Lee Camp | You’re A Slave And Here’s Why (VIDEO)


The American people and millions around the world have been enslaved. Here’s how. [more at LeeCamp.net]



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  1. Ken Hansen says:

    Should we move our money out of credit unions too?

    CUNA General Counsel Eric Richard and NAFCU Fred Becker basically called on DeMarco with a warning that ‘the deadbeats would all default if we offered principle reduction.’ These guys are reading the Banksters memos. This insidious fake morality apparently doesn’t apply to deadbeat Banks themselves. Do Becker and Richard recognize that Banks have behaved criminally and with routine extreme moral hazard?

    • lies is all they tell says:

      there are ways to prevent that
      hello aplly for a modification and pay on one. right there proves somepne did not do a stratejic default but really wanted to stay in their home. wow they can not think can they.

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