Matt Weidner | Don’t Insult the Mafia or Drug Lords by Calling Banks Organized Crime…

Don’t Insult the Mafia or Drug Lords by Calling Banks Organized Crime…

I keep having clients try to convince me that we should be calling the banks Organized Crime organizations and treat them as such, but we should not insult the comparatively honorable members of the world’s Organized Crime Families, La Cosa Nostra and all that. The fact of the matter is the banks are not anywhere near as organized or ethical as the mafia or drug lords. I know a bit about both and while they are probably bloodthirsty and savage, they play by a set of rules. One thing for certain, if you were making your protection payments to the mafia, they would not come kicking down your doors and breaking your knees. The banks on the other hand play by no rules and are perfectly happy to take your money while at the same time coming to kick down your doors and pursue breaking your knee caps….through the perfectly savage forum known as foreclosure courts.

And if they come to kick down your doors, take your property or throw you into the streets and harass you….whether you’re paying or not, they’ll just pounce on you with gangs of attorneys. Rather than beat you savagely with bats, they’ll make your life hell (and the life of your pool man, contractor, plumber) with depositions, subpoenas, hearings and other attacks.

Make no mistake, the banks have become far more ruthless and savage than organized crime ever became….and they are doing so with the explicit consent and approval of our nation’s court courts.

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4 Responses to “Matt Weidner | Don’t Insult the Mafia or Drug Lords by Calling Banks Organized Crime…”
  1. withament says:

    Dear Matt Tabbi, Rolling Stone and what MILLIONS of Victims …… The Reality IS the Whole CON / PONZI is a Government Crime Spree ….. WAKE UP …. Like Derrrrrr …..

  2. readdocs says:

    You can retaliate. With your wallets.

  3. J. Alonzo says:

    This article is basically stating the fact that we are no longer a free nation. We are no longer an honorable country.
    We the sheeple are sacrificed every day while the banks do what they want. The banks are officially above the law. It’s fact! Are corrupt courts and politicians are controlled by the banks.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree, there are not organized, and they hired their co-conspirators, Select Portfolio, Richmond Monroe Group, Ocwen etc. to do their dirty work.

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