FloriDUH | Bridgewater HOA Rents Home it Doesn’t Own (VIDEO)



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  1. Allan says:

    Wow, you posters are really clueless. When you buy a home inside an HOA community, you also agree that you will get the benefits of what the HOA provides (community pool, community park, exercise room, lawn service, cable tv, security, electric and upkeep of the common property, etc.) If you stop paying your HOA dues, that’s a big problem for EVERYONE in the community. Your fellow homeowners have to pickup your portion of the bill. That’s not fair. And more importantly, that’s not what you agreed to when you purchased the house in the first place. The fact that the HOA is trying to get their money only helps all the other homeowners in the community and keeps the community viable. What happens to property values when the pool is green with algae, because there’s no money to pay the pool company? What is the condition of the community when 50% of the homeowners stop paying the HOA dues? Homeowners need to be responsible and the HOA has to collect what’s owed, for the viability of the entire community. Homeowners must live up to their financial commitments or accept that they can’t afford to be in that community, sell the house, pay what they owe, and maybe rent someplace else. This lady admits that she had renters, but didn’t pay what she owed to the HOA. So if I understand, the renters, not even the homeowners, are enjoying the amenities of the HOA community, and their neighbors get the privilege of paying the bills! That sounds wonderful to me. Who volunteers to pay my bills?

  2. The homeowner is no squash between the abuses comited by the HOA’s and the Banksters and then they wondering know why nobody wants to buy a house even if they can? are you kidding? WTF?

  3. readdocs says:

    It’s beyond me that anyone would deliberately sign away their property rights to a HOA or any other
    unknown person or entity. There’s a way to stop this, vote with your feet and your wallet.

    • Fury says:

      people have NOT signed away their property rights to condo and homeowner associations.
      these associations are acting illegally to seize property.

  4. Fury says:

    this is exactly the new scam in NYC – condo boards changing locks, stealing apartments and renting them out.

    it is illegal and they are committing this crime every day, here.

    they must be stopped!

  5. To Tell The Truth says:

    Just check out whio owns the HOA!!!! Many times it is the developer/owner/maintenance company a.ka.a the HOA . They are getting away with so much…manytimes the do a condo conversion then sell the so called updated units while at the same time they are a rental maintenance HOA ownded by the same developer/realtor/etc. So much more to be exposed. Time for a RICO class action suit.

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