“Chicken Man” Update | City of Roswell Bullies Original Mortgage Holder, Andrew Wordes, into Selling Note to Phony Trust

Corruption of Andrew Wordes case deepens: City of Roswell bullies original mortgage holder into selling note to phony trust company

(NaturalNews) New details have emerged in the tragic case of Andrew Wordes, who died recently in his home after enduring more than four years of abuse and bullying from the City of Roswell in Georgia. Thanks to continued investigation of the case by Maggie West Bean of Examiner.com, it is now coming to light that Roswell officials may have put immense pressure on Mr. Wordes’ original mortgage holder to sell the mortgage note on his home, only to have it end up in the possession of a phony trust company that appears to not even exist.

In case you missed the original story, Andrew Wordes had been quietly and legally raising chickens in the backyard of his home at 335 Alpine Drive in Roswell when the City of Roswell decided to pursue and destroy him. After years of relentless harassment, torment, and threats, Mr. Wordes ended up dying in his home after it exploded on the day when county marshals came to forcibly evict him (http://www.naturalnews.com/035524_Andrew_Wordes_Roswell_chickens.html).

But it turns out that the entire eviction process was fraudulent to begin with, which is what was speculated by many all along. According to information recently uncovered by journalist Maggie West Bean, Dora Hardeman, the friend and landlord of Mr. Wordes who had long held the mortgage to his home, was basically pressured to sell her house to a man named Arnold Wall, who appears to have been used by the City of Roswell to get the note by any means possible.

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8 Responses to ““Chicken Man” Update | City of Roswell Bullies Original Mortgage Holder, Andrew Wordes, into Selling Note to Phony Trust”
  1. readdocs says:

    He died on his feet, and not on his knees.
    Does Roswell have lots of big trees?
    The good people who know to get something done right,
    they have to do it themselves.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Hey Readdocs – don’t quite get the infusion of “trees” in your post??? Hanging??? White robes and pointed hats?!! WOW!

  2. Kelley Monahan says:

    Thank you for following this story. It resonates for many reasons. In the 80s I lived in Roswell. I keep chickens, I have 25 Arrucana chicks right now. I am also the Register of Deeds in Grafton County New Hampshire. Good people must stand up and run for office…even if you have to swallow the bile in the back of your throat and declare one of the 2 parties to do so. We need to rip our country back town by town, at the local levels from the sociopaths.
    It is especially the small local races who the kings will be funding. Vigilance.

    • Fury says:

      they tormented this man and now he is dead because of it.

      many people raise chickens now.

      my friends in berkeley say that many of their friends raise chickens for eggs. they also have their own
      vegetables gardens. it helps keep costs down and they can control their food.

      it is all part of the urban gardening movement.

      who knew it could be a death warrant?

      i agree with you, that we need to take back our country through local means.
      the register of deeds are critical to stoppng the fraud.

  3. Star says:

    Hell is going to be very crowded!

  4. Bobbi Swann says:

    And it continues….on and on and on…from city government to state to federal. It’s a non-stop freeway of fraud, corruption and deceit! People…vote these people OUT! Call your attorney general office and DEMAND action. Otherwise, this will continue until we have no freedoms left and no constitution. If anyone ever listend to IVENT (and god know’s why she is no longer posting on this site) you should already know the plan was put in place a LONG time ago…we have been sleeping at the helm whilst the crimminals are stealing our country!

    It’s a shame…this article is basically about bullying….and that’s exactly why IVENT left this site. In her insight she brought to light the many facts about the real purpose going on in this country; and yet, there were others who just could not put aside that she was forging her facts out to the public…bullied her to the point that she no longer posts on this site. Well, I, for one, hope those ‘bullies’ get their due so as the same in Roswell, GA.

    • banksterslayer#301 says:

      It’s all about “bullies” now.Sociopathic is the new norm.I have not a lot of tech skills,not my strong suit.IVENT actually took time to address me,personally,when I 1st discovered this site.I can not bear to repeat all the grisly details but know this,I AM literally surrounded by”bullies”.Illegal discharge of firearms?Oh well,we can do it because we are blah blah blah.Actually they are going to court and I won’t venture to guess.Having been inside,in the shower,when the decision by this”neighbor’ was made to kill a Mother raccoon on”my” roof.Other side”QUOTE,verbatim:”My girlfriend is related by marriage to a Congressman,maybe HE can find some law to MAKE you cut down these trees…”Off topic/Not really.You see,it is the”bullies” who are in power.Lives will end prematurely as some of us have nowhere to turn.The country is in the pits of moral decay and the sadistic voyeurs that”think” they are”winning’ will soon be seen by some,not all, for what they are but in the MEAN time..yeah.I am sorry to hear that Ivent was driven off;that is what the fuckers do(supposed to apologize for my crudeness I suppose..well,not going to today…that IS what the FUCKERS do,repeat…anger problem my ass,it is a self centered not give a damn about others pain problem…sociopathy,the “mental health” issue of the current society…only because the smaller was ignored until the bigger got so big they can do…exactly what ALL tyrants do…with their herds of minions to assist them..the meek shall inherit the earth,alright..six ft of it.Congratulate yourselves whomever you”are”..plants,imbecile tools or whatever.No use arguing,save the spit.Loose lips sink ships,be the change by refusing to pay the bastards…go straight to debtors prison…hell,we are all in a prison now…of the mind..the Soul…can’t fix cowardly…about 30% of damned comfy people turning coat now…but their day will come…sing louder!the trains are rolling by,choir,sing louder!Are the TRAINS on time?
      Chicken shits.

  5. 1ofthemany says:

    This is just not right, the man only wanted to live in peace and he did not bother anyone, crappy dealings all the way around. he is free of this now but I sense he would have had a victory if only someone cared enough, very sad.
    No one seems to care enough to help those in dire need. He should have been on this site to be enlightened and educated, so many to help so little interest, thank you 4closure for your humanity. Someone should be held accountable and NOW. He should have been able to live his life out in this home…In Peace!!!

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