HSBC | Soldier’s Foreclosure was Illegal, Federal Lawsuit Alleges

“There is no excuse for a sophisticated, multi-national bank like HSBC to ignore these laws and foreclose on our soldiers’ homes while they are away serving our country,”


Soldier’s foreclosure was illegal, federal lawsuit alleges

Minnesota National Guard member lost his home while serving in Iraq.

Army Staff Sgt. Phillip Harry learned his house had been foreclosed upon and sold in a letter forwarded to him while he was serving in Iraq.

Harry, a member of the Minnesota National Guard, filed suit on Friday against his mortgage company, alleging the company violated a federal law protecting service members from losing their homes while they are deployed.

Reflecting a convergence of two major social issues: the home foreclosure crisis and the return of thousands of members of the military from Iraq and Afghanistan, attorneys for Harry are seeking to have the suit certified as a class action, saying hundreds of service members are likely to have faced the same situation.

The U.S. Treasury launched an investigation last year into 10 leading banks that may have illegally foreclosed on the mortgages of almost 5,000 members of the U.S. military, some of them activated to duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The suit filed in U.S. District Court in Minnesota accuses Illinois-based HSBC Mortgage Services of violations of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, signed into law in 2003 as a way of easing the economic and legal burdens on military personnel called to service.

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2 Responses to “HSBC | Soldier’s Foreclosure was Illegal, Federal Lawsuit Alleges”
  1. Melanie says:

    sure there is an excuse. THEY ARE THIEVES. LETS SEE. 5 times of money laundering and currently under investigation in 10 years? Ripping people off on every level. They when the heat starts hitting the bank, they sell their american assets……hhhhhmmmmmm thievery at their finest. Filing a lawsuit against them soon, and it won’t be for $283,000 they stole, which I provided proof of….

  2. Ali says:

    Not only did they foreclose on active duty soldiers but hey had their way with plenty of veterans who had Federal VA loans, I know, this happened to us. Our first house, we put $37,000 down, and we’re called the “deadbeats”. Who was waching thier backs while they crashed our housing market. Not only that they (The First Mortgage Corp.) according to the county land records have done the same to thousands of people and still to this very day, still are without impunity. Thats takes some balls. We’ll see who has their backs when the shit really hits the fan, and it will, we the people are fed up with making them rich while our guys are being blown up! Obama’s campaign of divisiness will not save him this time and congress can go to hell. We know where we stand with them. The ruined credit reports and stress related illness’, they have no morality or courage, so once again we the people are gonna have to lead the way outta this mess, and believe me WE WILL! So you moron’s who sat there calling us “deadbeats”, get ready, because we will never forget what you did, and we will fight back, we are getting stronger every day and your propaganda is not working anymore, we the people see our savings disapearing along with our pension funds and outrageous taxes, how long did you think you were going to get away with this! I have made it my lifes mission to expose you and you ilk for what you are, a brunch of theiving, greedy basturds who don’t care who you hurt. You look awlful small and should be ashamed of yourselves. But I’m not gonna worry about that, I am going to stand with the folks, who with their ancesteors built this country, founded on priciples that you don’t even know about .When those boys get home, to no jobs, no savings and their lives turned upside down, we will be there for them and boy are they gonna be mad when they see what you have done while they were gone, fighting for your sorry asses. Get ready because we have the Constitution of the United States!

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