Karl Case | The American Dream Of Buying A Home May Be Over (VIDEO)



4 Responses to “Karl Case | The American Dream Of Buying A Home May Be Over (VIDEO)”
  1. Why would you be willing to buy a home that nobody really knows who owns ? (clear tittle) and why would you want to buy a house and then deal with these abuse banksters for 30 years and get robed with unfair fees and charges?

  2. readdocs says:

    The only way to buy is with cash and only properties that have not been touched in
    the last 20 to 25 years. Everything else is suspect. I tell everyone to beware.

  3. These people are idiots in thinking people will buy homes in todays market. Why would anyone want to buy a home with all the fraudulant notes and corruption??

    • StuckinSoPa says:


      Prices are still too high for the average worker without creative financing, which is a death sentence in itself.. That financing is also next to impossible since the banksters will only loan to those who don’t need the money which rules out most Americans. Title concerns will keep those that can afford to buy out of the market as well, (that’s assuming that you are one of the slim percent that refused to buy into the madness of the last ten years, and actually have a functioning brain.) And least we forget, Japan’s housing market has declined, nationwide, for 22 STRIEGHT YEARS! AND THE FED IS FOLLOWING JAPAN’S GAME PLAN TO THE LETTER.

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