Are Banks in Trouble? Bank On It. [infographic]



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  1. Rocketman says:

    Bank Transfer Day sent banks a message that consumers have had enough. Yet, banks don’t seem to be to worried over 600,000+ customers taking their business to community banks and Credit Unions with an 11% overall drop in 2011. So, I feel, Exposing the Bad Banks across the Internet and launching a Bank Transfer Day, Ditch Your Bank, Dump Your Bank on the first day of each quarter will send them an even stronger message that if you F*** with us, the consumer, we will bring you down.

    On our web site, we expose all the dirty deeds we can muster regarding the corrupt policies of not only the top tier banks, but from every bank on our list and any bank referred to us.

    What banks don’t want home owners to know is that they actually make a huge profit on foreclosures which is why so many home owners including us, have not been able to get our bank to modify our mortgage to a lower interest rate. The way the laws are written, it was more beneficial for them to foreclose than to modify.

    These crooked Banksters need to know, we the people are not going to take this crap from them anymore and we will continue the pressure to downsize any crooked bank until it changes back to the founding principals of community based services or they will continue to decline.

    Credit Unions are community based financial institutions and growing more in one month’s time then they did in all of 2011. They generally offer better interest rates, no fees or lower fees, home loans lower than banks, 100% increase in customer service, pleasant people to work with and more. Show your bank the door, while opening a new door with your Credit Union. You won’t be sorry you did.

    exposebadbanks @

  2. Bob Sublime says:

    This is misleading. The banks should be differentiated by Big and Small, not just one agglomeration. The real issues are not covered in this “study.” The problem is that it is the Big Banks that are stealing people’s homes, not the small banks. The problem is that Glass-Steagall is still not reinstated, and the banks are srtill gambling with everyone’s money. This will not improve until we reinstate Glass-Steagall and separate the investment banks from the commercial banks. Demand it from your Congressperson! Until then, move your money from the big banks to a local bank or a credit union.

    • StuckinSoPa says:

      Gotta agree there. My “bank on the corner” knows me, gives me excellent service, It’s people go out of their way to advise me on the best plans and services. Its interest rates are crap, but who’s isn’t! I have all the credit union “perks” listed with no fees. Article should have differentiated between large and small banks.

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