Facing Eviction from Foreclosure, Roswell’s ‘Chicken Man’ Presumed Dead After House Explosion (VIDEO)

Roswell’s ‘Chicken Man’ Presumed Dead After House Explosion: MyFoxATLANTA.com

ROSWELL, Ga. – A Roswell man who fought to keep chickens on his property is presumed dead after an explosion rocked his home on Monday. Authorities said Andrew Wordes, who became known as “The Chicken Man,” had fallen behind on his mortgage payments and was facing eviction after several code violations landed him in jail.



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  1. sausan c says:

    I read that he had other livestock on his property. I’m not too familiar with this case, but I did live in Roswell, GA. I really enjoyed the neighborhood and would not want to be a neighbor of the guy with the livestock. I should think his neighbors complained, and it was against zoning laws.
    Also, he was free originally to move to the county area where such actions are permitted.
    Remember, there are two sides to every story.

  2. Bobbi Swann says:

    What that sheriff and his deputies did was wrong, wrong, wrong! I hope they all never have a moment’s night of rest! They should have stood up for the citizen (this man) for whom they were elected to PROTECT! Shame on you Sheriff and Shame on you all your deputies! No one should have to lay down their life to preserve their home and rights. Rest in Peace as you are already in a much better place Mr. Wordes.

  3. DolleyMadison says:

    I hope our Government is proud of what it has forced upon the citizenry. Enjoy those 30 pieces of silver, ya’ll!

  4. James says:

    This is a sad, sad story. Only those who have been under the stress of foreclosure can understand the devastation and the emotional distress involved. And only those who have had a pet chicken can understand his attachment to his chickens. I had a pet rooster when I was a kid. George did tricks and “watched” TV with me. Sometimes he would perch on the rail of the fence to see the TV through the picture window of our home. When I came outside, he always came to sit in my lap and he followed me wherever I went. He was genuinely a pet.

    I suspect that this distressed homeowner found comfort in his pets throughout the foreclosure process. He likely had little hope of caring for them elsewhere after eviction. The human toll, of course, is unmatched, but having to give up loved pets can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in times of high stress. Many foreclosure pets have found their way to a special web page at the Humane Society in my city, as families have been forced to leave them behind. The Humane Society, already stretched for funds and space, is bursting at the seams with foreclosure pets needing homes. Having to part with pets is not the highest concern in foreclosure, but it is often part of the equation and worthy of consideration.

    The emotional distress inflicted on homeowners in foreclosure is akin to events leading to post traumatic stress disorder and irrational behavior. I considered myself completely sane before the foreclosure started, but the emotional weight and disappointment are nearly unbearable at times. The closer I get to trial, the less I’m able to make good decisions and face the future with any kind of hope. Mr. Wordes…I understand.

    May he rest in peace. Finally.

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