And So It Begins… Sheriff Deputy, “Civilian” Shot and Killed in Modesto CA Over Eviction

“The suspected gunman was described as an Hispanic man in his 40s, 6 feet 2 inches tall with some type of military experience.”

God help us all.

This is not going to end well…


Stanislaus sheriff: Deputy, civilian shot and killed in Modesto

MODESTO, CA – Sheriff Adam Christianson confirmed a Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy and a civilian were shot and killed on the 2100 block of Chrysler Drive in Modesto Thursday morning.

According to Christianson, the deputy and his partner were serving an eviction notice at a four-plex when an individual opened fire, killing the deputy.

A neighbor a few doors down from the shooting said he heard three shots.

Whether the civilian accompanied the deputies, was in the home and/or was an innocent bystander wasn’t known.

Video’s below…







More to come as we get we get it…

UPDATE: The original report said it was a foreclosure but it now appears it may have been an apartment so it could of been a tenant in a rental.

This text in the original story no longer appears in the report…

The Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy shot to death in …. acquired by a new owner after being in foreclosure earlier this year.


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  1. Coral Kerr says:

    While my payments were still being accepted by Wells Fargo (America’s Servicing Company) Century 21, agent Lee Gifford at the Porterville office ( 878 West Morton Ave, Porterville, California -Jordan Link office) went into my home in an isolated, seasonal area of the mountains, in the forest and stole everything I own….including all of the artwork for contracted multi-media projects in the film and television industry. All of the animation software, completed original music tracks, sound equipment, custom easels (each costing over $1500)…..AND including the original illustrations I had done when I created the characters for the television show “H.R.PufnStuf”. The 1966 illustrations and design I had done that became “Witchiepoo”…all destroyed by Century 21. We were not notified by anyone and I was in regular communications with Wells Fargo…being assured that I was to receive
    “new paperwork”. When our hired caretaker who was to help make improvements on the interior and exterior of the cabin and grounds informed me that Century 21 had stolen everything, I called Lee Gifford, the Century 21 agent who’d stolen my possessions to plead for some information on where my 4ft.X5ft. oil paintings. and art materials were taken,if they were still somewhere….(original paintings I had done that had been published for movie promotion posters over the last 4 decades)…..Mr. Gifford never even returned a telephone call. Even my vital medical supplies and equipment,personal oxygen tank and all else…GONE.

  2. Just wanted to let all know that at this very moment they are reporting on FOx Buisiness News that “Wells Fargo” is do well in the mortgage department! These are the blatent lies that are being told to Americans , bowwers, and investors. What they don’t mention is ,”Good luck getting a clear title, and you do not own your new home, some investor on wall street does”. I have been seeing them move in and move right out in my neighborhood, I even had a chance to talk to a police officer investagating a break in at an emty house on my block, he told me there was a lot of break-ins lately. I told him it was prob the banks and explained why. He very interested in what I had to say in fact he was taking notes, he said he had a freind that this was happening to, and as soon as he got home he was going to look at his closing papers for a “min #”. So this just enforces my opinion that many people have been left in the dark about this evil plan to steel peoples homes without ever knowing what hit them, and it also proves that the banks and mortgage brokers are equal oppertunity offenders. They don’t care if its the police or our military, the tide is turning……..

  3. victor says:

    What makes you think this had anything to do with foreclosure at all? (Your post headline and tweet both said “And So It Begins… Sheriff Deputy, “Civilian” Shot and Killed in Modesto Over Foreclosure Eviction”).

    By jumping to these conclusions and feeding your readers false information you’re doing everyone a disservice. And cultivating a dangerous atmosphere, I might add.

    It’s a rental complex. And the guy was being evicted for not paying the rent. And for whatever reason, he decided he wasn’t going to go peacefully. So he shot a sheriff’s deputy and an unarmed civilian (probably someone from the landlord’s).

    The comments above are sort of unbelievable, really. But the way you rush to put it up here, and sort of tacitly suggest that it was “only a matter of time” (“and so it begins…..”) is really the height of irresponsibility. Especially given the on the edge nature of some of your readers to begin with.

    • Because the original report included this…

      The Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy shot to death in …. acquired by a new owner after being in foreclosure earlier this year.

    • leapfrog says:

      Wish I could double junk you, but 1 neg will do.

    • My heart goes out to the family of those whose lives have been lost. We knew this was coming, and since you didn’t notice, there have been many deaths and illness’ directly related to the crisis at hand. What crisis you may say? The stealing of folk’s homes for profit. The illegal ponzi scheme that is 70x worse then the S&L crisis, they got away with it then and they will not now. People will not allow this any longer. When they are denied their due process, and all the cards are stacked against them by preditory lenders, false appaisals, reps & warrenty’s, criminal ratings agency’s, underhanded underwriting, identity theft, notery fraud, complicent judiciary, mers, and last but not least the Banksters, wall street (who ever thought that gambleing peoples home away was a good idea?), and criminal mortgage brokers. That is what I call a stacked deck. That does not include the lack of law enforcement, and the lack of attorney’s to provide help to those who have been wronged by this illegal scheme, it also does not include the the mainstream media to accuratly report the news, to take the roof over one’s head without due process afforded to every single person under The Constitution of the United States of America. So who ever you are, please come out of the cave you are living in a open your eyes and find out why this is happening, this is not the first, many people have taken their own lives and have been stricken with stress related illness’s because of this massive fraud. If you are a troller or schrill for one of the above, I for one would
      like to tell you to take it on down the road. Remember “Karma”, and this debaukle will affect you and yours in some way as it affects everyone.

      • victor says:

        Shill? Troll?

        For what?

        For asking for a moment to take a breath when these horrible things happen before deciding (hoping?) that every horrible twist in the news cycle must somehow be connected to the foreclosure crisis?

        For thinking that perhaps – perhaps-it’s not the best idea in the world to hint that armed revolt is our only recourse?

        For wishing that maybe we could have discourse without always having to adhere to an agenda?

        Forgive me.

      • victor says:

        I’d just like to say that I was mistaken. It turns out that the apartment was, in fact, in default on both a mortgage and homeowners association fees. It was owned by the shooter’s father, and upon his death it passed on to the shooter and his sister (who, it seems, was afraid of her brother). The shooter seems to have been a paranoid and heavily armed guy who was convinced that everyone was out to take the apartment away from him, for years, predating the family’s mortgage problems, and was poised to snap.

        In any case, I stand corrected, and am never ashamed to admit when I’m wrong.

        I still think it’s important that we all take a breath before jumping to conclusions, and that we try to move down this road with something close to calmness if at all possible.

    • woodknotgo says:

      There are many details still unknown-
      How do you know for sure FC was not part of the reason for this stand off ?
      Many Renters and Tenants get caught up in the FC mess, all the while the current Owner goes through the FC process and collects rent from them the entire time & tenants/renters are thrown into the streets !
      I have a close friend with a Lease/Purchase Option Contract-been paying rent for years thinking he was Buying his residence. He will have to go to court to fight for his residence just like the “owner” that leased to him.
      4closurefraud posts news and keeps us informed and up to date-he is not trying to incite or cause more stress for anyone.
      Next time you should have more facts-before you critize others and call them irresponsible.

    • Have to agree with Victor! For all we know, the police may have let their guard down because it was an eviction and they may have walked in on a drug manufacture house? You never know. They may have walked in on a mental case who would have taken out the garbage man if he arrived first? Until the facts are examined and posted, it is unwise to make any assumption.

  4. WhatSignature says:

    Condolensences to the families. Violence is not the answer and this is so tragic. But, until our local law enforcement agrees to protect the CITIZENS instead of the banks this will probably continue to happen.

  5. zurenarrh says:

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

  6. lies is all they tell says:

    i am an american jew and my great grandparents were both in auchvitz, obviously they made it and were able to move to america. but they both bore the tatoos the jews were given when arriving at the concentration camps. i beleive my weight problem all my life stems from the starvation they endured, we had a large family in brooklyn ny with always alot of food around. so this runs deep for me. this is starting to sound alot like hitlers germany. since the banks have been given free rein to steal our homes and our government has chose to do nothing its a free for all. our governemnt paid police departments are going to homes and evicting for the banks. they are doing the same thing the SS did for hitler. taking my family from their homes in poland and austria. evicitng them from their home to be sent to death. why do our police continue to help the banks when they know that they are stealing our homes. we did nothing to cause this. wells fargo put me in a stated income loan even though i had been working for 19 years. not including taxes and insurance to approve loan and using gross instead of net. and when the economy tanked and we lost our home equity and could not sell our houses we are finding foreclosures luming although we all tried desparatley to obtain mortgage modifications only to have our paper work lost and be told eventually not to pay our mortgage because they could not take our application for a hamp loan until we were in default. essentially stealing our homes. horrible stuff people. stay in your homes fight your foreclosure keep what is ours.

  7. javagold says:

    it had to happen sooner or later……we are at war …..hope it truly is the beginning

  8. tee says:

    feel bad for all….there will be a lot more of it I’m sure. I wonder if the civilian was a bank rep ? hmm probably not, bankers would hide while others do the dirty work.Sad situation……

  9. There is no real story here yet? Who shot who and why is not established by the video. The shootings may have nothing to do with the reason that the deputy was at the home. Until other facts are known there can be no blame game.

  10. talktotennessee says:

    Passion runs high and people feel violated in these sales and evictions for which they have no help or control. I think of it as an attack and others probably do too, carrying it a little further than protesting but protecting what they consider their home ground. This is sad for all and those who loved those who lost their lives. I feel he blood is on the banks hands and also on our government’s hands fro not helping people when they can bail out car companies, big banks, other countries, fund wars and pay to rebuild war torn countries but fail to help their own at home. I am angry too at t he unfairness of what is happening in our country. Big banking bonuses, foreclosing and selling REOs for 40-50% of the loan value yet won’t write down a principal dollar to help a homeowner keep his dream.
    There will be a special place for the greedy capitalists that feel they owe their brother nothing while they scam from the government. Looking at comfortable Washington, making money by representing the people, enjoying their benefits, health care, all paid by taxpayers or lobbyists.
    No, I wouldn’t take those extreme steps but I can see why the anger is there so great that one would!

  11. robert wade says:

    i live less than 20 minutes away and sorry for all the victims as well as the person barricaded in the home. my prays go to all involved. it makes me sad that this is done in my country that so many have defended. home owner is constitutional right for its citizens and should not be with held by the egregorious people in powerful govt. everyday i question what is going on in washington and where is there morals and conscious leading all citizens of america. they dont even realize that this is eroding even there own positions. god bless america . bob……………….

  12. Charles Cox says:

    It’s been coming for a long time and wait…it will get a lot uglier before getting better.

  13. Yes, and AND SO IT BEGINS…….This was doom to happen sooner than later.

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