REGIONS BANK v. PAULA ROBERTS | A Court Stands Up, And Boldly States… “Banks Should Not Just Break Into Homes!”

Matt Weidner | A Court Stands Up, And Boldly States…”Banks Should Not Just Break Into Homes!”

And for all you Constitutional scholars out there who will remind me that this protection refers to state action, I make the argument the banks have effectively become arms of the federal government….and especially when they come kicking down the door under the color of a foreclosure proceeding. It happens all the time….if police are called, the bank burglar asserts, “they’re in foreclosure”. If there’s a security gate, they tell the guard, “they’re in foreclosure!”

And for far too long, they’ve gotten away with this. But it’s time for all this to stop. It’s time for courts to reign in the banks, to uphold the law, to protect the most fundamental American property rights. Well finally one court has said something:

The Court:

I think that’s a pretty serious threat and to say that you are going to have somebody’s house winterized when it’s 80 degrees outside…

Unfortunately this is the third one I’ve heard this week on those kind of notices. And I don’t know which lenders or which servicers or who actually is doing it. I haven’t had the hearings on the other two, but from a general statement that this is the kind of action and context that is going on, I think it’s deplorable actually. And hopefully this is an isolated incident.

You can check out the post n its entirety with the full ruling here…


6 Responses to “REGIONS BANK v. PAULA ROBERTS | A Court Stands Up, And Boldly States… “Banks Should Not Just Break Into Homes!””
  1. Bill says:

    Yes, for sure; vote Democrat. Are you out of your mind?

  2. r stolte says:

    My two oversized dobies are trained to intervene only upon unwanted entry when we are not at home. We have other contingencies in effect otherwise. It was tempting to introduce them to the scent of banker stench, but that precaution has been unnecessary to date.

  3. r stolte says:

    talk to tennessee: You lost me when you introduced politics into this fraud. If you can’t escape your political idealogy, be prepared to lose it all. Unforunately this sick nation seems to be divided 50-50 by politics. Neither party is interested in anything but their own success. That’s what makes them both come up with all these lies that make it sound like they are for you. When was the last time either of these worthless wasters of tax dollars passed a law that benefitted the folks? Your mistaken views are a result of all the propaganda they’ve spent so much of our tax dollars on. No basis in fact! As long as we are divided we lose! Wake up finally!

  4. Beth A. says:

    Judge – it is happening everywhere! Even when they aren’t breaking in – they are trespassing and window peeping even when they know that the home is occupied. Our servicer’s subsidiary has done this – they keep coming on the property and they leave footprints in the snow from their peeping (they’ve been seen doing so from our folks watching the property when we aren’t there). So, I am a woman…often alone – in the middle of a rural area – where everyone owns guns because law enforcement is so far away. Next time I catch one of these bastards window peeping- he’ll find himself looking down a barrell. Mark my words. I have SO had it with this abuse.

  5. talktotennessee says:

    Only aggressive action in confronting these gestapo tactics works. Unfortunately many people in foreclosure have beat themselves up so long with their failures that they roll over and let this happen. I have seen many pack up, clean the house and cave in.. Then the house sits vacant one or two years and the city and community comes along and says you are responsible for this house, the yard, etc but you have no control over it. The broker management people are coming in, having their crews winterize and regularly inspecting the property, often logging in their visits and of course billing the lender (and investor) for these bogus fees. But hey don’t “own” it nor will they assume responsibility for it. The lender will write an excessive fire insurance policy on it but not care for it. People are being forced out and yet still responsible. Okay, when they foreclose, the REO broker comes along and liquidates the house after foreclosure and then the lender sells the ‘paper’ for the difference in liquidation price and mortgage and hounds poor borrower for years, often selling the paper off in a series of multiple hand offs, probably at increasingly lower value. These predators hound the former homeowner for years.
    Investors who bought these houses at liquidated prices, throw a little paint around and resell them for a profit at a price the lender, nor investor would give the original homeowner, who remains stuck with the “paper” loss supposedly sustained by the bank, lender, investor. Yet all are making money.
    Get angry, post your property to trespassers. Stay put, fight!
    Have no embarrassment for misfortune, loss of job, illness, death in family, reduced income, sick family member!
    Vote Democrat, the Republicans are solidly in Wall Street’s pocket! I know, I know, there is little difference but with one you know where you stand, with the other there may be a crumb of hope!

  6. David Robert says:

    – you have this Judges attention, I suggest you capitalize on it. If he/she thinks it is an “isolated incident” it is time to supply them with the facts and statistics that this is business as usual.


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