization process. This fraudclosure fiasco devastating the economy of our country is purposeful manipulation of the entire monetary system by those who own and run the monetary agencies of the country.

    This fraudclosure tsunami is purposefully engineered from beginning to end by those who stand to profit from such a fiasco…..as the old saying goes: “follow the money.”

    This fiasco fand fraudclosure fiasco is a crime scene. It should be treated as such even if there are major fenderal government players as culprits.


    Oakland County v Wells Fargo Bank as intervenor for Defendants Fannie, Freddie and FHFA UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF MICHIGAN SOUTHERN DIVISION Case No: 11-12666


    Oakland County as intervenor plaintiffs with Michigan AG and DOT v. Wells Fargo as intervenor for Defendants Fannie, Freddie and FHFA, loses and they are held liable for Transfer Taxes. This ruling will lead to hundreds of counties across the country to sue and collect on hundred of millions of dollars in lost excise taxes!

  8. Tee says:


    This Bank (ONE WEST) WONT adhere to giving any help to their victims…when your in their web, they WILL FORECLOSE……………DON’T BELIEVE A WORD THEY TELL YOU!!!!!

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