Robo-Stamped | Michelle Sjolander Deposition Part Deux – Q. Have you ever personally executed any endorsements? A. NO

Robo-Stamped | Michelle Sjolander Deposition Part Deux | Q. Have you ever personally executed any endorsements? A. NO

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From the transcript…

Q Okay. Have you ever personally executed any
20 endorsements?
21 A My — with my — my personally placed a stamp on a
22 note?
23 Q Yes.
24 A No.
25 Q Have you ever assigned any endorsements personally?

1 A A wet signature on an endorsement?
2 Q You actually physically signed an endorsement.
3 A Are you asking a wet signature on an endorsement on
4 a piece of collateral?
5 Q I’m saying have you ever physically signed an
6 endorsement on an original note?
7 MR. TRINZ: Object to the form.
8 THE WITNESS: My stamp has been placed on collateral on
9 a note.
10 Q BY MS. LUNDERGAN: Okay. That’s not what I asked.
11 A Okay.
12 Q What I’m asking is have you ever physically –
13 A That’s what I was trying to –
14 Q — signed for a note?
15 A My wet signature has never been placed on an
16 original note. That is not common practice.

Did you ever supervise the department that endorsed
1 the collateral?
2 A No.
3 Q Okay. So you don’t have any first-hand knowledge
4 then of the endorsing of the promissory notes, do you?
5 A I have oversight to the — I have collateral
6 oversight in which I do ensure that the processes of the
7 collateral — I walk through and review them.
8 Q Okay. Can you explain to me what that means?
9 A It means I — the department does not directly
10 report to me, but I have insight to the processes and
11 procedures that that department does.
12 Q And where does your knowledge of the process and
13 procedure come from?
14 A Mostly from doing audits.
15 Q Okay. And when you say, “doing audits,” what does
16 that mean?
17 A I conduct a — every six months an audit of the
18 facility.
19 Q Okay. And were you doing audits of the facilities
20 back in 2008?
21 A Yes.
22 Q And are you still doing audits of the facilities
23 today?
24 A Yes.
25 Q And what is it you are looking for when you are
1 doing audits of the facilities?
2 A I ensure that the procedures that the GSE’s require
3 are in place.
4 Q And what procedures would those be?
5 A Those will be the procedures on All Regs.
6 Q Okay. And what, specifically, are you looking for
7 when it comes to endorsing a promissory note?
8 A That the endorsement is placed in blank.
9 Q Are you looking for all endorsements to be placed in
10 blank?
11 A The final endorsement is an open endorsement in
12 blank –
13 Q Okay.
14 A — or the — let me rephrase that.
15 That the endorsement chain is correct.
16 Q Okay. And when you are looking to see if the
17 endorsement chain is correct, what are you comparing that to
18 to make sure that it’s correct?
19 A I am looking at the note.
20 Q Are you looking at the original promissory note –
21 A Yes.

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Michelle Sjolander Deposition Part Deux

7 Responses to “Robo-Stamped | Michelle Sjolander Deposition Part Deux – Q. Have you ever personally executed any endorsements? A. NO”
  1. lies is all they tell says:

    i heard Joan M ills from wells fargo was deposed but her deposition is not on line yet

  2. zurenarrh says:

    She works at 4500 Park Granada Calabasas, CA. She says she is an employee of only Bank of America. Her name is not on assignments.

  3. Liz says:

    Do you know where this Michele Sjonlander is working (location) and whether she is “empolyed” only by BOA?
    Did she “endorsed” only the “notes” or assignments as well?
    Thanks and keep fighting.

  4. It amazes me how these depositions are done yet the courts allow for BS to continue with these people’s ‘signatures’. Just as Greg Allen admitted on a depo that he was not given verbal or written permission by MERS to sgin as VP. Yet the stealing of homes continues.

  5. zurenarrh says:

    Somebody depose Laurie Meder, the woman to whom Sjolander repeatedly passes the buck. That should blow this thing wide open. We now have two depos of Sjolander–we know she didn’t do any endorsements herself, nor does she know who did them. The “Recontrust has my power of attorney” argument is flimsy at best. Power of attorney can only be given to a natural person, not to a corporation. Sjolander keeps saying Meder would know, Meder would know. Somebody needs to find out what Meder knows while Meder is under oath.

  6. zurenarrh says:

    Email coming your way, Judith! This I gotta see. And according to Sjolander, she never signed or stamped any notes herself. The judge in my case didn’t think that made any difference, though. But it does!

  7. Judith McDonald says:

    Well as of 2011 she signed false mortgage note for Bank of America & Blank/Rome LLP law office sent me copies that are on line with other photos of documents of mine,,hope I am giving correct address to see.

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