Palm Beach County Foreclosure Fraud Court Watchers to Start Attending & Observing Hearings!

From Occupy Palm Beach:

Palm Beach County continues to be a national center of foreclosure fraud and, in response, the OPBC GA has approved two projects. Occupy the Courts will have foreclosure fraud court watchers attending hearings to observe and draw attention to our bankster-dominated legal system. Occupy Our Homes will assist homeowners in foreclosure–through Occupations, community organizing and protests (including at banks), connecting individual fights with systemic problems.

Saturday’s GA in the Cultural Plaza in Lake Worth will start at 11. Along with short committee reports and other items, we’ll talk about how to implement Occupy the Courts and Occupy Our Homes. We’ll be looking for volunteers to carry out these projects. If you want to volunteer but can’t attend on Saturday, go to, log in and leave a message.

The Cultural Plaza is on the east side of M Street between Lake and Lucerne Avenues in downtown Lake Worth between City Hall and the Library. There’s lots of shade and grass and plenty of parking. Bring a folding chair if you’d like. From I-95, take the Sixth St. exit east to M Street, then left (north) to the Cultural Plaza.


6 Responses to “Palm Beach County Foreclosure Fraud Court Watchers to Start Attending & Observing Hearings!”
  1. Katheryn says:

    If there could be watchers in each and every courtroom in which a hearing and or trial is taking place would go a long way in turning the tide of rulings according to the laws rather than the banksters. What is even better would be to have a centeralized depository of the information, kind of an “LPS” for those getting screwed, wherein the information could be available to everyone, including reporters. My motion to compel discovery was ruled in my favor and I just received their “better” version of answers to Interrogatories as well production of documents. Although one step better than the first, they are still a joke. So I am preparing a judicial notice, wherein I am attaching a plethora of cases and rulings of all similiar allegations to submit with another motion to find them in contempt for still not answering basic information such as they don’t know if so and so is employed here or ever was and they are still working on finding out….Right. I found Katherine Masto’s amended complaint very concise and very detailed with support documentation as good guide to follow. Each person’s case may be a little different, but you must be able to show a judge consistent and unquestionable easy to understand facts. The best thing you can do also is to impeach them every opportunity and show and allege in writing that they are not being truthful. The more times you can keep demonstrating to a Judge through any type of motion or memorandum of law, how much they outright lie, the more compelled a judge is to try and even up the playing field a bit. BoA’s attorney in my case accuses the Judge of liking pro se litigants better and that I am gettng an unfair advantage. I use these kinds of statements to my advantage. As I also put in my motion to compel, BoA is deparate and has no defense so they are wasting the court’s time with their lame pointless response motions. Just my 2 cents worth and I know som judges will rule for the banks period. Appeal.






    • Robert Hunt says:

      Margetta Langlois, if you’re still out there,I’m going through this fraudclosure garbage right now in Pasco County! I’ve been before three judges so far, the most frequent is Judge Cobb, who has held TWO ex-parte hearings with bank attorneys and taken action against us on the case both times! How can I contact you??? We need to collect all the people dealing with this trash in Pasco County and compare notes and gather facts!

  3. J. Alonzo says:

    Go for it. Every little bit helps.

  4. Pamela Edwards says:

    I agree with JJ maybe if they know we are watching them they will be less likely to rule in favor of the banks.At least this way they’re held accountable to some degree.Let’s hope this works.

  5. JJ says:

    YAYYY !!!! Finally we are ready to show our power to the Courts .. and the most powerful way to do it is to show up in the peoples Courtrooms (they belong to us, you know) .. the real true crime scenes .. injustice cannot stand up to scrutiny .. what a message we will send to Judges when they see us there .. when they see us watching and observing them .. holding them accountable .. Thanks so much to all who are making this possible .. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU !!!!

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