BONY v PINO | Catch the Replay of the Florida Supreme Court Oral Arguments Here

11:47…. your homeowner isn’t paying his mortgage …. Justice Canady

12:17…. are you authorized to represent Roman Pino?…. Justice Canday

16:30….what was the harm to Pino? Isn’t this all moot? If in fact the bank had the right to foreclose……what do you have the right to recover for???? Justice Canady


Transcript here…


5 Responses to “BONY v PINO | Catch the Replay of the Florida Supreme Court Oral Arguments Here”
  1. DJ says:

    They continually cut off the Defense Attorney…… the Justices were merely “peforming” and entertaining themselves….what a joke!

  2. papergate says:

    PS: Much thanks for the transcript!!

  3. papergate says:

    It would be nice to hear every word – the comments off screen are important but they diminish the ability to learn from what the banker’s defense is in hearing every word – that can be used to further our cases against banks – perhaps a ‘pause’ and comment at that time would have been more effective and we could actually hear what the off screen commentator has to say which is important and interesting too – as it goes we cannot hear either the counsel, judiciary or the commentator who was gracious enough to give us this opportunity to view the hearing – I’d personally like to hear the commentator’s commentary – not sure how to resolve this as we are losing audio re judicial proceedings and commentator . . . any suggestions? And thanks for whoever took time to capture and allow this piece – it is appreciated and would like to hear what is being commented about – only off site . . . actually – would love to hear what the commentator is saying . . .since he is obviously on ‘our’ side of this case!!!

  4. TheHutMaster says:

    Justices were a JOKE! Rude bank employee style. Twisted facts and meaningless comments. Burned up Defences time by cutting her off.

    I think the “Silver hair dye” is affecting their tiny brains.

    “Fight the Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day

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