Wells Fargo Gets White Powder and Menacing Letters “This is a reminder that you are not in control”

Banks Get White Powder and Menacing Letters In May Day Protests

Letters containing suspicious white powder arrived in the mail rooms of Manhattan banks as well as City Hall today as a series of May Day protests unfolded around the city.

Labor, immigration and Occupy Wall Street activists spearheaded the protests. May 1 is known as international workers’ day.

At least seven locations in New York City, primarily Wells Fargo branches, received menacing letters containing the white powder on Monday and today.

“This is a reminder that you are not in control,” said a message that arrived with the envelopes. “Just in case you needed some incentive to stop working we have a little surprise for you. Think fast you have seconds.”

The letter ended with a taunt.


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7 Responses to “Wells Fargo Gets White Powder and Menacing Letters “This is a reminder that you are not in control””
  1. Fury says:

    sending white powder is certainly not the answer to anything.

    Adbusters, a canadian consumer activist grou, started the occupy movement.
    it is a global movement.
    what is bad about that?

    the motto “We are the 99%” came from a new yorker named chris, who first used it on his tumblr blog.

    should xenopobia be allowed to derail global justice for people damged by the big banks, wall street and corporations?

    Pay it Forward.

  2. cloud97408 says:

    That’s terrorism…we can’t beat these basta*ds fair and square….I live on Earth.

  3. readdocs says:

    White powder and vague empty threats. Come on. And OWS? Have any of you looked up the
    backing for this movement? Which started by the way, in Canada.
    I guess none of you know what the motto Forward means either.

  4. David Robert says:

    Mailing anything that represents a harmful substance is not nor is it ever going to be the answer. In fact, it plays perfectly into the Bankers hands as they will use it to gain sympathy.

    Education is the answer, if you want to mail something then bombard those who do not know or understand the truth with the truth. Educate Judges, Law Enforcement, County Clerks, Attorneys, Bank employees, this will do more than you could ever imagine. The truth always works, the truth will set us free.

    What many of you have failed to recognize is many of these people do not know what you know, YES, they have been dumbed down, they have been lied to just like the rest of us. The Bankers cannot undue what they’ve done, they have gone to far, their own greed and stupidity has created the perfect storm to use education as the best and most effective weapon.

    How many of you know what the word “Mortgage” means? if you don’t then look it up….latin for Mortgage means “death pledge” start with that, it always WORKS, the Bankers told us to our face that if you want the American dream then sign a death pledge.

    There is no tooth fairy, there is no easter bunny, there is no santa clause, christopher columbus did not discover America and the Federal Reserve is NOT Federal and there is NO reserve. How many of us signed the paperwork for that American dream and did not read a word of it? and even if you did read it you did not understand it. Take responsibility for your part and use the truth to shove it into the Bankers faces.

    Everything a Banker does is predicated on a lie, our job is to shine a light on the truth.

    It’s simple people, don’t weaken our cause by doing stupid things and or giving these guys an excuse to make it look like they have been damaged. All the public will remember is a white power showed up at Wells Fargo and will negate all the good that was put forth in the movement today.

    What happens when you turn a light on a cockroach?

    Turn on the light people.

  5. talktotennessee says:

    dubious tactics even if not real and costs WF anxiety and not lives. Having said that, the media is tired of our banking fraud cries for help and it will take major events to get their attention. They no longer cover the shareholder meetings that are protested. There are no more hearings on the hill that I read about in the press. It is old news. To some extent the media controls what happens or reaction to what happens in our country It even shapes our opinion, or at least most of the opinion. I seem to be walking out of step most of the time but what I am saying is that it will take innovation and extreme measures, never life threatening, but creative to get the negative press that Wells and big banking needs right now.
    Remember, they have a big pocketbook and do a lot of positive advertising to counter their negative image. B of A does such sweet, feminine ads that I listen with amusement to the spin.
    Be Creative people, find a way to get attention. Maybe not Anthrax scares but believe me I do understand the desperation, anger and hatred that prompts these tactics. Violence and civil wars are bred from similar anger. We have a lethargic public of couch potatoes watching reality show where the men do little more than see the latest X-box game or Avengers, etc. We have so dumbed down America that it is unbelievable but then this is exactly where Wall Street and Corporate intelligence wants us to be, sitting home on the couch with our beer and guns waiting for a mythical socialist takeover!
    Sad. . . . .
    Our hope is in OWS/OCCUPY but then there is the Prez courting the students with promises to get their votes. Something Mitt wonders if he should have thought of first. All a bunch of panders for votes in an election of power where no one does anything for the people they represent!

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      I agree TTT: It is desparation out there but such tactics only feed the media to report that OWS is just a bunch of flagrant mobsters…not the vision anticipated to move the country toward a mroe positive position. I know as the anger keeps bubbling to the top I want to allow the rage to burst out and do something that would prove most enjoyable at the moment but for the long term would only create more harm. We must learn, then, to use that rage into a more palible format of education. It is going to be hard road to unwash the brainwashing that has occurred especially in the mainstream media. But…we also have to remember that mainstream media is funded by advertisers and a lot of their cashflow comes from the financial market with their “howdy dudy” ads. If we take the means (money) away we take the power away. Abolish the FED RESERVE; move your money (no matter how small) to credit unions & small community banks; write and send complaints to your attorney general and most importantly educate yourself on those who are running for office in the court system!!!!!

  6. zurenarrh says:

    False flag. Especially if they try to tell us it’s weaponized anthrax or something similar.

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