Matt Weidner | The 49 State Attorney General Mortgage Settlement – A Detailed Analysis of The EPIC SELLOUT of The American People (VIDEO)





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6 Responses to “Matt Weidner | The 49 State Attorney General Mortgage Settlement – A Detailed Analysis of The EPIC SELLOUT of The American People (VIDEO)”
  1. Virginia Supreme Court rules in favor of the homeowners for the first time since 2007-08!

  2. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    This SMELLS of a :SECRET PAYOFF” to: numbered Off Shore accounts; to Sell OUT Americans?
    The SKULLDUGGERY is UN-Paralleled, in the annals of History of CORRUPTIONS amongst: cAH Ba’als of Legal mercenary’s, insatiable greedy Lust for The Vida Loca!

  3. Anynomous says:

    Well done Matt Weidner – Thank you!

  4. Mark Bowen says:

    The fact is that the Court’s could shut down the fraud with immediate effect. The only reason the Banks are able to get away with it is because the Court’s allow it (and have become a part of it).

  5. Mark Bowen says:

    It’s great that Matt has the intestinal fortitude to make claims against the banksters and the federal government, but I have a question.

    If the banks have committed all of this fraud, why do the courts side with them 99% of the time even when a case is heavily contested. I’ve personally witnessed hundreds of acts of fraud, fraud on the court, and complicity in fraud by officers of the court (judges and attorneys in the state of Florida).

    The fact is, the entire legal system (and those that work within it), is just as guilty of perpetuating these crimes as the criminals that commit(ted) them. Just take one glance at our subservient AG, or a Supreme Court Chief Justice who issued a directional memorandum in Oct, ’10 to all Chief Judges demanding that they comply with the law, but who never follows up to ensure that they are. How about Senior Judges that even today are asking impertinent and irrelevant questions like “when did you last pay your mortgage” while a prima facie Sham Pleading is staring them in the face.

    The bottom line is this; if your loan was securitized, do not negotiate with anyone; demand legal discovery, fight the lower court as long as you can, then take it to appeal. Don’t forget to file a Counterclaim so they can’t voluntarily dismiss the case when it gets too hot for them. Question everything, including the intent of the judge that is supposed to adjudicate each case fairly and impartially by the rule of law (but will NOT). In fact, demand to see a copy of the representation agreement between the Plaintiff and their purported Counsel.

    Apply Fla.R.Jud.Admin.2.505 and Pasco County v. Quail Hollow not only to the unlawful appearance of any local attorney, but to all attorneys, including your own. If you sign an agreement with a “Law Firm”, that Firm is in violation of UPL (Fla.Stat.454.23)

    It’s time to take our Country, States, Counties and Cities back from all these crooks.

  6. Most pseople trust their government, and those in higher places left with the job of making important decisions to have the American citizens best interest at heartl. The more one learns about just what went on behind closed doors, the more distrust one develops. The foreclosure crisis continues. In California those waiting for a mortgage modification, and even those with a buyer for a short sell; are still foreclosed upon. Medical, loss of income, crappy loans whatever it is, since each case is different, the lenders continue to foreclose on homeowners, leaving them in stressful situations, 3 days notice, financial hardships trying to move!! Modifications that were never meant too work, it was always just about securing more funds from the homeowner is now left with nothing! OMG is this really the way we do things!

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