Catch the Replay of Lisa’s Campaign Kick-Off for Clerk of Circuit Court in Palm Beach County (VIDEO)

The first 30 minutes is the meet and greet, not much to see there.

The kick-off actually starts at the 31 min mark if you just want to hear everyone speak.

Lisa was awesome!



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  1. CaitlinO says:

    I thought it was really sweet that she sent a hand-written thank-you note for our donation. She’s a classy lady.

  2. steve says:

    This sounds good but it will not work. The courts are part of the problem(s) and so are the clerks of the courts and the lawyers are just milking the rest out of the people. They are just feeding off the people like sharks. How can you enforce the courts when they are not enforcing the FRAUD on the courts. I lost everything in NY. My house was paid off in full and then someone took out loans. the first loan was for 100k. I knew nothing I found out when they forclosed on me and my family. Then they took out another loan out for even more the 2nd time. I wrote to the bank and they told me they could not help me because of privacy laws. Can YOU wrap your head around that!!! I went to the DA and can show you the letters they said they can not prove the case. No matter who I went to it was always my fault and I should have known. Someone stole my name and did all of this to me and my family. They made documents by fraud (Notary) The courts covered for the lawyers who now have become judges themselves and the judges became Superior Court Judges and then became Supreme Court judges Check it out in Westchester/ White Plains New York. I went to the FBI and have letters to prove all of this. I should have won this case HANDS DOWN. They had NO legal standings. Well tell me. I lost everything and now my family are homeless and I have 3 kids and one is artistic. I have nothing and I look in my kids eyes I just do not understand how these crooks can live knowing what they did to me and mine. This is not what my father went in the war for (WWII the greatest generation) who stole everything from the rest of us. In those days people took an Oath and it ment something. Now a days its a photo opt. The whole system is only for the powerful the rest of us have no RIGHTS.. If we did then NONE of this would have happened to ALL OF US. Do not tell me millions of people took out bad loans and refused to pay them back. My home was paid off I took out no loan. This was to distroy the country.

  3. Fed up says:

    I wish it was Lisa Epstein for Florida Attorney General— Pam Derelict Bondi has got to go!
    Good Luck Lisa!!!

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