Occupy Raleigh Home Defense Against Illegal Foreclosure 2633 PEBBLE MEADOW LANE 4.9.2012 (VIDEO)

On 4.9.2012 Occupy Raleigh along with Occupy Greensboro, Take Back The Land, Save Our Homes, and Mortgage Fraud NC attempted to defend the home of a family illegally foreclosed on in Southeast Raleigh. This is a recap of the day’s events including the eventual arrests. IMPORTANT NOTES: This was not an attempt by Occupy to squat. This was an attempt to allow the family access to their belongings before they were trashed, and to hopefully allow them some way to stay in the home and/or bring attention to the reality of foreclosure fraud. Occupy’s assistance was in fact requested by the homeowner!




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4 Responses to “Occupy Raleigh Home Defense Against Illegal Foreclosure 2633 PEBBLE MEADOW LANE 4.9.2012 (VIDEO)”
  1. Javagold says:

    those idiots in blue, have no idea what they are doing …….dont let them take our homes any longer

  2. readdocs says:

    This up hill battle hasn’t really started anywhere….yet.

  3. mario kenny says:

    North Carolina will have to lose more than half of all their homes before the citizens do anything or realize that something should be done. This is an uphill battle and it has not really started yet in NC

    • Diane says:

      North Carolina’s judges and elected officials are and have been enablers of this massive fraud and bank extortion for years now. The banks along with the N.C. Bar Association own North Carolina. You cannot find an attorney to assist you in defending your home in this State; as I have been told by an attorney, it is an unwritten rule to stay out of foreclosure issues.

      This video is absolutely sickening to watch. The police aide and abet grand larceny at the highest level, arresting the victims and allowing the criminals to go free.

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